The Conservatory Chronicles

Issue 113
April 2017

A monthly newsletter for our growing Conservatory Community
Greetings Conservatory Community!

April blossoms with innovation and illumination at the Conservatory!  

In April we are celebrating the 147th birthday of Golden Gate Park, 47 years of Earth Day, a new Chief Development Officer and the emergence of a new campaign to Light up the Conservatory.  We hope to engage you in this wildly exciting, luminous project which will activate the Conservatory at night, creating space for a plethora of new activity.

Light up the Conservatory!
The Conservatory of Flowers is planning a spectacular illumination project, which will light up our beloved living museum at night.  Our vision is that this beautiful Victorian structure will become a vibrant canvas. Working with Obscura and Illuminate, partners behind the Bay Lights, our plan is to install an ever-evolving artistic external lighting exhibit that will create a magical nighttime experience in the Park.  Please donate now to support this project!  We plan to light up the night on the Summer Solstice, June 21.  

Stay tuned for more news about this kick-off to the Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park!

Show your support! Donate today!

Welcoming a New Chief Development Officer

The Conservatory welcomes Samantha Smart Merritt as Chief Development Officer, as our cherished Jane Scurich retires after a decade of excellence and devotion to the Conservatory of Flowers.  Samantha is an experienced Development professional and nonprofit leader with three decades of experience supporting diverse nonprofit missions.  She is exuberant to land at the Conservatory, working with this passionate team, and so many volunteers and donors, to enhance resources and build long-term sustainability for the Conservatory.
2nd Annual Bubbles and Blooms Festival
From Butterflies & Blooms to Bubbles & Blooms! Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards hosts the 2nd annual Bubbles & Blooms Festival, Saturday, April 22 from 12:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m. Enjoy a celebration of Spring, Food and Sparkling Wine as the winery is transformed with an irresistible array of colorful floral and green art showpieces as well as DIY sustainable gardening examples. The Earth Day event provides inspiration for sprucing up your home inside and out while putting you face-to-face with experts on sustainable gardening, floral arranging and nature photography. 

Use promo code COLBB2017 for $5 off tickets. Click here for more info.

Fashion Fundraising for the Conservatory!

This season, Jigsaw London commissioned British artist Marcus James to create a set of printed artworks for its womenswear collection, inspired by two mathematical concepts: order and chaos. Order is a story of balance and beauty, floral hand drawings manipulated by screen printing. Inspired by chaos theory's butterfly effect, the chaos print captures energy through continuous unbalanced lines, hand drawn with charcoal.
Pick up a voucher at the Conservatory of Flowers on Tuesday, May 2nd (our FREE day!) and shop the new collection May 3rd-5th at Jigsaw London, Bloomingdale's San Francisco City Centre, 845 Market Street, Level 2 to have 10% of your purchase donated to the Conservatory. *Voucher much be presented in order for donation to be made. T&Cs apply.

Get Eye to Eye With a Butterfly and Moth!

A newly emerged Cecropia moth is now in the midst of Butterflies & Blooms. Visit soon to see the Cecropia and a Luna moth that emerged overnight. Moths only live a few days, so hurry on over! 
Walk through the mesh doorways into the Special Exhibit Gallery and view magical chrysalises -- some sleeping soundly, some ready to emerge! 

You never know, you may be lucky enough to catch the moment when one of these delicate beauties takes flight!

Marvel at these wondrous creatures, learn about their life cycle and the adaptations each butterfly has developed to survive!
Butterfly Release Program

Upgrade and complete your butterfly experience by joining the Butterfly Patrol! 

Visit today and ask a Guest Services Staff member upon entry about how to become a member of the Butterfly Patrol.

Rent the Conservatory!

Did you see the recent TV spotlight on sonic meditation in the Conservatory? 

The Conservatory is not only the perfect venue for a spectacular wedding, but for all manner of events. Your business or group can arrange to rent all or part of the Conservatory for an unforgettable experience.  

Call (415) 845-2394 or email for more information.  

Bring Balance to Your Life
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Members of the Conservatory of Flowers are entitled to free unlimited admission to visit our current Special Exhibit Butterflies & Blooms!

Now you have the option to receive a free one-year subscription of Martha Stewart Living or Better Homes and Gardens when you renew your membership or become a new Conservatory of Flowers Member! 
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Conservatory Trivia
Did you know the Conservatory of Flowers was once the temporary home to cold-blooded and ferocious vertebrates?

It's not a myth -- In April of 1982 the pond in the gallery we know today as the Aquatics Gallery housed 9 snapping turtles, 2 crocodiles, and 4 alligators while the formerly known Steinhart Aquarium at the time was under construction. 

One of the 6 workers tasked to bring the reptiles home came to know more of the insides of a particular crocodile's mouth. Take a look back in Conservatory history with us in this "Forgotten Day in San Francisco" feature of the historic Victorian Greenhouse.

Midnight in the Garden 

You are invited to join the AIDS LifeCycle team in celebrating life at the Conservatory of Flowers. All of the proceeds of this Springtime Gala go to charities that care for those suffering the affects of HIV/AIDS and to others that are working to develop a cure. Please join us for an evening of gourmet food, small batch sparkling wine, drag performances and much more. Full evening tickets (7:30 pm): $100; Performance only tickets (9:00 pm): $50. Visit the event page for more information.
What's in Bloom?

Masdevallia Orchid

Location: Highland Gallery
Native to: Mexico to Brazil
Masdevallias are a genus of 350 cool-growing orchid species. They are best known for their unusual triangle-shaped flowers made up of sepals fused into a tube-like structure. Though the flower shape is similar from plant to plant, the difference in size and color is wide and wonderful. 

The Conservatory's orchids are placed in galleries where the temperature and humidity are closest to their native environment. The Highlands gallery recreates a cloud forest. Most Masdevallias are from high altitude cloud forests from Mexico to Brazil and require very cool conditions and abundant moisture throughout the year. 

Visit the What's in Bloom page to see what other beauties are blooming in the Highlands Gallery.