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November 20, 2013
Concord Parents,
In connection with fall conferences, click on the links below to learn more about any or all of the following library media center most frequently asked questions from parents.  

In addition, if you plan to attend the Book Fair tomorrow (Thursday) from 12-8 pm, please stop in the media center to see the amazing crop of book character potatoes on display for our Spud Spectacular!  More than 200 potatoes are dressed up and looking their best. You don't want to miss this!

What is the significance of a Lexile score and how can the score be used to 
help identify 'good fit' books for your son or daughter?  Also, a warning about the inherent danger in relying solely on a Lexile score to determine 'good fit' books.  

Do we have recommended reading lists?  What are some books that might appeal to a reluctant to reader?  How about titles for a child needing to be challenged?  A child who never finishes a book?  A child who can never find anything he likes?  Please know that you can always contact me in the media center for help with any of these challenges, however, there are also some excellent resources available at the link above.

When do we teach keyboarding, how do we teach it, and what is the words per minute goal for a Concord 5th grader?  Typing Pal, a new web-based program in use for the first time here at Concord, allows students to practice either at home or school with activity and progress recorded on a single report.  Ask your 3rd-5th grader to login and give you a tour!  

Are Chromebooks really making a difference for Concord students and staff?  If so, how? Hear from students and teachers themselves in a short video just posted. Also, what is the difference between Edina Apps, Moodle, Chrome and Google accounts?  It can be so confusing!  And what if my son or daughter is having problems trying to access and use Google Drive at home?  Click the above Chromebook link to read all about it.

  The Edina Public Schools and the State of Minnesota subscribe annually to some of the highest rated online encyclopedias and research databases available to K-12 students.  What are these resources?  How can your child access them?  Why not just 'Google' it?  Help your child research like a scholar using resources that are grade level appropriate, reading level appropriate, trustworthy, safe and advertising free.  Use the Student Research link to find out more.

Thanks to an Edina Ed Fund Grant, Concord students now have access to MackinVia - a collection of more than 120 ebooks available for viewing or downloading to computers and tablets of all kinds. This collection will continue to grow all year long.  In addition, students can learn to download ebooks from the Hennepin County Public Library and access resources like TumbleBooks, BookFlix and TrueFlix right from the media center website.  So many ebooks, so little time!  Get the details at the link above.

How can I check my child's library account?  When do books become overdue?  What if we lose or damage a book?  Answers to these questions and a few more related to classroom and student library use can be found here.



For any other questions, please feel free to contact me in the media center.  I am always happy to help if I can. 


Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and hoping to see you at the Book Fair!  


Ms. Holland


Laurie Holland

Library Media Specialist

Concord Elementary