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December 14, 2015 
Greetings from QIRN 4
Welcome to the December 14 edition of the Quality Insights Renal Network 4 (QIRN4) e-newsletter.  In this issue learn about free educational opportunities, the recently released NHSN PSC Manual, winter weather preparation, educational features and much more. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions. 
2016 NHSN Patient Safety Component (PSC) Manual Now Available   
On December 4, 2015, the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) posted the 2016 NHSN Patient Safety Component (PSC) Manual on its website to allow for viewing before the protocols change on January 1, 2016. The 2015 NHSN PSC Manual will be removed from the NHSN website.  To access the 2015 manual after December 4, visit this page

Please do not use the 2016 NHSN definitions and protocols in your surveillance until January 1, 2016.
Don't Forget About Our ICH-CAHPS Reporting Link
Don't forget that QIRN4 has a link on the www.qirn4.org website that allows you to report having conducted the ICH-CAHPS survey. Please fill out the form to report having distributed the ICH CAHPS.
Registration Now Open for Dialysis Care Quality Improvement Conference in January 
The Dialysis Care Quality Improvement Conference will take place this January 25 - 27 in Orlando where senior industry experts from renal care providers will discuss the most pressing challenges and solutions for meeting performance standards in the ESRD QIP. Learn more and register today
NKF Launches Professional Education Resource Center (PERC)
The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has launched its new Professional Education Resource Center (PERC). This resource center is designed for professionals committed to continuing their education and improving patient outcomes by offering online CME/CE courses. There are a variety of activities on carefully selected topics given by renowned faculty. New courses will continue to roll out and you can find additional information at www.kidney.org/education. Courses are free to NKF members and non-members pay a per-course fee. Learn more
AAKP Offers Free HealthLine Conference Calls
The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) will present two free HealthLine conference calls for patients on holiday eating and home dialysis:
  • December 16, 2015  - "Eating Healthy for the Holidays"
  • January 14, 2016  - "Home Dialysis Is Right for You!"

Find more information about these two calls, and register for one or both. 

For recordings of previous HealthLine calls, visit the AAKP website

Monthly Education Features
Vascular Education
  • Look, Listen, Feel - It only takes a minute to save your lifeline. (English/Spanish)
NHSN Education General Education
Education/CE Opportunities
MARC QIP Webinar Opportunity
The Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition (MARC) is coordinating a free webinar opportunity. Continuing education credits will be available at a cost. MARC is offering 1.0 credit to nurse, technician, dietitian, and social worker attendees at a rate of $10/person.  Those seeking credit must send in their attendance log, evaluation form, and $10 payment through December 30, 2015.  The log and evaluation form will be emailed to anyone logging into the webinar post-event. Learn more by downloading this flyer
New 2016 ESRD QIP Reporting Measures
Beginning January 1, 2016, facilities can begin to report on two new ESRD Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) measures: Pain Assessment and Follow-Up and Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up.
  • Facilities will report the Pain Assessment and Follow-Up in CROWNWeb for each qualifying patient once before August 1, 2016 and once before February 1, 2017. This pain measure is based on the National Quality Forum measure #0420 (NQF #0420) of the same name. View the detailed measure specification.
  • Facilities will report the Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up measure in CROWNWeb for each qualifying patient once before February 1, 2017. This depression measure is based on the National Quality Forum measure #0418 (NQF #0418) of the same name. View the detailed measure specification.

Learn more about the ESRD Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) program.  Download all of the ESRD QIP PY2018 technical measure specifications. 

Getting Prepared for Winter Weather
When a winter storm or the possibility of one is approaching your geographical area: 

 Make sure you stay in communication with your facility for updates and stay current with local news updates via radio, television, the internet or social media. 

Facility Staff: Encourage your patients to stay in communication with the facility for updates and stay current with local news updates via radio, television, the internet or social media.  

Learn the Signs of Hypothermia
Winter is just around the corner, and it's time to think about cold weather safety; specifically hypothermia. Hypothermia is a dangerous drop in body temperature, usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hypothermia is particularly dangerous because a person may not know it's happening. Some signs of hypothermia include shivering, exhaustion, and slurred speech.

The CDC offers tips for helping someone who may be experiencing hypothermia, including:
  • Get the victim into a warm room or shelter;
  • If the victim has on any wet clothing, remove it;
  • Warm the center of the body first using an electric blanket, if available; and Get medical attention as soon as possible 
Submit Your Emergency Preparedness Articles
Our focus at QIRN4 is to "Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare." If you have any disaster preparedness articles or links, please e-mail your information to dknight@nw4.esrd.net so it may be posted in our bi-weekly newsletter. 
ESRD NCC Information Exchange
The ESRD Network Coordinating Center (NCC) provides centralized coordination and support for the Medicare ESRD Network program. Each month, the ESRD NCC distributes an e-newsletter, known as the Information Exchange, that compiles the most important information from numerous ListServs and publications related to renal health. 

To sign up to receive this informative newsletter, please contact the ESRD NCC at ncc@ncc.esrd.net or visit the ESRD NCC Web site. You can also check the QIRN4 website for updates that include material from the Information Exchange.
This bi-weekly e-newsletter will serve as our primary method of communicating important news and updates. We encourage you to visit our Web site for the most up-to-date information or to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

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