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fantasyofflight.December  2012
Happy Holidays 2012 crew    

It's That Sharing Time of Year


While we may lack snow in sunny Florida, we have no shortage of Holiday Cheer at Fantasy of Flight!


Here's some of the ways we celebrate:


We continue to accept Toys For Tots donations in our lobby through December 9. There's still time for you to bring a new toy down AND get a discount on admission to Fantasy of Flight! Details here.



  Kermit bring GBZ to sick child


In partnership with Pilots for Kids, Kermit, Dash, and Rosie had a great day visiting some hospitalized children in Orlando and sharing the story of Gee Bee Zee through the donation of hundreds of copies of Kermit's award winning books All of Life is a School.


Holiday Shopping Stress?
Problem Solved at Fantasy of Flight!
 Press a Seasonal Holiday Symbol to cure your shopping blues:
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Mark Your Calendars
Boy Scouts with Kermit and Barrington 2011 
Boy Scout Camporees
Aviation Merit Badge: January 18 to 20
American Heritage Merit Badge: February 22 to 24
Everything you ever wanted to know about Fantasy of Flight's fantastic Scouting Camporee and Merit Badge events: Click here!
2013 L&L Banner
They Dared to Fly: Tuskegee Airmen -- February 7 to 9
Beyond the Battlefield -- March 8 to 9
The First World War -- April 6
Plus much more: Click here!
In This Issue
Time for Sharing
Solve the Shopping Blues
Mark Your Calendars
Flight Plans
Kermie Cam: Wildcat Pre-flight and Flight
Treats for 2013
Fantasy of Flight -
Fantasy of Flight
"Flight Plans"
Kermie Cam:
Wildcat Flight with Kermit
 in 3 Parts

GoPro - Kermie Cam - Grumman Wildcat - Part 1
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Grumman Wildcat - Part 1
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Grumman Wildcat - Part 2
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Grumman Wildcat - Part 2
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Grumman Wildcat - Part 3
GoPro - Kermie Cam - Grumman Wildcat - Part 3

A message from Kermit Weeks about these videos: "You Are There! Come fly the Grumman Wildcat with me. Parts one and two are preflight, and in part three we will take flight. It will be fun."
For more of Kermit's adventures--both at home and abroad--keep an eye on Kermit's Facebook page. No telling what may turn up!

What Lies Ahead?

Upcoming Treats in 2013


Keep an eye on Golden Hill -- home of Fantasy of Flight's exciting future projects -- for an upcoming development that many have anticipated. Need a hint? It will be "Lightning" quick and create "Zero" complaints. I can say no more . . . . for the moment.   Hmmm???? What could it be?


Kermit says, "Reality is made up of many Perspectives!" And "The new year offers a chance to explore new Perspectives!"  What do the following ideas mean to you: homecoming, hero, spark, imagination? The brand new Perspectives Gallery is bound to broaden everyone's point of view. 


Plus Wing WalkAir will ask you to step out on the edge, "hang ten," "feel the fear," and set free your inner wing-walker.  The already-popular Confidence Course will take it up a notch in a way ONLY POSSIBLE at Fantasy of Flight.


Fantasy of Flight  continues to resolve to

"Light that Spark Within!"

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