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Issue 77
March 2014
The Conservatory Chronicles
A monthly newsletter for our growing community. 



Chomp! They Came from the Swamp
Brace yourself...the carnivores are coming! On Friday, April 11, the Conservatory will unleash its murkiest and deadliest special exhibit yet: Chomp! They Came from the Swamp. We're partnering up with the good folks at California Carnivores to create a boggy wonderland filled with Venus fly traps, sundews, giant pitcher plants, and numerous other meat-eating beauties. Don't miss this fascinating exploration of carnivorous plants!
Want to be the first to see Chomp! on the evening before it opens to the public? Our Dangerous Beauty Gala on Thursday, April 10 is the official launch party for the exhibit, and offers you the chance to view our splendid carnivorous creatures in the Conservatory's magical nighttime setting. Purchase your tickets today for this alluring and "dangerous" event! And as always, we thank you for supporting the Conservatory of Flowers. 


Eric Andersen, Director

 The Dangerous Beauty Gala is less than a month away!

Dangerous Beauty Gala logo


Reserve your tickets now for our dazzling and enchanting Dangerous Beauty Gala. 

On Thursday, April 10, indulge your senses with exotic food and cocktails, live music and dancing, and a VIP sneak preview of our murky and mysterious new carnivorous plants exhibit, CHOMP! They Came From the Swamp on the night before it opens to the public.

Dance the night away to music by the fabulous Dick Bright Orchestra, bid on items in our highly curated silent auction, and enjoy open bar and tantalizing bites all night long!

Proceeds from the Dangerous Beauty Gala benefit the Conservatory's youth education program, which offers free guided tours to San Francisco school children. 


Don't miss this fantastic and alluring celebration at the Conservatory of Flowers! 

Our new Special Exhibit coming Friday, April 11
Get up close with the carnivores...if you Chomp! They Came from the Swamp
Venus fly trap 
Venus fly trap photo by Damon Collingsworth
Fall prey to some of the plant kingdom's most alluring and murderous creations this spring as the carnivores return to the Conservatory in a new exhibit,  CHOMP! They Came from the Swamp.
The Special Exhibits Gallery will be transformed into a swampy paradise for hundreds of meat-eating plants. Visitors get a bug's-eye view of a few of these peckish plants, to learn why these plants have adapted to attract, capture and eat prey. 
The extraordinary beauty and diversity of species on display will delight even the most squeamish. Large models of several species also give visitors a taste of what it might be like to be a tiny insect in a world of towering meat eaters waiting for their next meal. Brace yourself...for Chomp! 


And the winner is...
Congratulations to Abigail Cheng, the winner of our "Tropical Trees are Terrific" Arbor Day drawing contest!
ABigail Cheng Arbor Day drawing
We just love 9 year-old Abigail Cheng's drawing of birds circling above tall tropical!

Arbor Day celebrates the role of trees in our lives and promotes tree planting and care.

The Conservatory of Flowers encourages parents and teachers to observe Arbor Day by teaching elementary school students about the importance of rainforest trees.

As a reward for submitting the winning drawing, Abigail and her family will receive a free one year Family Membership to the Conservatory of Flowers.

Click HERE for more information about the Conservatory's Education Program, or to book a field trip for your class! 

How to be a "Dangerous Beauty"
...attire inspiration on our Pinterest Gala page
Dangerous Beauties Pinterest
What's in Bloom? Bulbophyllum makoyanum
Daisy orchid
Bulbophyllum makoyanum, or daisy orchid


Location in the Conservatory:

Aquatics Gallery, hanging over the lower pond


Hmm, is that an orchid or a daisy? It's an orchid! B. makoyanum is called the "daisy orchid" because a dozen inch-long yellow flowers grow in a whorl and give the appearance of a single, daisy-like flower.

Containing over 1,000 species, Bulbophyllum is one of the most diverse and truly odd orchid genera. Most are pollinated by flies attracted by the floral parts moving in the breeze or the fragrances of sap, blood, dung, or rotting meat.


Check our What's in Bloom page to see what else is blooming!


Chomp! They Came from the Swamp starts April 11!!
Chomp! They Came from the Swamp


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