The Conservatory Chronicles                                            Issue 93, August 2015
We want your old Conservatory photos!
Do you have decades-old photos of your loved ones visiting the Conservatory? If so, we'd LOVE to see them! We're looking for fun photos of people at the Conservatory to post on social media in conjunction with our upcoming special exhibit, Garden Railway: 1915 Pan Pacific. If you have one or more to share, please scan and email your photos to, OR email us at that address if you'd like for us to scan your photos for you. Thank you in advance, we can't wait to see your photos!

James and Kathleen O'Connor Murphy, newlyweds, c.1931
James and Kathleen O'Connor Murphy, newlyweds, c.1931
Sydney Stein 1941
Former COF gardener Sydney Stein in 1941
Visitor with
Visitor with "Phil" the Philodendron, c. 1983

What we're looking for:

1. photos from the 1980s or before
2. snapshots of PEOPLE at the Conservatory, not just of the building or plants
3. names, dates and any other info you may have
4. photos we can post on social media, in this newsletter, etc.
Only a few more weeks of Stranded!  
Be a "castaway" and learn how to survive on a deserted island in this lush exhibit filled with exotic palms, homemade tiki huts and a volcano that explodes with the push of a button. Don't miss this fun and educational exhibit! Stranded! Tropical Island Survival ends on Sunday, October 18.
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La Rose des Vents installation September 26 Brings the Bling to Conservatory Valley     
La Rose des Vents sculpture  
The flower beds in Conservatory Valley will soon be complimented by a stunning, 11 foot-tall "gold necklace" sculpture by renowned French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel.
La Rose des Vents is a deceptively simple gold and aluminum kinetic sculpture by Othoniel, the first artist in 300 years to have a permanent installation at the Palace of Versailles.

The moving structure pays homage to the "compass rose," an ancient device used to gauge wind direction. Despite its massive size and weight, the gold part of the sculpture will rotate freely with the wind from its enviable perch amidst the flower beds in Conservatory Valley.
Othoniel's work has been shown in gardens and museums throughout the world, including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Barcelona. This is the first time his work has come to San Francisco. La Rose des Vents will remain on display through early 2016.  We can't wait for this dazzling installation! 
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Ananas comosus, or pineapple
What's in Bloom?
Ananas comosus
Location: Aquatics, in a container on the western edge of the pond 
The A. comosus or "pineapple" plant is in the bromeliad family. The fruit is actually made up of hundreds of berries that have fused together. 

In the Victorian era, the pineapple became an icon of hospitality as seafaring captains placed fresh pineapples on their gateposts to signify that the man of the house was home and receiving guests. They were also a sign of wealth because they were expensive and difficult to procure. Some people who couldn't afford to purchase them rented pineapples to display in their homes.

Visit our What's in Bloom page to see what else is blooming!
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