Modern Marbles
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MEET Shane Caswell
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Modern Marbles
Summertime is here and the heat is on, but whether enjoying the outdoors or kicking back to chill in the a/c, indigenous has all the cool stuff to make those hot summer nights artful. COOL-off and stop by to see all the hot art arriving daily and mark your calendar for the sensational summer artful events we have planned. They are too hot to miss!  Marbles are rolling in now...
Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
Geoffrey Beetem
JOIN US for Modern Marbles 2014!
Our 4th Modern Marbles exhibit will be out of this world! August 1-31 Modern Marbles 2014 showcases hundreds of hot-worked glass marbles created by more than 20 of the hottest marble-makers in the country. The mania begins with our
Hot Marble Party, Saturday, August 2 from 10 - 4
Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
KICK-OFF the marble mania Saturday, August 2, 10-4
MEET Shane Caswell

To kick-off the Modern Marbles exhibition YOU are invited to a [FREE] Hot Marble Party with winehorsd'oeuvres, Hot marble-making and COOL marble artists on Saturday, August 2 from 10 - 4
We have invited the exhibiting marble artists & the local hot-shop, Neusole Glassworks, to meet with our customers & show-off their stunning marble-making talents. Please join us to meet local glass artist, Shane Caswell, our special guest who will be filling the front yard with a beautiful collection of his spectacular marbles.
WATCH hot-glass demo
Also WATCH as Neusole Glassworks artists demonstrate the magic of marble making
~ find out what a killer corkscrew, a reverse twist, a double axis twist, and a gold and silver fumed implosion marble are all about!
MEET SHANE CASWELL ~ Saturday, August 2 ~ 11 - 4
MEET Shane Caswell

Local marble artist, Shane Caswell is one of the best! 

He creates torch-worked borosilicate glass marbles~ masterfully combining layers of clear, colored and dichroic glass. His marbles are recognized for their incredible detail~ his attention to exact, controlled design & perfectly smooth surfaces culminates in a precisely round sphere. Perhaps the most admirable quality of Shane's marbles is the color he is able to coax out of the glass. He always turns out milky smooth colors while cleanly incorporating various millies into each design~ these are  oh-so pleasing to the eye.


ENJOY shopping Shane's entire collection of marbles~ find fish, flowers, even Grateful Dead icons playing in his perfectly fun marbles.

~ Saturday, August 2 ~ 10 - 4
WATCH Neusole GlassworksNeusole Glassworks will bring the fire for an exciting day of glassblowing!

WATCH as the talented artists of Neusole Glassworks mesmerize us by turning a myriad of colors into molten hues to create amazing glass artworks!

Neusole Glassworks is a non-profit organization designed to encourage and nurture artistic creativity by providing a supportive and inspiring environment for glass artists. They offer art exhibitions, events, and educational programs that raise awareness and appreciation for the glass arts. 

Experience the magic of glass-blowing!

Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
Marble Mania continues ~ MEET MARK MATTHEWS! 
August 8 - 10
Friday, August 8
6:30 - 7:30
MEET Mark Matthews
visual presentation at Marta Hewett Gallery
Saturday, August 9
11 - 4
MEET Mark Matthews
trunk show of artist's collection at
Sunday, August 10
12 - 4
MEET Mark Matthews
trunk show of artist's collection at
Here's your chance to MEET Mark Matthews, TALK with him about his creative process, SHOP a stunning collection of his marbles, and BUY a Mark Matthews' marble from the master himself!
Mark Matthews

Spend a weekend with

The Marble Master ~ Mark Matthews!


Friday, August 8 ~ Mark Matthews will be giving a visual presentation at the Marta Hewett Gallery, Pendleton Annex, downtown Cincinnati, from 6:30 - 7:30 followed by a meet and greet. [Mark Matthews previously presented this lecture to a sold-out crowd at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York.]

