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Changes to Office Hours for June
Office closed Monday, June 3
Patient appointments available Friday, June 7 (first Friday of the month)
Plan ahead...Office will be closed July 1-July 8 for summer fun and family time 
Father's Day Specials
Offers good June 1 thru June 15  
Dad's FREE EB Pro treatment with adjustment!  Must be scheduled.
Buy one (1 hr) massage for $55 and get the 2nd massage for only $40!
(Gift certificates will be provided for the 2nd massage and will be valid for 3 months from purchase date.)
Monthly Topic:
June 19
ABC's of Ear Infections
Join Dr. Candice at the Diaper Market (our parking lot) on Wedesday, June 19 from from 10:30-11:30 AM for this month's talk on ear infections. Dr. Candice will be hosting talks on relevant topics every 3rd Wed of the month at this same time and location, so keep an eye out for topics that are of interest to you!
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June 2013
Active Chiropractic Wellness Center Specials & News

Summer is are off school, the outside temperatures are heating up, and we've got some deals for you!  Don't forget Dad this Father's Day. We've got some healthy ways to show him you care!  If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from allergies, please look at the supplements we are highlighting this month that can bring you relief! Read on for more events and chances to win lunch with Dr. Candice.   
Got Allergies?
We have solutions. This month's highlighted products can help alleviate those allergy symptoms that are troubling you.
DTX-ALRGY: A comprehensive formula to assist the body during detoxification and allergic reactions; it also has lymph and blood cleansing properties.
This formula is great for individuals who may suffer from numerous conditions including hay fever, allergies, digestive problems, skin problems, asthma, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, overall ill health, fatigue, constipation and liver problems. With ingredients of Red Clover tincture (10%), Cleavers (10%), Burdock Root (10%), Garlic (10%), Wild Indigo, Yellow Dock Root, Cayenne, Butternut Bark, Cascara Sagrada, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Echinacea, Red Beet Root, Uva Ursi, Gotu Kola and Blessed Thistle, this formula has potent antiobiotic, antifungal, antiviral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, immune sytem stimulants and purifying properties that work!
A doctor reports..."A patient diagnosed with nitrate poisoning came very close to being put in the hospital. Within one day of using DTX-ALRGY she almost felt 100% improvement." (L. Kavanaugh, D.C.)
Another doctor reports..."First choice in detox when it comes to kids. When I am dealing with adults it is my first choice in the case of allergies."
ALLERHALE: With twelve separate ingredients, this liquid homeopathic helps such symptoms as watery discharges, sneezing, stuffed up nose, nosebleeds, burning eyes, intolerable itching of the eyelid, swelling of the eyelids, asthma, coughing, shortness of breath, burning in the throat, constriction of the chest and similiar symptoms. All of these symptoms can be associated with inhaled allergens or hay fever, so if this sounds familiar, come get help!
Lunch with Dr. Candice
                                                                                 lunch Reminder: One name will be drawn the beginning of each new month from the previous month's registrations. If your name is drawn, you will get to invite 3 friends for lunch with the Doc. How cool is that?
Do You Have Expensive Pee?
Dr. Candice can help determine whether you need a specific supplement that we have here in the office, or the supplements that you have purchased elsewhere by muscle testing you! You may be taking more supplements than you need, making your pee very expensive.  Ask Dr. Candice to muscle test you at your next appointment.
Thanks for your continued trust in ACWC to provide quality care with a tender touch. 
Yours in Health,
Dr. Candice & Shan
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