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November 2012
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Diabetes Awareness Month
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New Reminder System
We are implementing a new reminder system.  Patients will receive emails and texts on their mobile devices!  We will need to know your cell phone carrier in order for texts to go through. Patients will now have the ability to confirm appointments by text! Please provide this information to Shan to start getting electronic reminders sent to your mobile device. Thank you!

Coming soon...request an appointment from our website!
November Holiday Schedule
We will be CLOSED Thursday, November 22 & Friday, Nov. 23.
Now offering chiropractic appointments on the first Friday morning of every month!
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Now you can bundle Chiropractic AND Massage Care each month!
Get a Chiropractic Adjustment PLUS a Massage each month for only $80/month!
How?  We have the monthly chiropractic contract which is $35 for adults (and $25 for children under 13), and now we have massage contracts for $45 as well. Guarantee your spine and neuromuscular system quality care each month and get started with a monthly contract that works for you!

We are thankful for YOU, our awesome patients, and for the opportunity to partner with you in health! 
We know that your health is important to you and your family, so that's why we are happy to announce some new changes that will benefit you, such as text and email reminders for your appointments, as well as adding more hours to our adjusting schedule and opportunities to share ACWC with a loved one for FREE this Christmas!  Read on for more information and news. 
November is Diabetes Awareness Month    
Chances are you personally know someone who suffers from Diabetes. In diabetes, cells starve from unconverted glucose, resulting in diabetic complications to tissues and organs. We are highlighting two supplements from our NutriWest line that have been proven to provide excellent nutritional support for Diabetes. Introducing Total Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vana-Chrom!
Total Alpha Lipoic Acid:
For the comprehensive nutritional support of diabetes, liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, capillaries, skin, infection, glucose tolerance, and insulin sensitivity. Specifically, this formula provides antioxidant protection and glucose balance.
The main ingredient, Alpha Lipoic Acid, enhances glucose conversion for cell protection, maintenance, and rebuilding. Lipoic Acid protects against capillary damage and cataract formation, helps regenerate and recycle other antioxidants, especially C, E and glutothione.  It protects against arterial plaque and oxidative damage, neutralizes toxins in alcohol and tobacco smoke, protects the liver, enhances glucose disposal in adult-onset Type II diabetes, improves insulin sensitivity, and protects against diabetic complications of nerve damage. Other ingredients include B-1, B-2, B-6, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B-5), Betaine HCL, Magnesium, Zinc, Molybdenum, Selenium & Manganese.  
A doctor from Denver, CO reports:..."A patient was unsatisfied with the results they were getting from Glucophage, one of the diabetes type 2 drugs (their glucose levels averaged over 200).  After starting on Total Alpha Lipoic Acid (at just one a day!) the patient was excited that their blood sugar levels dropped to a range within 130-169 in just one week." 
This scientifically advanced formula takes 
advantage of a long list of nutrients that are reported to 
support normal glucose regulation. Those with concerns about high blood sugar often choose Vana-Chrom!

The two main ingredients, as well as most potent, are Chromium Picolinate and Vanadyl Sulfate.  Chromium is known for its effects on blood sugar control mechanisms.  It most likely exerts these effects because of its important role in making up the GTF (glucose tolerance factor) of the body.  The functions of vanadium (found in the Vanadyl Sulfate) are still being researched, however, it appears that vanadium is very important for its role in glucose metabolism (mimics insulin), and its role in lipid metabolism.  Other ingredients include: Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, Folic acid, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and others!  

Many doctors report..."awesome formula for blood sugar concerns!"

We are happy to offer both supplements at 10% off during the month of November!
Special Offer

Share the many benefits of chiropractic care with someone you love this holiday season!  For every adjustment, you can receive a free adjustment certificate for a friend for Christmas.  Only 1 certificate per person.  Certificate must be used by February 14, 2013.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Candice & Shan 

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