Saturday, August 9 & Sunday, August 10 ~ Mark Matthews will be at indigenous, a handcrafted gallery wowing the public with his fabulous collection of contemporary handmade glass marbles.
[Yes, here is your chance to BUY a Mark Matthews' marble from the master himself!]
indigenousa handcrafted gallery
is especially excited to welcome the ultimate and legendary furnace marble master, one of the greatest glass innovators of all time, 
Mark Matthews!
MEET Mark Matthews BUY Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews is internationally recognized for his work in glass, especially in glass spheres. Working in his studio located in Sauder Village, Ohio, each piece is meticulously worked and signed by the artist. Highly collected and valued, Mark Matthews' work has been published in many books and is held in museum collections such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England; the Corning Museum of Glass in New York; the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio; and the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
Modern Marbles
Modern Marbles 2014!
Over 20 of the hottest marble artists in the country 
with the coolest glass marbles
Geoffrey Beetem
geoffrey beetem
Ron Bearer
ron bearer
Josh Bonazza
josh bonazza

James Brauer
james brauer

Wendy & Harry Basett
wendy & harry besett
jody fine
jody fine
Carl Fisher
carl fisher
Jacquelyn Koba-Rice
jacquelyn koba-rice

Cathy Richardson
cathy richardson

NEW! Colin Richardson
colin richardson
Ken Schneidereit
ken schneidereit
Zariel Shore
zariel shore

jeremy sinkus
jeremy sinkus
Aaron Slater
aaron slater
Barry Stevens
barry stevens
NEW Josh Simpson
josh simpson

Filip Vogelpohl
filip vogelpohl
Shawn Messenger
shawn messenger
James Yaun
james yaun
Brett Young & Larry Zengel
brett young &
larry zengel
Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
~ totally new & totally cool ~ fresh art for you ~
Michael English
cincinnati, ohio
NEW artist~ Michael English
Welcome our newest ceramic artist, Michael English; although you might have seen him throwing clay at Funke Fired Arts or books at the main library. He creates a collection of functional pottery in rich, earthy green and Korean celadon (a handsome slate blue) glazes. Elegant lidded vessels, classic teapots, and delightfully lightweight mugs, tumblers, and pitchers give everyone something to take home & enjoy! 
Leandra Drumm
akron, ohio

Leandra Drumm creates unique worlds on glass and pewter of designs that are inspired by places she visits & people she has met throughout her life. Her artwork combines storytelling with a marvelous sense of humor ~ in her menagerie you'll find flowers, mermaids, sideshow performers, odd animals and a cast of other delightful characters.

Leandra DrummLeandra DrummLeandra Drumm
Cityscapes ~ Rookwood Pottery Company
Rookwood Pottery
cincinnati, ohio


Rookwood Pottery continues to embrace its American tile tradition of excellence & maintain exceptional quality standards that began in Cincinnati over 100 years ago. We welcomed Rookwood Pottery to our artTILE exhibition and are thrilled that they will be joining the indigenous family~ we will be having a beautiful collection of their cityscape tiles all year round! Stop by to create your own contemporary Rookwood mural with tiles of iconic Cincinnati landmarks.

Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
Third Thursday Benefit Wine Walk ~ Girls Night Out!
MEET BJ McHUGH & shop her Loveworn creations
Thursday, August 21 ~ 12 - 8
Grab your gal pals for the ultimate GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Cincinnati artist, BJ McHugh will be setting up shop for ONE NIGHT ONLY, bringing her Loveworn wearables to YOU! Now's your chance to find the coolest skirt of the summer! Irresistible rock bands, magnificent movies, cool characters, local hang-outs... all found on T-shirts she recycles to make the coolest, most comfortable skirts! 
WARNING: It is hard to buy just one! 
GOOD NEWS: 10% of all sales during Wine Walk will be donated to a local charity.
Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
Modern Marbles! August 1-31
Thank you for making us the hottest handcrafted gallery with the
coolest local art! We look forward to you joining us for all the hot marble events and all the other cool artful outings we have planned. Please visit soon & often!

Artfully~ modern marble maniacs a.k.a. the indigenous crew
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Modern Marble August 1-31 2014
Hot marble events!