MARCH 2013

A News Update from Yugo Ministries - Grace Babies' Home

Greetings from Grace Babies' Home!


Since the arrival of the girls this fall, God has been revealing His vision for what happens in the life of a child during their stay at GBH. The children brought to us need healing, and God wants that healing to happen while they are in our care. The kind of healing they need requires a family, not a facility. While we are not the optimal family with a mom and a dad in a permanent home, with focused effort we can provide some of that stability during their stay. In this edition of Baby Talk and in the months to follow, you will see this shift from providing quality care to providing quality-healing care flowing into everything we do. We are thankful for your continued prayers and support while we implement His vision for the ministry.


                                                        Juan Strutton

                                                        Director, Grace Babies' Home

  New Arrival

 December 6th the social services placed a seven-day-old baby boy into our care. Evidently there was "no room in the inn" for this newborn baby boy, so his arrival into our home had special significance during the holiday season. Tiny, helpless, and without a name, our GBH family unanimously agreed to call him Jesús Emanuel. He had a bit of a rough start with some health issues, but is now doing well and growing strong. Jesús is three months old and as cute as can be. Click here to read more.






Baby Dedication   


"So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." 1 Samuel 1:28

On January 20th during the 9am service,we dedicated Jesús, Maria, and Daniela, to the Lord at Capilla Calvario Rosarito. We wanted to publically declare our commitment to teach them and train them in the ways of the Lord while in our care. 



Birthday Celebration
We celebrated Maria and Daniela's first birthdays in February. We had a princess themed party full of many special memories. Gifts were opened, cakes were consumed, and lots of photos were taken. We had asked all those who love them and pray for them to send in a written blessing. During the party we read each blessing over the girls and then placed the blessings in a time capsule. It is comforting to know that while the cakes and decorations are now history, the blessings of God's word will endure. They will go on channeling God's goodness to Maria and Daniela and directing them into the Lord's will for eternity. Click here to read more.

With the realization that our loving care alone is not enough to promote the kind of healing that our babies need, we have done two things. First, we have placed an even greater emphasis on our daily prayer time, bringing the needs for healing before the One who heals. Second, we are training and acquiring the tools necessary for healing care. Using resources from the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, our GBH team is currently studying the effects of early trauma, abuse and neglect. We are learning how these harmful experiences can impair development and lead to social, behavioral and emotional problems. We are equipping ourselves with practical interventions with the goal to use every waking moment as an opportunity to promote healing. We are certain of God's leading toward this kind of care and therefore trust that He will meet each challenge as they arise.
Join Our Family - We Need You
         We need your prayers and financial support. We cannot do what we do and do it well without your help. God's resources are unlimited and He uses His people to dispense them. Please pray about becoming a member of our GBH family as a monthly sponsor to our babies or consider purchasing an item from our  
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Prayer Requests:

1. Continued healing in all our babies.

2. Consistent longer naps for Jesús and longer nighttime sleep.

3. Monthly sponsors to help support God's work at GBH.