It's time to start focusing on 2016. This is a great time to clean up and prioritize for the upcoming year. 
Start the New Year Off Right
Now that 2016 is in full swing and most of us are done with year-end and prepping for the new year, schedule some time for you to review some of the most basic information critical to staying efficient and compliant. Here are a couple things Marnel Mola of SPHR-CA suggests you might want to consider reviewing:

Review and Update your Company Handbook
Employee handbooks should be reviewed regularly to ensure that policies are current and legal and fit with your company culture. 
Review and Update Job Descriptions
Job descriptions should be "living documents" that you evaluate frequently. Jobs change and grow, and job descriptions can become outdated. It's a great idea to review them annually and make sure they are current and in compliance with laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Check your Employee Files for Accuracy as well as Retention
This is a great time to check your employee files to get your records in order. Check current employee files to validate or update employee information and pull your terminated employee files and purge any documents you are no longer required to keep.
Review Compensation
Best practice calls for reviewing compensation at least every two years. Your organization could have made changes to jobs, fallen behind on pay competitiveness. Perhaps you just need to up your game to attract hard-to-find talent. It's time to take a look and make changes as necessary.

Non-Profit Highlight
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico

You can change a life this National Mentoring Month. As we celebrate our 170,000 mentors this month, we are also eager to fund and support even more children who are hopeful to get matched with their Big Brother or Big Sister. We ask that you remember the difference a role model can make for a child. Our model is proven to help children do better in school, feel more confident and avoid risky behaviors like skipping school or using drugs or alcohol. By donating, becoming a mentor or sharing support, you can help a child waiting for a strong adult mentor.

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