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July 1, 2015
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The Deacon's Bench 

On Father's Day my family and I visited Bethel AME Church in Little Rock during their Sunday morning service. During the six years I was the deacon at Trinity Cathedral I had the privilege of developing a connection with this church only a few blocks from the cathedral. We planned services together to celebrate the integration of Central High School, we met monthly for dinner and discussed how to serve the community around our churches, we built and cared for a community garden together, we shared choirs and ministers, and celebrated in our homes. My heart has been broken since the tragic shooting in their mother church in Charleston, South Carolina, trying to know how to respond. I cried through most of their service Sunday. The music was gospel, the sermon up lifting; the reception by the congregations was amazingly warm. No one gave us a second look. They just loved on us the way you do here at St. Luke's. For part of the service around 40 members of the cathedral had walked down to Bethel. My prayer is that the cathedral will continue that ministry. It was a ministry where we learned rather than a ministry that we taught.

This is what I want to share with you about Bethel's minister's words. " Our doors are still open."


SeniorWardenFrom the Senior Warden

Some interesting news about some of our parishioners! You may or may not know, but several of us are involved with the upcoming production of Mrs. Miniver at the Argenta Community Theatre. Barbara Rhodes has a role in the cast! The rest of us, along with Barbara, are on the crew. Heidi Mackey, Rita Friend, John Fhodes and I will be painting on the set. Barbara also pointed out that the family in the play is Episcopalian so she is filling the cast in on the proper things to do in the church scene! Way to go Barbara!

The Veteran's Dinner was a success. Many parishioners cooked, served, cleaned and entertained! While this was a wonderful thing to give to the Vets, the fellowship we shared was also rewarding. Thanks to all who planned and served. Many hands made easier work.

Suzzette Patterson 


The Church Office will be closed Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.  


BibleStudySummer Bible study of women of the Bible 
  Spend the summer with us studying what women first said in the Bible, their historical background, and the significance of their words starting with the Genesis stories. You will be surprised who speaks the most. We are using the book, Bible Women, written by an Episcopal priest, Lindsay Freeman. Step into God's sacred circle of grandmothers, warriors, and prophets, and you will not come out the same. For questions email Chris Schaefer  or Joanna Seibert Men as well as women of the church are welcome. Note meeting place change to Parish Hall.

For More Information, CLICK HERE.
From The Rt. Rev. Larry Benfield

Same-Sex Marriages after the SCOTUS Decision

The United States Supreme Court today ruled that civil marriage is to be extended to same-sex couples. This decision means that the future will see same-sex couples coming to The Episcopal Church asking if they can get married in the church. The answer is that same-sex couples will need to follow the same procedures as opposite-sex couples: at least one party be baptized, give thirty days' notice, receive pre-marital counseling as required by the priest, receive permission of the bishop if either or both of the parties has a living former spouse, and sign a statement that they intend their marriage to be lifelong. 

Priests may sign marriage licenses for both opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples. The liturgical rite for an opposite-sex couple will be according to the Marriage Rite of the Book of Common Prayer. The liturgical rite used for same-sex couples will be the Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant from "Liturgical Resources I: I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing," as  revised in 2012 by General Convention. The liturgy will include the statement that "Inasmuch as N. and N. have exchanged vows of love and fidelity in the presence of God and the Church, I now pronounce that they are married and bound to one another in a holy covenant, as long as they both shall live."

A PDF version of this letter has been posted to our website for reference.

Faithfully yours,

Larry R. Benfield


From the Parish Administrator

Recycling at St. Luke's 
For many years we have used Easter Seals as our paper recycler. However, this June, the recycling program at Easter Seals ended. Because of this, we have switched recyclers. We now use Gone for Good Secure Document Destruction, a program through the United Cerebral Palsy association in Arkansas. With this program, the UCP creates jobs for disabled adults and all proceeds go to support other programs at the UCP.

There are recycle bins in the Narthex and Church Office. The large blue bin in the Narthex under the front table is available for your discarded service bulletins and other papers, and the main gray bin outside the church office door and the small blue bin the the office workroom are available for paper drop off as well. If we need additional bins around campus, please let the office know.

Caroline Brown,
Parish Administrator 




Friday, July 3rd, at 6:00 p.m.


