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fantasyofflight.April 2013


 Journey Back to the "Great War"

with Acclaimed World War I Historian

Saturday, April 6 only!



Fantasy of Flight's popular Legends & Legacies Symposium Series continues Saturday, April 6, with a brand new event, "The First World War," featuring Dr. Graydon (Jack) Tunstall of University of South Florida, a recognized and widely published authority on the topic. Dr. Tunstall will present two unique talks:


10:30 A.M.: The Great War 

Guests will learn about pilot training throughout the war, the evolution of air war tactics, and Air Aces. 


2:30 P.M.: Air Assault

Discover the fascinating history of dog fights, bombers, and balloons and the great impact they made on WWI.


Additionally, at noon and 2:00 P.M., Fantasy of Flight guests can join Dr. Tunstall, our "Expert in the Collection," as he sheds light on specific World War I aircraft treasures in the South Hangar special exhibition. 


Also, Dash McCloud and Tour Guide Joe will be stirring up the South Hangar with great stories of World War I fighter spirit and the phenomenal technology of the day!


To top it off, Fantasy of Flight founder and owner Kermit Weeks will fly vintage World War I aircraft throughout the day (weather permitting).


If you have never heard the sound of a rotary engine in flight, you will not want to miss this!!!! If you have heard it, we know you will be at Fantasy of Flight this Saturday.


Next up for Legends & Legacies



Legends & Legacies events are included in General Admission to Fantasy of Flight.

Click here for more information on upcoming Legends & Legacies Symposiums.


Boy Scouts 2011 learn their way around the AT-6 with Andy    Aviation merit badge    Boys Look Into Aircraft
Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge Camporee
April  26-28

Join us for this extraordinary aviation adventure! Learn from skilled experts who will share their knowledge and passion for flight and our vintage collection. Hands-on activities round out an inspiring weekend. 

Learn all about Fantasy of Flight's Boy Scout Merit Badge Camporees:  Click Here

And Get Ready for Education, Fun, and Merit Badges! 

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"Hot" Video: Kermit Tests Aircraft
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Unite in Priceless Aircraft Treasure Hunt Contest
SnF FoF Staggerwing GH style sign   

Aviation treasure hunters at Sun 'n Fun:

Here's a fun challenge... that offers a Fabulous Prize.

  1. Locate one of the six  fantastic Fantasy of Flight aircraft at this year's Sun 'n Fun Fly-In and Expo
     event. Spot the "Golden Hill" style sign that identifies it as a historic future restoration project.
  2. Post a photo of yourself with the aircraft and upload it on Fantasy of Flight's Facebook page; or upload it to Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest with the hashtag #FOFatSNF.
  3. Voila! You will be entered to win a Family Pack of four tickets to Fantasy of Flight.
  4. Each person may enter one photo per aircraft, so you may enter up to six times total.You may enter on any or all of the listed social media, but only one photo per person per plane will be accepted for the final drawing.

Here's a hint to get you started-- Lysander, Tempest, Widgeon, Staggerwing, Kingcobra, and a high-flying "Yellow Submarine."


The winner will be chosen at random from all qualifying entries on or about April 15.


See for full rules and details. Good luck! We'll look for you at Sun 'n Fun AND Fantasy of Flight!

Kingcobra SnF FoF Gh style sign  

Albatros D-Va gets some sun
April Focus: Fantasy of Flight
World War I (1914-1918)
World War I artwork
"The book of military tactics, written over hundreds of years, becomes obsolete." Source: International Biplane Association
The Great War--optimistically deemed the "War to End All Wars"--was a bloody and unforgettable four-year portal to the Modern Age. Old World noble knights evolved into gallant flying aces with very short but thrilling life-spans. And their spirited steed, the new-fangled "aeroplane," transformed from being Orville Wright's "instrument of peace" into a terrifying flying platform capable of delivering almighty hell to all it encountered. The rules of engagement were set in those skies, and world would never know innocence again.
Fantasy of Flight looks back on this extraordinary conflict from April 6 through April 15 with a special exhibition and fascinating features staged in the South Hangar.  
  • Albatros D-Va and Sopwith Snipe, two of the world's finest flying reproductions featuring fully-restored original engines.
  • In-progress DeHavilland DH-4 with fully restored original Liberty V-12
  • Flying reproduction Fokker Dr-1 and D-VIII, with a working rotary engine.
  • Display of classic WWI aeroplanes: Nieuport, Standard, Sopwith, Scout, and others.
  • Great War engine displays
  • Time-Traveler Lt. Dash McCloud was just a kid during the Great War, but it was then he got the itch to fly--just like his heroes, the courageous pilots of World War I--Bolke, Rickenbacker, and Bullard, among others. Join Dash as he reveals the spirit that animated the first Aces.
  •  Tour Guide Joe knows his way around two powerful forces: engines and history. Let him guide you through the amazing journey of Great War technology starting with Fantasy of Flight's priceless collection of period engines... plus the stories of the visionaries who created them.

Kermit Test Flies World War I and Other Treasures

Warning: One Hot Video!!!!!

Just Another Day Out At Fantasy Of Flight
Just Another Day Out At Fantasy Of Flight
Here's a teaser with four highlights from a busy day out at Fantasy of Flight. Kermit Weeks tested the engines on the Fokker Triplane and Fokker D-VIII, and also took to the sky with both the Albatros D. Va and the Sikorsky S-39. It's always exciting out at Fantasy of Flight, but things were a bit more that day... got a little hot there too for a moment or so.
Maintenance Hangar Panorama