Issue 86
January 2015



Eric Andersen

First, I want to wish you a wonderful 2015! Here at the Conservatory, we have much to be thankful for these days... 


Visitor attendance is higher than it has been in years, since our Aquascapes special exhibit launched back in November. 


Hundreds of new folks have joined our membership program in the past few months, and as you'll see below, we're setting aside a few days at the end of this month to repair, maintain and generally "spiff up" our historic greenhouse.


Thank you for your continued support of the Conservatory of Flowers. We've got an exciting and fruitful year ahead, and we hope you'll be here often to experience and celebrate it with us!

Eric Andersen's signature  

Eric Andersen, Acting Director   

"Nickles for Nonprofits" to benefit the COF  

When you shop at the Stanyan Street Whole Foods from January 19 through April 12, Whole Foods donates a nickel to the Conservatory on your behalf!

Grab your eco-friendly tote bag and head to Whole Foods in the Haight. 

Starting this Monday, your shopping can benefit the Conservatory of Flowers. 
Nickels for Nonprofits logo   
Whole Foods' "Nickels for Nonprofits" program lets customers who bring reusable bags choose to have 5 cents donated on their behalf to a local non-profit. The Whole Foods at Haight & Stanyan has selected the Conservatory to be their lucky "nickels" recipient from January 19 through April 12. Those nickels can really add up if we all participate. Do the environment AND the Conservatory a favor: bring a bag, give a nickel!
CLOSURE NOTICE:  January 26-30, 2015
The Conservatory will be CLOSED to the public for deferred maintenance
COF maintenance


It's that time of year again...time to hoist the pruning shears up to the highest heights, touch up the paint on the doors, replace out-of-reach light bulbs, and make lots of other repairs and improvements to keep the greenhouse looking fresh and functioning at top speed.  

Unfortunately, all this spiffing up leads to blocked walkways and falling tree branches, so the Conservatory will be CLOSED to the public for five days later this month, from Monday, January 26 through Friday, January 30.

We'll be lookin' GREAT when we reopen Saturday, January 31, so be sure to visit and see our fresh face!
Knock your Valentine's socks off this year: give a Conservatory membership! 
Roses are red, violets are blue cupid-heart-icon.jpg
but a jungle full of orchids *really* says 'I love you!'
Valentines Day couple at COF 
Photo courtesy Mapurunga Photography
Show your sweetheart you're the "stop and smell the flowers" type; give him or her a Conservatory of Flowers membership!

Your tax-deductible purchase supports a great cause (the Conservatory!), won't break your bank account, and gives you a free, romantic date option that lasts all year long.

Be your own Cupid this year. You can do it!  
What's in Bloom? Wake up and smell the... Coffea arabica
Coffea arabica

Our Coffea arabica plant in Lowland Tropics is currently bursting with LOTS of red and green "cherries" as their fruit is commonly called. Almost every cherry contains two coffee "beans" (again, commonly called; they are actually seeds, not beans). The beans are harvested, roasted and ground to make...you guessed it: coffee!   


The high levels of caffeine in the leaves and beans can be fatal to insects after just one bite. But the more subtle caffeine level in the flowers gives insects a pleasant buzz, and prompts them to return and pollinate the plant often.  

Check out our What's in Bloom page to see what else is blooming!


Visit Us!

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 4:30pm (last entry is at 4:00pm)

Please note that on Sundays and holidays,
Golden Gate Park closes many of its roads to all vehicle traffic.

Admission: $8.00 for Adults; $5.00 for Youth; 12-17, Seniors age 65 & over, and College Students with ID; $2.00 for Children 5-11; Free for Children 4 and under
Discounts available to all SF City and County residents with proof of residency. 
The Conservatory is free to all visitors on the first Tuesday of every month.
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Accessibility: The Conservatory of Flowers is wheelchair accessible for both motorized and non motorized chairs. Handicap permit parking is located at the east side of the building and also on JFK Drive in front of the Conservatory. 
Strollers are not allowed in the Conservatory.

Information line: 415-831-2090