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"Quality Care with a Tender Touch"January 2012
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Habits of Healthy Living
Super Supplements
Be the Biggest Loser!
Weight Loss
You can do it!  Losing weight is hard work, but worth it for the long-term health benefits that come with maintaining a healthy weight.  Starting is half the battle!  Everyone has to begin somewhere.  Smaller portions and daily exercise of just 30 minutes--even walking--can greatly improve your health.  Let us help you with your health goals to give you that accountability and positive push in the right direction!  

Here, the top seven habits for maintaining a healthy weight and gaining vitality, from "7 Habits of Healthy Living":  
  • Habit #1: What to Eat
"A balanced eating plan consists of balanced meals and low-carbohydrate, low-fat protein drinks."

  • Habit #2: How Much to Eat
"Skipping meals or irregular eating habits increase insulin levels, which decrease vitality."

  • Habit #3: Exercise 
"A regular program of aerobic resistance and flexibility exercises has been shown to reduce insulin levels and reverse insulin sensitivity, that will increase vitality."

  • Habit #4: Stimulants
"Regular use of stimulants raises insulin levels and reduces vitality."

  • Habit #5: Stress
"For optimum health, regular stress management health programs help help keep insulin and other hormone levels balanced, improving vitality."
  • Habit #6: Supplements 
"Micronutrient imbalance is an independent risk factor for developing Syndrome X."

  • Habit #7: Hormone Balance
"Hormones in the body work together.  Just as it's not healthy to have high or low thyroid levels, it's not healthy to have high or low insulin levels.  Normal hormone levels indicate balance and help to increase overall vitality."

Rumors are Flying!
Dr. Candice recent
It's true.  Dr. Candice is expecting a baby toward the end of May.  But don't worry--she will continue her practice as usual until the birth, taking a brief post-partum break, returning part-time for a couple weeks, then rockin' & rollin' her usual schedule a month after the baby is born!
Changes in our office procedures

Starting Jan. 1, our office will be transitioning to new software, which will change the way you check in before your appointments.  Soon, each patient  will have their own check-in cards. Also, we are moving away from reminder phone calls prior to your appointments, and will be switching to email reminders.  We thank you for your patience as we make these transitions to optimize our time and resources at ACWC!
Happy New YearGreetings!
Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012! Whether you are looking to maintain your current health status, or improve it greatly, we are here to help!  Our aim is always to support and help you grow in your health journey through education and empowerment!  Dr. Candice is highlighting some amazing products this month as we spotlight weight-loss and maintenance of healthy lifestyles.  Ready for a healthier you?  Read on!
May we suggest...  
Some amazing products! Whether it's weight loss you're looking for, or just to improve your overall nutrition, we've got some fantastic supplements this month that are just what you need to succeed.
Total Trim
Maximize optimal weight loss with this new supplement!
The Total Trim formula supports the balance of normal functions and organ systems that contribute to the HEALTHY maintenance of proper weight.  Multiple organ support for energy, metabolism, cleansing, elimination, etc. WITHOUT the use of stimulants, digestion blockers, nutrient binders, allergenic substances and other harmful ingredients that upset the balance needed for results!
Total Greens (Protein Powder)
Helpful for any condition that can be improved with comprehensive nutritional support.  Supports energy, protein balance, detox, inflammation, weight, cholesterol levels, a strong immune system, intestinal homeostasis/bowel function, cell repair and overall good health!  Total Greens utilizes whey protein, which is an excellent source of protein that has been proven as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and provides all the precursors for enzymes, cell receptors, hormones, and other biologically active compounds.  
Complete Omega-3 Essentials
Helpful as nutritional support for a multitude of health categories, including chronic pain/swelling; inflammation; cardiovascular; osteoarthritis; normal brain and nervous system development / function; immunoregulation; disc herniation; depression; autoimmune; diabetes; insulin sensitivity; Alzheimer's and many more!  
Great nutritional support for pregnancy!   
 IsaLean Shake from Isagenix
Reasons why IsaLean Shakes are the perfect highly-nutritious food: 
  • They contain 23 grams of the highest quality whey and casein protein and a superior amino acid complex that helps you maintain lean body mass.
  •  The shakes contain over 70 supercharged trace minerals to keep your body running at peak performance.
  • IsaLean shakes are low in sodium and cholesterol to promote heart health.
  • At only 240 calories and 6 grams of fat per shake, it's a perfect, high-nutrition food that's less than $2.75 per meal!
Isagenix Cleanse
The #1 cause of disease?  Toxins!  If allowed to build up in the body over time, toxins can have a negative impact on overall health.  Our bodies are bombarded with toxins everyday and even manufacture toxins on their own just from living in our environment.  
The answer?
The body needs to be reset and rid of toxins that have built up, primarily in fat cells, which a good cleanse will take care of.  We recommend the Isagenix Cleanse, but come in and decide for yourself which of our cleanse options is right for you!  
Inclement weather policy
If surrounding school districts are closed or delayed due to inclement weather conditions, ACWC may also be closed or delayed.  If you are in question on your appointment day, please look for information regarding our office in one of the following ways:
  • Call our office and listen to the voicemail message
  • Look at our Facebook page ("Like" us and receive $10.00 off any service)
  • Like us on Facebook 
  • Check your email for a message from our office
We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to meet your health needs with care!  The highest compliment our patients can give us is the referral of friends and family.

Dr. Candice & Shan

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