St. Margaret's will once again host a celebration of Independence Day with a festive Holy Eucharist. This year's worship will feature music by American composers. The guest homilist will be Mr. Phil Kaplan of Williams & Anderson PLC in Little Rock. Kaplan is a nationally know attorney focusing on civil and human rights since 1962.  He's also a local favorite on the popular KUAR radio program "Two Jewish Guys". Following the service, the Men's Group will be serving hot dogs and hamburgers outside on the grounds. There will be games and fun activities for all to enjoy. There will also be a decorate your bikes, wagons, golf carts, etc and bring them out for the occasion! Seating will be limited for the picnic, so please bring your lawn chairs.

VBSVacation Bible School: Our Place in God's World 
July 13-17, 9:00-11:30 am 


This summer Christ Church and St. Luke's will join together for VBS. VBS will meet at Christ Church Monday through Thursday then meet for a day of celebration at St. Luke's in NLR on Friday with a can sculpture contest from our Monster Food Drive. Childcare for younger children of adult volunteers is available. We encourage youth to assist, and it is free to all.



For more information contact Joanna Seibert and to sign up contact Patricia Matthews at patricia.g.lewis@gmail.comPatricia will need this info:


1. Child's name and age
2. Parent's name (and if parent can help with VBS)
3. Contact info: email and cell number

St. Luke's Summer Monster Food Drive and Can Sculpture Contest



This summer in May and June bring cans and boxes of food for Food Pantries in North Little Rock and St. Francis House and put in the blue barrel in the narthex. During the first three weeks in July there will be a can sculpture contest for our youth making sculptures from the can and box goods. Bring food every week and sign up with Joanna to be a participant or judge in the can sculpture contest that will be held during VBS on Friday, July 17th. Again, contact Joanna if you can help with this fun summer project. Food Trucks will be at St. Luke's for lunch at VBS closing on Friday July 17th. Support this new ministry by joining us for lunch starting at 10:30.


VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to help box up the food for the area food pantries which has been gathered from the MONSTER FOOD DRIVE.  We need help on Friday afternoon, July 17th, taking down the canned food sculptures and putting the food into boxes for the area food pantries to pick up from St. Luke's.  If you can help with this, please contact Jeannie Fry at 501 941 0430 or by email at




VBS Closing July 17th
2015 Contest and Picnic    
We are inviting all members of our congregation to celebrate and picnic with us at the closing of Vacation Bible School on Friday July 17th at the Parish Hall and on the grounds of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 4106 JFK, North Little Rock. We will start at 9 and end at 11:30. From 10 to 12:30, Food Trucks will be present to offer gourmet hot dogs, nachos, home made pies, ice cream, steamed  dumplings,  spring rolls, eggrolls, fried rice, and the most amazing desserts and vegetarian foods you will ever encounter.
Come and watch and cheer on our children as they participate in our first ever Episcopal Church in Arkansas Can Sculpture Contest. It will be a first contest like it in Arkansas with the food coming from non-perishables collected at Christ Church and St. Luke's all summer. After the contest the food will be taken to local food banks.

Prayer List

Anne Gontermann, Allen Baxter II, Jeff Spradlin, Hudson Woods, Paula, Helen Snipan, Caleb Jablonowski, Angela Corlett, Kate Toepher, Ryan Dillon Parker, Bill Moses, Gene DeLisa, Larry Maze, Nina Goins, Grey Goodwin, Edward Anderson, Cheryl Hall, Paula Kalina, Bryant Family, Ann, Cherie, Zill Coleman, Sydnie Reedy, Jake Harrell, Aaron Dutton, Bradley Stinnett, Charles Ray Kennedy, Barbara Coker, Chris Morehart, Lexi Probst, Kay Reiter, Leslie Westbrook, Louise Ahrens, Megan Elizabeth Hall, Bill Crisler, Carole Grant, Debi and Phil Palladan, Susan Haner, Betty Miller, Linda Hawkins, Chris Mikesell, Louis Jenkins, Carle Carrell, Row McLaughlin, Ty, Kyley, Myla Hood, Cyndi Hettesheimer, Jean Belknap, Sarah Martin, Anthony Riggins, Pam Cox, Corey McBain



Special Concerns: For all the men and women of our Armed Forces, especially Justin, Joshua, Bret, Tim, Matt, Doug, Brian Mahoney, Brian Mennes, Frank Tate, Alex Schimelpfening, David Liem, Justin, John Landis, Lucas Kunce