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 Bring your Camera! Bring your Dad!!!

Celebrate Fathers Day at Fantasy of Flight

 Share the past with the future b-17

While Kermit is away packing up the Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43 Flying Boat (see right column), we are celebrating Dad in a way ONLY possible at Fantasy of Flight!  After all, Dad is OUR HERO!


Hang out with the coolest airplanes in the world... and share a one-of-kind Fathers Day with a one-of-a-kind Dad!   

  • Golden Hill Storage Facility - Extended hours
  • Tours of the Engine Bay, Wood Shop, Maintenance Hangar, and Restoration Shop - scheduled intermittently
  • Aircraft Demonstration (weather permitting)
Military and Vintage Floridana Collectors
This Weekend at Orlampa Conference Center


Military Collectors Show 

Military Collectors gather on June 8:
The Florida Military Collectors show will host WW2 heroes and legends as part of its annual show and sale of military memorabilia. Collectibles from the Civil War to the Vietnam War will be available including uniforms, medals, insignia, and war relics, among other memorabilia.
   Florida Collectors Show 
Florida Vintage Travel Collectors gather on June 9:
Dealers from around the country and local legends will gather for a collectibles show and celebration of vintage travel memorabilia. Collectibles include items from aviation's past, including objects from TWA and Eastern Airlines and More! Click here to learn more!
Click here for more details about both shows.
Summer Programs for Kids are Heating Up
The phone is ringing for Summer Kids Programs and the calendar is filling up. Fantasy of Flight takes great pride in its summer program---great deals for groups interested in a unique, entertaining, inspiring, and (we can't help ourselves) educational experience. After all, few things are as thrilling as FLIGHT. If you have a bunch of kids on your hands this summer, consider spending the day at Fantasy of Flight. Get in touch with a Fantasy of Flight representative for a fab deal on an unforgettable outing!  
Rosie and JROTCDash and Kids  

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Dad is Our Hero Too
Military & Florida Vintage Collectors This Weekend
Summer Kids Groups
Sikorsky S-43 Adventure
De Havilland Mosquito: Kermie Cam Tour
Kermit and Crew on a Great Adventure
S-43 with KW 

Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43 Flying Boat

is Heading Home!!!!


Kermit sends regrets that he won't be sharing Fathers Day with us. But he's not really very sad. Why?  Because he and a crew of elite aircraft experts (a/k/a our Aircraft Department) are packing up and heading out to Texas to pack up and bring home the latest and greatest treasure for the collection: Howard Hughes's legendary 1937 Sikorsky S-43 Flying Boat. This utterly unique and extraordinarly rare aircraft -- the "pinnacle of '30s luxury"--is going to make its new home among other legends at Fantasy of Flight!

s-43 by Phil McKenna
S-43 glory days. Photo by Phil McKenna

 Follow the adventure in real time on Fantasy of Flight's Facebook page and on Kermit's Facebook page. Also check out this video to catch up on the background of the plane and the last trip to Brazoria County Airport to survey the aircraft, back in September:

Kermit Weeks acquires Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43
Kermit Weeks visits Sikorsky S-43 (September 2012)


And check out a remarkable entry from Kermit's blog for a thoroughly astonishing insight into how Howard Hughes "collaborated" on Kermit's acquisition of the legendary aircraft.
Kermie Cam Visits the Mosquito
Ever wanted to crawl around inside a real British classic warbird--an original De Havilland Mosquito--and take a tour with a guy who knows his way around it.?Then today's your lucky day, and the "Kermit Cam" is your best pal!


 While up in Oshkosh on business, Kermit took advantage of the  opportunity to visit his Mosquito, which is on loan to the EAA Museum, and brought you along via the Kermie Cam. Enjoy!

Kermie Cam - DeHavilland Mosquito Tour - Part 1
Kermie Cam - DeHavilland Mosquito Tour - Part 1


Kermie Cam - DeHavilland Mosquito Tour - Part 2
Kermie Cam - DeHavilland Mosquito Tour - Part 2


Kermie Cam - DeHavilland Mosquito Tour - Part 3
Kermie Cam - DeHavilland Mosquito Tour - Part 3
Kermit and characters AotD