January 2014

As we say goodbye to last year, we are looking forward to the hope and possibilities of 2014. Kermit, along with our dedicated Aircraft Department and several thousand others, spent New Year's Eve at the First Night, First Flight event in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. While we are sorry to say that our Benoist reproduction did not fly, don't count us out just yet! We are determined that we will see the Benoist fly in 2014, so keep checking-in to monitor our progress and the eventual flight!


Pictured above are descendants of Abe Phiel, the first commercial passenger on the Benoist Air Boat Line, who came out to show their support.

We are honored to once again host several of the prestigious Tuskegee Airmen as we gain a new perspective on how these young men fought for their right to fly and serve their country during the horrors of World War II.


Join us on Friday, February 7th and Saturday, February 8th as we welcome these dynamic men, that pushed their boundaries and overcame extreme adversity, in an exclusive Living History Talkback Session. Included in the price of General Admission, guests will also have meet and greet / photo opportunities. Learn more here.


Discount admissions available for groups of 15 people or more with advance purchase. Schedule your group.

nightFlight banner Oct 2011

The first nightFlight experience of 2014 is scheduled for Saturday, February 1st.  An exclusive investigation at Fantasy of Flight after dark, join the Apollo Paranormal Investigators as an honorary member of the team. Explore past paranormal phenomenon and perhaps encounter one of your own! This is no haunted house, but rather a real investigation seeking to explore the unexplained. For additional information and to join the team click here.

In The Community . . .

If Fantasy of Flight could dream the biggest dream it could ever dream . . . what would that dream be?


To light a Spark . . .

        that will spread across the World . . .

               and inspire Humanity . . .

                       to take the next step on its Journey!


As part of our commitment to give back, Fantasy of Flight is the proud sponsor of Theater Winter Haven Academy's Troupe-in-a-Trunk production of "Amelia Earhart". This production will be traveling throughout our local schools and communities in 2014 featuring a talented cast of young people and encouraging its audience to discover the next step on their Journey! Find out where we will be next on our Journey throughout the community.

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What's That You Say?
We LOVE to hear what our guests are saying about their experience at Fantasy of Flight. Check out this Trip Advisor Review from Sambucca45 in New Jersey.
" Only 20 minutes from Disney, this is an outstanding museum that you can appreciate even if you are not an aviation junkie. Make sure you pick up the daily schedule first, so you can plan your day. The short(all less than an hr.) tours add immensely to the total experience and you should try to catch them all."
Read the rest of this Review or leave your own by visiting here.
Kermie Cam
While the Benoist may not have flown (yet), Kermit still had a good time taxing her around Lake Agnes next to Fantasy of Flight. Check out this video of the Benoist's first day out on the water. Note the cheers when we all saw that it did indeed FLOAT!
Benoist 2014 - Countdown to Flight - 3 Days
Benoist 2014 - Countdown to Flight - 3 Days
Employee of the Month
Our employee of the month is Andrea Bradley! Andrea is always willing to do anything asked, clean or dirty. She is open to learning new things and picks it up the first time. Andrea does her part . . . and then some!  Andrea has been putting in long hours on the Benoist project and often works in very difficult conditions. She is a pleasure to work with because she cares about Fantasy of Flight, has a cheerful attitude, and helps other team members work together.
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