artTILE 2015 ~ Saturday Studios ~ June 6 & 13 ~

Linda Buck   


Saturday Studios

Bonnie Mitchell

~ June 6 

 Nita Claise

~ June 13 

june 2015 ~ indigenous leaflet
Barbara Clark
Barbara Clark ~ on exhibit through June 14
Hello & happy June! Summer is here and we have all of the artful goods you need - for dads, grads,  summer weddings & fresh pieces to add some zing to your home!

artTILE fans & collectors~
It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!~ another tremendous tile exhibit is almost over [remember some of these tiles and artists you may never see again!] but you haven't missed all the fun yet! Hurry in to find tiles that bring whimsy to your collection, give smiles to friends, or add just a little (or big) something to your home. And don't miss the Super Saturday Studios to wrap up our annual artTILE exhibit with Bonnie Mitchell on June 6th and Nita Claise on June 13th!

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artful event THIS Saturday ...

Meet artTILE artist

Bonnie Mitchell

Sgraffito Tile & Pottery Trunk Show & Demo & Carve Your Own Tile

Saturday, June 6 ~ 11 - 5

Bonnie Mitchell
Please join us on June 6th from 11 to 5 as we celebrate our
artTILE exhibit with a Saturday Studio by special guest, local clay artist, Bonnie Mitchell. Bonnie will present a Trunk Show of her latest pottery & tiles and Demonstrate her skills & techniques.

Now here's your chance ... to make your own tile! Join Bonnie as she works in the clay, by Carving Your Own Tile! Bonnie will help you with creating your own cool, black & white tile for just $15.
She will add the final glaze and fire it in her kiln so you can pick up your finished tile at indigenous in a week or so.

~about Bonnie Mitchell:
"I am a professional working ceramic artist and I create one-of-a-kind artworks in my home studio. I reside in Milford, Ohio with my dog Gus and my husband Paul. I work and teach in my home studio.

For ten years I sculpted dogs, cats and other animals out of clay. I also made functional ware on the wheel. I began my training as a potter at Annie's Mud Pie Shop (now Funke's Fired Art) in 2003. Animals play a large role in my inspiration for my designs in the ceramic ware.

Now I combine animal sculpture with functional ceramics by carving the images onto plates, cups and other vessels in the sgraffito tradition. All artwork pottery are both decorative and functional ware, and I teach pottery hand-building in my home studio."
Bonnie Mitchell
Bonnie Mitchell
Bonnie Mitchell
~What is Sgraffito? "Sgraffito is a form of drawing on pottery by scratching through the surface layer to reveal a contrasting ground color. The oldest incised pottery was found in the middle east and central Europe and is thought to be about 8,000 years old. This technique was used by many cultures and is one of the earliest art forms.

Today sgraffito is still popular. Sgraffito allows me to combine the potter's craft with the artistry of carving. The results are similar to a woodcut. Each sgraffito piece is carved differently and is thus one of a kind. To begin, I coat the clay with 4 coats of black underglaze. I trace my drawing on the leather hard clay and carve it out. Its then low fired and retouched to correct any imperfections. Finally, I coat each piece with four coats of high gloss glaze and finish with a 2200 degree firing in an electric kiln."

Hope to see you Saturday, June 6 for Bonnie's artful event!
artful event NEXT Saturday ~

Meet artTILE artist

Nita Claise

Raku Tile & Pottery Trunk Show 

Saturday, June 13 ~ 11 - 5  

Nita Claise
Our artTILE celebrations continue with a Saturday Studio on June 13th from 11 to 5 by our special guest artist, Nita Claise. Nita will present a Trunk Show of her latest raku-fired pottery, sculptures, and tiles in both black & white crackle glaze and the rich, coppery metallic finish. This will be a one-day opportunity to shop her amazing three-dimensional clay works!
~about Nita Claise:
"My husband and I live in Tell City, Indiana which is a beautiful area in Southern Indiana on the Ohio River.  
     I enrolled in college with the intention of becoming an art teacher. Along the way I took a ceramics course. My professor gave a raku demonstration and I became an immediate and irreversible raku addict. I decided to pursue a career as an artist instead of teacher. My work consists of both functional and non-functional. We do stoneware, raku, horsehair, pitfiring, and barrel firing.  I love experimenting with techniques and materials.  All of my glazes are hand mixed from recipes which enables me to have a more control than commercially developed clays and glazes."
Nita Claise
Nita Claise
Nita Claise

