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Newsletter June 2014
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Movie Theaters in Australia Sell Gourmet Popcorn made with Olive Oil
Palace Cinemas is the largest chain of art-house cinemas in Australia, with 20 theaters, employing more than 500 people and selling 3-4 million tickets per year. So it was no small decision to use only olive oil to pop their popcorn

Add Olive Oil to Vegetables to lower blood pressure
A new study published in the journal PNAS, suggests that an eating pattern that combines unsaturated fats (such as olive oil) with specific vegetables rich in in nitrite and nitrates can protect from hypertension.

Movie Recommendation
Highly Recommended Movie. Laura and Jim saw this and, in addition to being a great "foodie" movie, it is an uplifting and positive experience.

June 1  2014 

SBPM image
The opening of our new store in the Public Market went very well and we want to thank all of you for stopping by to see the new space. We still have stenciling to do on the walls and our olive trees haven't arrived yet but we're slowly getting there. Thanks again for all your support. And a special thank you to our staff, a stellar group of intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated people. We could not do it without them.

James may have shorted you on recipes in last month's issue but he has rewarded your patience in this month's publication. James had a stressful May (the entire family was hanging by finger nails) but James in particular was stressed. He was working twice as much at stores, had finals (went very well, thank you,) was obsessing over hot weather, and he was doing recipe development. Oh, and we have a brand new grill that he was itching to get his hands on. A lot going on for one guy.  He always seems to find cooking relaxing, he's a lot like his father in that way. So he fled to the kitchen and now we are all the benefactors of his anxieties. Witness all of his comments on hot weather and grill, wow, what a baby!

June Issue
Pouring Over the Facts
American Olive Oil Statistics
  • The USA produced 3.5 million gallons of olive oil in 2013 (only about 4% of consumption in the US, but up significantly from 2012).
  • 7 States currently produce olive oil: California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Hawaii.
  • Americans consume 80 million gallons of olive oil annually, 3rd largest national market in the world.
  • Over 35,000 acres planted in the United States are for production of EVOO.
  • Over 100 varieties are grown in the U.S. for olive oil production
Technique and Seasonal Enhancements
James in Chinatown image I had a great time in the kitchen this last month. I've been following the current trends, using more than my share of citrus and playing with Middle Eastern spices. I mentioned on Facebook that we have a new grill so needless to say I also got a little "Grill-Centric." Spoiler Alert, think I'll be staying "Grill-Centric" for awhile.

Cumin Lamb Ribs imageLamb ribs are one of the most inexpensive and unsung parts of a lamb. The secret to this sweet and tangy taste is molasses and il Fustino's Pomegranate Vinegar. This is my take on East meets West. And yes, you can use pork ribs if you're not a fan of lamb.

Bacon Maple Citrus image
This recipe produces a terrific sticky glaze for thick slices of slab bacon. Proves the old adage, "Sometimes less is more!" 

Cilantro Scallops image Remember those three days we had in May when it was so freakin' hot? Who could forget it? Anyway, this took me about fifteen minutes to make. I cooked the scallops on a grill pan outside on the new grill, the house was too hot. Remember your scallops need to be dry, nothing sticks to wet food. You can serve these with a beautiful baked rice and a fresh green salad, but I was too hot, so my presentation that evening was tortilla chips, avocado, and lime wedges.

Hazelnut Zucchini Salad imageThis was a dish I prepared during the record-setting heat in May. I was really hungry for the famous Alice Waters recipe, Shaved Fennel & Mushroom Salad. But...I didn't have the ingredients. I did have zucchinis and I did have nuts. I did have to turn on the oven for fifteen minutes, teaching myself how to do this in grill cavity. Traditional oven was small price to pay, this was some tasty salad. Also you really need to use a mandoline, it's the only way to get uniform super thin slices of zucchini. Be careful,watch your fingers.

Spicy Coleslaw

Spicy Coleslaw imageI won't insult your abilities in the kitchen. Everyone really likes my slaw and there are only three secrets. 1. Make your own mayonnaise but if you don't please use Best Foods mayo. Never try to make your own mayo during a thunder storm, so we're all safe until November or December, right?  2. Use il Fustino's Head Ancho Vinegar and 3. Frank's Red Hot. Toss with shredded cabbage, carrots and minced red onion. Just use whatever proportions you find yummy. Salt and pepper to taste. 
Featured Product

Kaffir Limes imageKaffir Lime Vinegar

Our newest product: Kaffir Lime vinegar made with Kaffir lime leaves and ginger. A perfect flavor for a citrus addition to your salads and marinades.


Gluten Free

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 Have a wonderful June 
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