The Conservatory Chronicles 

Issue 115
June 2017

A monthly newsletter for our growing Conservatory Community

The start of summer is right around the corner and here at the Conservatory we are serving a full summer of surrealistic events! Join us in the exploration of Terra the Titan arum's debut. Later this June the whole city of San Francisco honors the anniversary of a popular counterculture movement in style - the 1967 Summer of Love!
Terra the Titan Arum's Debut
A Rare Bloom That Occurs Once Every 7-10 Years!
Common Name: Titan Arum, Corpse Flower
Family Name: Araceae
Native to: Sumatra, Indonesia

We are overjoyed for the expectant bloom of Terra the Titan arum in the coming week! Make accommodations today to see Terra - and stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for daily updates. When Terra blooms, it will only last for 2 days and it will stink like rotting meat! Watch out for extended evening hours when Terra blooms. Irresistible!
Surrealistic Summer Solstice
We're Ready to Light it Up!

The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers is lighting up the night in Golden Gate Park for the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love!  With the visionary genius of Illuminate and Obscura Digital, the graceful Conservatory will become a "canvas" for light art.  The Grand Lighting ceremony will take place on the Summer Solstice, June 21, at dark.  
What better way to celebrate than with a huge, free, Surrealistic Summer Solstice Concert?  Legendary musicians will revive the iconic music of the late 1960's.  Musical Director Dan Lebowitz orchestrates a line up to include Bay Area music legends! Surrealistic Summer Solstice performers are members of ALO, Ratdog, The Chambers Brothers, The Jefferson Airplane, Motherhips, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Tarnation, Katdelic, Terrapin Family Band, New Monsoon, Moonalice and more to be announced
The incomparable Meyer Sound, also celebrating its 50th anniversary, is Sponsor of Sound!  Delight in delectable food trucks from Off the Grid!  
Wear tie dye clothing as we seek to break the Guinness World Record (set in 2016 in Boston at 1,500 people)!

This is a free event, open to the public and occurring outside of the Conservatory on John F. Kennedy Drive.  Bring your blanket to chill on the grass, but no coolers larger than 9 x 12, no glass and no unauthorized vendors.  Public transportation is encouraged as parking will be challenging with JFK Drive closed off.
Presenting Partners of Surrealistic Summer Solstice - San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, San Francisco Parks Alliance, the Conservatory of Flowers, Illuminate, Obscura Digital and Meyer Sound.

Register today to view the Conservatory of Flowers' Grand Lighting!

Conservatory Curiosities
Join the Conservatory's community partners for family-friendly demonstrations and conversations exploring rainforest creatures, the use of tropical plants for delicious foods and beverages, and the ways in which people are inspired by plants in the arts and sciences. We're kicking off the start of Conservatory Curiosities this summer with our local partners Sightglass Coffee and Dandelion ChocolateDiscover and stimulate your Conservatory Curiosities today! 

These are FREE events located on the Conservatory's Palm Terrace. 
Tickets to the Conservatory are not required.

It's a Flower Frenzy this summer, as two of our friends are celebrating the bloom, as well! 

San Francisco Botanical Garden is getting ready for their 3rd annual Flower Piano, taking place July 13-24. It's Twelve Days, Twelve Pianos, One Garden & You, as the Garden, once again, becomes the city's own outdoor concert hall, where everyone is invited to play or listen, enjoying the powerful relationship of music, community, and nature. On view in the Library through August is Exquisite Blooms: Chinese Brush Paintings by "Janny" Xiaoqin Huang, depicting flowers from the Garden, including poppies, magnolias, peonies, and more.  

During the Summer of Love, flowers became a powerful symbol of peace - a concept plucked from Buddhist art. This summer, uncover this hidden language of flowers at Flower Power at the Asian Art Museum

For more information, visit the Asian Art Museum website.

Conservatory of Flowers Members! Receive a 20% discount on memberships at both organizations through July! Use membership promo code CONSERVATORY20
Conservatory Trivia
Where did a gorgeous plant specimen like Terra the Titan arum originate from?

In 2014, the Horticulture Department received a plant donation offer from a San Francisco plant collector noting that "it has outgrown the space in my bathroom." When we took in the 6-year old Amorphophallus titanum at the time its leaves were standing at 7 feet tall. The collector acquired the plant from the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden gift shop which was propagated from their resident A. titanum, named Trudy and Titania

How did Terra get her name?

The first letter was selected as an homage to the parent plant, Trudy and Titania. The latin word, Terra, translate to multiple English words: "earth, ground, and soil." In Roman mythology, the goddess Terra or "Mother Earth" is associated with agricultural abundance. 
What's in Bloom?

Anthurium flavolineatum

Family Name: Araceae
Native to: Ecuador

Did you know Anthuriums are in the same plant family as the Amorphophallus?

Anthuriums are best characterized by the distinctive inflorescence which has two parts - a bisexual or unisexual spadix that is surrounded by a solitary spathe that resembles a leaf or large petal.

The fruits develop from the flowers on the spadix. They are berries varying in color, usually containing two seeds.  The spathe of Anthurium flavolineatum is maroon with fine vertical pin stripes. In Latin, flavolineatum means "marked with yellow lines". The spadix has the interesting characteristic of exposing its pistils, which gives the spadix the look of a hairy caterpillar. The new leaves emerge a light brown color.

Visit our website to find other tropical beauties blooming the Potted Plants Gallery.