The Conservatory Chronicle
Issue 84, November 2014

Help us bring back the
Victoria amazonica!
Our #GivingTuesday goal is to raise $3000 on December 2, 2014
Do you miss the enormous Victoria amazonica as much as we do? Help us reach our $3000 goal towards bringing them back by donating to the Conservatory on Tuesday, December 2, a.k.a. #GivingTuesday.
Victoria amazonica 
Victoria amazonica in the Aquatics pond, 2010 
For the past two years, these spectacular giants have been absent from our Aquatics gallery. We must replace a broken boiler before we can heat the pond enough to grow them again. 
#GivingTuesday is a global campaign to encourage charitable giving around the holidays.
"We have a day for giving thanks. We have two days [Black Friday and Cyber Monday] for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014,charities, families, businesses, community #GivingTuesday logo centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give." (from the website)  
Please consider donating to this important project on or before Tuesday, December 2nd. The Conservatory needs YOUR help to thrive. Every time you visit and see the stunning Victoria amazonica floating in Aquatics, you'll know you helped make it happen!
Scenes from Aquascapes: the Art of Underwater Gardening

Our brand new exhibit featuring 12 artfully landscaped aquariums opened on November 13. Visit us today and "dive in" to this enchanting exhibit!

Aquascapes collage 

NEW "What's in Bloom" featuring Aquascapes plants! 
What's in Bloom: Aegagropila linnaei 
Aegagaropila linnaei
Mini marimos are available in our gift shop!
Location in the Conservatory:
In Aquascapes (Special Exhibits), Tank #12 
These bright green, velvety algae pom-poms have started somewhat of a marimo craze in Japan, where many people collect and raise them in home aquariums. 
The Japanese nickname "marimo" translates to "ball of seaweed." Though they are called moss balls, this plant is in fact an algae, not a moss. 
The round shape of the marimo is maintained by gentle wave action that occasionally turns it. Marimo grow in lakes in Japan, Scotland, Iceland, Estonia and Australia, at a very slow rate of about 5 millimeters per year.
Our What's in Bloom page now includes descriptions of plants and even FISH found in our Aquascapes exhibit. Find your favorites and come see them today!
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