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Newsletter, November, 2014  
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Group #1 Completes Loan Cycle

We have two groups of mothers in our "group program" in which each group member co-guarantees the loan of the others. It gives the women a chance to demonstrate their reliability in handling a loan before moving on to receiving an independent loan (see the next panel for some of our independent clients). Group #1 has now completed their first loan cycle with all loans being paid back in full - with interest. Below we see our director, Suy Leang as he visits some of our group mothers in October:

Kol Nget (making and frying Chakkvay-Chinese cake) (Group #1):
"Mr. Leang came in the early morning at 5:00 am to take photos with me! My selling is doing fine so I am earning some profit to support for my family. I was very happy to get a loan from MfM. This is first loan that the program ended October 11, 2014. So I am looking forward to get the 2nd loan!" 
Chenda (hair dresser, salon shop) (Group #2): "I have regular customers to do their hair in salon. I earned some money that I can take my family. Because the loan I can support my family. I thank you for the loan that being is provided to my family!"
Kong Srey Thoeun (selling river fishes) (Group #2): 
A lot demand for selling the river fishes at my local market. My business is doing well. Sometimes, I distributed the fishes to my customers for making a wedding party. I earned some money to take care my family! Thank you for the loan!"
 Independent Moms Complete Loans

Here are the new October photos of our "independent" mothers; clients who had "graduated" from one of our "group" programs. They demonstrated solid dependability in honoring their loan contracts, and qualified to receive a loan without having to be part of a lending group. Their first Independent loan cycle is now complete, with each having fully repaid their $200 loan. We're very proud of them, and have approved each for their next loan of $250, to be issued in December. Here they are during the October visit by our director, Suy Leang:
Long Mom (selling pork meat): "I have been completed my loan on October 11, 2014. My selling pork meat and chickens are doing well. The local customers demand more meat that are buy meat from me always. Certainly, I have earned some profit this month and I do hope that the program of MfM will continue to provide the loan to me!"
Sou Say (selling fishes): "I have completed my loan on October 11, 2014. I earned some profit for selling fishes. I am very fortunate that I know the Microloan for Mothers that I can get the loan with. I thank for provide the loan to my family. I want to get the loan again for 200$ from your NGO."

Noun Sam Ath (selling vegetables): "I am very happy to see Mr. Leang visits me today. He likes to take a photo with me. He bought some vegetables from me this morning. Actually, I have completed my loan on October 11, 2014. I would like to get the second loan!"
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Niels September 2011  
Hi Everybody!


Several of our clients in Cambodia are at an important mile stone. They have completed their loan cycle with full repayment of their loans. With the successful completion of their repayment they have gained more of our trust. Those who have accrued savings will have the savings returned in a few days, and all have been approved for their next loan. It's all happening at a time of celebration in Cambodia - their annual Water Festival, which takes place this year from November 5 through 9. The timing couldn't have been better.




We are doing well in Cambodia with the "group program", where members of the group co-guarantee each others loans. It's the first step in bringing a client into our program. Five of our mothers in the group received a $100 loan, which is paid back over six months. Members of the group are good friends so work together. Once a mother has gone through this initial program and has shown her reliability as a borrower she can then apply for the next loan, either in another group or as an independent lender. See the photos to the left where our director, Suy Leang is visiting some of these "group" mothers. The Group #1 clients have completed their loan cycle, have done very well, and have been approved for their next loan - an "independent" loan of loan of $150.     


 We offer "independent" programs to women who have already completed one or two loan cycles in the "lending group" system. Whereas in the "group" system the mothers in the group have a support system, as an "independent" client they are on their own. They need to be much more self reliant, have established a successful business, and, because of the higher level of risk, offer a small amount of collateral to guarantee the loan. Have a look at their comments to the left.


If you would like to read more detail about our "independent clients" or the "group clients", check out the October monthly report that I just received from our Cambodia director, Suy Leang. You'll see more comments there from some of the successful mothers in our programs.           


 You can make a real difference by helping us fund more mothers like those you see here. Please do consider making a donation. Simply click  here to donate.  


By the way, we are still raising money to build more latrines for families in need. The cost for one latrine is $200. If you would like to assist in this area simply click the link below to reach our donate page. Mention "latrine sponsorship" in the "comments" section below the credit card information. You can do a one-time donation for the full amount, or do a monthly payment plan, as some donors have done. It will make a world of difference for a poor family.  


 Please donate here.    




Take care for now.    


 Niels Lund

Executive Director

 Microloans For Mothers 

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