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Fantasy of Flight's popular Legends & Legacies Symposium Series  

Salutes the Heroes and Heroines of D-Day 



Meet courageous American heroes who participated in one of the greatest surprise attacks ever, the assault that led to the liberation of WWII Europe: D-Day. Months in the making, it required the coordination of thousands of Allied Forces and was an operation so mammoth that once set in motion, there was no turning back.   


Featured panelists include Sgt. Harold Heil (295th Combat Engineering Division), Sgt. Teddy Fisk (Ground Service Unit), and Lt. Hope Kirkendall, who was one of the first women to go ashore at Normandy to care for the wounded.  Aviator and historian Robert G. Lock will host the two-day event.  


10:30 am & 2:30 pm:   "D-Day: Normandy and Beyond" Symposium                             

11:30 am & 3:30 pm:   Meet and Greet the Heroes      


C-47 in flight 

Additionally, in salute to D-Day participants, Fantasy of Flight's aircraft collection will spotlight its fully-restored Douglas C-47 Dakota which actually participated in the D-Day invasion by dropping paratroopers on the night of June 5/6 and towing supply gliders on June 6. This rare and exceedingly historic aircraft has been restored to pristine D-Day military specifications, featuring "invasion stripes" and authentic fuselage equipment for paratrooper operations: static line, inwardly removable jump door, and jump master signaling equipment. 


Guests will have an opportunity to get close to this  legendary aircraft and imagine the courage of its wartime occupants as they flew through that June night to France.


Legends & Legacies events are included in General Admission to Fantasy of Flight.

Click here for more information on upcoming Legends & Legacies Symposiums.


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What's New at Fantasy of Flight
 Tales of Infernal Combustion Joe Black"Tales of Internal Combustion" Premieres
Folks are loving the brand new tour "Tales of Infernal Combustion" which is presented by popular and knowledgeable tour guide "Engine" Joe Black. Joe knows his way around two powerful forces: engines and history. Explore the amazing journey of aviation technology starting with Fantasy of Flight's priceless collection of period engines... plus the stories of the visionaries who created them.  Who'd have thought stories about airplane engines could be so entertaining!
Golden Hill Hours Move to Morning
Golden Hill's popularity continues to climb... and so does the mercury! As summer blesses us with warmth and afternoon showers, it seemed a good time to shift Golden Hill exploration times back to the morning. As of May 1, Golden Hill access hours are 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Guests are strongly encouraged to plan their arrival time to accommodate a fun visit to the "ladies in waiting" at Golden Hill.
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World War I  Legends and Legacy Symposium and Exhibit  
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Infernal Combustion and New Golden Hill Hours
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New Seasonal Operation Schedule
Sikorsky S-39: Kermie Cam and Special Guests
Fantasy of Flight Announces Seasonal Operations Schedule and Future Plans

Pano 2 Mustangs  

New Operating Hours Create Opportunity to

"Light that Spark Within"™


Effective May 6, Fantasy of Flight is introducing new operating hours. The attraction will open Thursday through Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. All previously scheduled group reservations or events will take place as planned.


Fantasy of Flight creator and founder Kermit Weeks also announced plans to make the most of the new schedule to refine the popular attraction elements and develop new experiences that speak to the attraction's mission: to "Light that Spark Within."


The aviation attraction opened in 1995 as a way to display and share Weeks's growing vintage airplane collection to the public. It has now become the world's largest private collection, rivaling many national museums, and is also home to the World's Greatest Aircraft Collection-a not-for-profit organization dedicated to "rebuilding and reliving the passion of the past."


Weeks said, "Over the years I've realized there are a number of people fascinated with aircraft but there are even more fascinated by flight. Flight is a powerful metaphor, which more than anything symbolizes pushing our boundaries, reaching beyond ourselves, and freedom."


To take advantage of this opportunity, Weeks decided to close on days that had not been traditionally as busy and use the time to focus on development. "We see the new operating schedule as a win-win for both the public and us," Weeks said. "By reducing our days open, we will be able to deliver more focus to our daily customers and use the closed days to focus on developing an even better product that will touch even more people."


Part of the change in operating hours has necessitated a reduction in workforce. "After weighing options for several months, some difficult decisions have been made," Weeks said. "But from change comes opportunity!"


Fantasy of Flight is the world's only Aviation Attraction and was voted Orlando's "Best Kept Secret" four years in a row. The new schedule will continue to deliver Fantasy of Flight's popular attractions, including the Wing WalkAir Confidence Course, the Art Deco-themed Compass Rose restaurant, Fantasy of Flight Gift Shop, Scheduled Tours, the Golden Hill Storage Facility, Biplane Rides, and Flight of the Day.


"My commitment to moving the mission forward is stronger than ever," Weeks said. "More than just an aviation museum, we are truly an Attraction on a Higher Plane. I'm very proud of what we've accomplished so far, but even more excited about what I know we can create in the future!"


Kermie Cam Fans Rejoice! 
Experience the Sikorsky S-39
Check out the first two videos of the Sikorsky S-39 Trilogy of fun flying with Kermit! You'lll need to subscribe to Kermit's YouTube Blog Channel to get the last one... Besides, it's not finished yet. But it promises to be wet and wild! You'll love the subtitles, which were required due to the gentle purr of the S-39's Pratt & Whitney R-985.


Kermie Cam - Sikorsky S-39 - Part 1
Kermie Cam - Sikorsky S-39 - Part 1


Kermie Cam - Sikorsky S-39 - Part 2
Kermie Cam - Sikorsky S-39 - Part 2


According to Kermit,  "You Are There!  Come fly another seaplane with me. This time its the Sikorsky S-39. Part one is a little pre-flight inspection and cockpit tour. Part two we'll take off, and in both Parts 2 and 3 we'll do a couple of splashes on nearby Lake Agnes. I think you'll all agree... It's pretty cool!"

 Conrad Froelich and Dad 20130426

On a related note, Fantasy of Flight was honored to host to host Conrad G. Froehlich (r), director of the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum, and his father Jerry Froehlich (l). The Froehlichs enjoyed Fantasy of Flight overall; however, they took extra special pleasure in visiting the collection's Sikorsky S-39, the giraffe-bedecked amphibious aircraft that pays tribute to the Johnsons and their legendary adventures. (Look for the arrival of the zebra-themed Johnson-tributed S-38 in the future!)

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