The Conservatory Chronicles

Issue 104
July 2016

Summer has kicked off with a great start! 
Check out these enthralling happenings that have been taking place at the Victorian greenhouse:
Snapshots from the 2016 Members' Shindig
This summer we celebrated our appreciation of ongoing support from all our members with a Summer Succulents Shindig-themed reception in honor of the current special exhibit The Wild Bunch: Succulents, Cacti and Fat Plants. Members dressed in frills and cowboy boots strolled right into the festive shindig and danced away to live Rockabilly tunes and covers from Mitch Polzak and the Royal Deuces. Handcrafted succulent boutonnieres made by our fabulous volunteer craft group were adorned by each member as they entered the newly remodeled vestibule. Children and adults alike joined in on the cacti crafts and Pin-the-Flower-on-the-Cactus!
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Vestibule Remodel
Now you can walk right up to the felt pockets to smell the flowers!

Members were treated to a special hands-on demonstration by 
PlantsOnWalls' very own Chris Bribach and Conservatory volunteer Stephanie Kantorski during the Members' Party this past week. 

Drop by the Conservatory on your afternoon stroll to check out the newly remodeled vestibule and the gorgeous vertical garden!

Click here to see a video of the action!
A Victorian Proclamation: New Extended Hours!
Gala Under Glass image
Photo Credit: Lauren Cohn-Frankel Photography
We are ecstatic to announce the official extension of greenhouse visitation hours into San Francisco's warmest fall months! Visiting hours are extended by 30% as we keep our doors open until 6:30pm (last entry at 6pm). 

Don't wait too long! 
These special extended seasonal hours only last until October 31st.

Be sure to treat yourself and the people closest to you to a 
gift membership or a surprise renewal to secure an enchanting experience into the fall!

Don't Miss the Final Days of July at the Asian Art Museum

All current members of the Conservatory of Flowers are treated to complimentary admission to view the Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware from Korea and artworks from all major cultures from Asia for the month of July!

Don't miss out on the final days of the month of July for this special members perk! Check out the exhibits that are in store this summer and learn about how easy it is to visit.
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Checking in with the Victoria Amazonicas
The Aquatics Gallery continues to make a lasting impression on guests that stick around for hours admiring the flourishing Victoria amazonica lily pads in the upper pond.

Find the Right Exotic Plant for You!
Looking everywhere for an unusual and exotic Bat Flower? 
The gift shop now carries a blooming Tacca chantrieri that is waiting for you to take home!  The deep-purple to black flowers resemble a bat in flight and lives happily indoors.
Tiny bromeliads now brighten up the gift shop and they can brighten up your own home or office space too! Blooming in full displays of bright reds and pinks, these little guys make a great addition to any plant collection!

Find and build your own succulent terrariums with the diverse plants that we restock daily. Come for landscaping inspiration or find a terrarium that fits your needs today! 

What's in Bloom?
Have you ever heard of a tropical blueberry?

The cavendishia grandifolia has delighted us with a beautiful set of tropical berry blooms this summer!

Photo Credit: Robert Tauber
Cavendishia grandifolia
Common name: tropical blueberry
Location: Highlands Gallery, center planting, best seen from the north side
Native to: Central and South America

The Cavendishia grandifolia belong to the same family (Ericaceae) as Rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, and edible crops like cranberry and the temperate zone blueberries. Research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food chemistry states that the cavendishia grandifolia berry has two to four times more antioxidant capacity than conventional blueberries.
The Conservatory's plant is a sprawling epiphitic shrub. Dozens of waxy pink, white, and green flowers dangle from long inflorescences. Pink bracts add another pop of color.

Visit the What's in Bloom page to see what else is blooming!