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  A Stirring Salute to Legendary Aviation Heroes

Next Week!

Through symposiums, exhibits, and aircraft, "They Dared to Fly" will shed light on the true-life experiences of courageous heroes who fought for their rights in war and at home.


2010 Panel: Tuskegee Airmen Brown, Gray, and Mann


Legends & Legacies Symposiums

Panelists include legends Lt. Col. Leo Gray, Lt. Col. George Hardy, Nav./Bomb./Pilot Daniel Keel (Saturday only), and Col. Charles McGee. Moderated by record setting aviator/educator Barrington A. Irving, Jr. (Panel participants are subject to change.)


Meet & Greet the Tuskegee Airmen

Your opportunity to meet these remarkable heroes.


The Tuskegee Airmen: "They Dared To Fly" Exhibit      

This exhibit features fascinating and inspiring interviews with original Tuskegee Airmen who overcame extreme odds with dignity, honor, and valor. Their dream to fly for their country ultimately commanded significant civil rights changes in our nation.



The Tuskegee Airmen symposiums will be moderated by Guinness World Record holder, educator, and aviation pioneer Barrington A. Irving, Jr., the youngest person and first African American ever to fly solo around the world. Irving is thrilled to present the airmen to Fantasy of Flight guests: "The Tuskegee Airmen were a great inspiration to me. They had fought two wars--one for their country and another for equality and respect when they got back home. They are my heroes."


Legends & Legacies events are included in General Admission to Fantasy of Flight.

Click here for more information on upcoming Legends & Legacies Symposiums.


Scout Merit Badge Camporees
Boy Scouts with Kermit and Barrington 2011 
American Heritage Merit Badge: February 22 to 24
Everything you ever wanted to know about Fantasy of Flight's fantastic Scouting Camporee and Merit Badge events: Click here!
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For the third year, Central Florida grades 6-12 students are invited to share their thoughts and dreams in an essay contest honoring the inspirational Tuskegee Airmen and to compete for prize money.  



 Special Guests at Fantasy of Flight  
You never can tell who will turn up! 
This beautiful DC-3 is a very rare D-model. Built in 1945 as the war concluded, it was surplussed and converted in 1946.  Even the aviation-hardened aircraft spotters on our field caught their breath as this shiny beauty came in for a landing! 
A magnificently restored DC-3 visits Fantasy of Flight
A magnificently restored DC-3 visits Fantasy of Flight
A quick call from Tour Guide Rik alerted us to the presence of  Bob Hoff, who flying out of  WWII Italy, piloted 50 missions in the B-24 and enjoyed plenty of other aircraft adventures. Bob--at a spry 90 years old--was keen for a reunion with his old pal, the Liberator. Lucky for all of us, we were able to make it happen!
Bob Hoff in B-24 cockpit 
Thanks, Bob, for your service and your smile! 
Plus a special future resident of Fantasy of Flight: 
Kermit just announced the collection's newest acquisition--the Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43, one of the most storied aircraft in the world. Kermit's decision to acquire it and his subsequent journey to determine its airworthiness has added even more stories to the aircraft's legend. Check out the video!
Kermit Weeks acquires Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43
Kermit Weeks acquires Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43
 For more of Kermit's adventures--both at home and abroad--keep an eye on Kermit's Facebook page. No telling what may turn up!
C-47 & DC-3 in pano on FoF ramp Jan 2013