~What is Raku?  -in loose translation raku means: enjoyment, contentment, pleasure and happiness. 

"Originally a Japanese seal given to a prominent family of potters (1598) who developed the technique. The term describes a lowfire form of pottery where the pots are removed from the kiln as soon as the glaze has melted and then left to cool or doused with water.


After the clay piece is formed it is left to dry from a few days to a few weeks. When the piece is completely dry it is bisque fired (typically in a cone 06 to a cone 03 range), then cooled and ready to be glazed. The glaze can be sprayed, brushed, drizzled, or the piece can be dipped in glaze. After glazing the piece is then re-fired in a raku kiln. The glaze firing temperature will depend on the glaze being used (my glazes are in the 1800 degree range). When the piece reaches temperature it is held for a period of time, then rapidly removed from the kiln using tongs and placed into an air tight chamber filled with combustible materials such as straw, sawdust, or newspaper and the lid is put on. The thermal shock causes the glazes to craze and carbon fills the cracks giving the glaze it's distinctive crackle especially in the white based glazes. Unfortunately, the shock can also cause unwanted cracks and ruin the piece.

     The piece is left in the combustion chamber for a period of time allowing oxygen to be removed from the chamber. This lack of oxygen causes a chemical reaction in the glazes resulting in metallic, iridescent colors. One glaze can produce a variety of colors as flashing occurs in areas that are exposed to more or less amounts of oxygen. The colors achieved are spontaneous and unable to be replicated. The piece is then cooled by quenching with water and cleaned. The glaze firing and reduction process generally takes between one to two hours."

We look forward to sharing this one-day Nita Claise show with you on June 13!

a few of our newest arrivals ...


Steve & Peggy Kittelson

Recently, we were invited to attend the local convention of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society where we were overwhelmed with creative & imaginative designs of kaleidoscopes, teleidoscopes and all of the cool visuals. It was an outstanding optical experience! We had the opportunity to meet with many of best kaleidoscope creators in the country and knew we had to share their talents with our patrons, so we've added a few new artists to our roster.


Now our remarkable collection will include the handmade works from:

~  David Kalish  ~  Cathy Painter  ~  Marc Tickle  ~  Nancy Koscheski  ~  Mike & Donna Thibodeau  ~  Lawrence & Audrey Goldsmith  ~  Bob Ade

~ Steve & Peggy Kittelson  ~  James Duxbury  ~  Sue Rioux


Shop our newest selection soon to see the myriad of designs!


James Duxbury
James Duxbury
Marc Tickle
Marc Tickle

David Kalish
David Kalish

Steve Kittleson
Steve & Peggy Kittelson
Sue Rioux
Sue Rioux
Bob Ade
Bob Ade
let art be part of your nature
Wendy Penta
Wendy Penta ~ on exhibit through June 14
Our annual artTILE exhibit ends soon...Only 10 days left to enjoy wandering through the fabulous array of colorful, whimsical, handmade, one-of-a-kind tiles created by 37 exceptional professional and emerging ceramic artists! Take one last look around while you welcome our guest artists this Saturday and next.
Thanks for your continued support of our artists and creative endeavors. Please know how much we value your patronage - - - scroll all the way down for a few special offers.

If you're looking for
June ~ Junipurr's favorite month!
something clever for your cool dad (Father's Day is June 21st), check out our dynamic collection! We will add our signature, complimentary gift-packaging to all of your finds!
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