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MEET Lisa Muller
artTILE exhibit ~ an extravaganza of handmade ceramic art tiles
the indigenous leaflet ~ May 2014
Have you been totally AMAZED by the delightful tiles our fabulous artists have created? ~ we keep getting more! artTILE 2014 delivers something for everyone!~ from playful to contemporary styles; diverse imagery of beautiful, natural elements, to imaginary quirky characters; hand-built, carved, pressed, stamped~ you'll be wowed by what they do with a slab of clay.
Interested to see how? Visit us on Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1 to MEET LISA MULLER! She'll have our front-yard filled with her menagerie of characters~ tiles and sculptures will be on display for you to enjoy, ask "How did you do that?", & buy artwork from the artist you meet!
artful artTILE events
Lisa Muller !
tile & sculpture exhibit & trunk show! 
saturday, may 31, 11-5 & sunday, june 1, 12-4 
MEET Lisa Muller


MEET Lisa Muller
May 31 & June 1


MEET Lisa Muller
Celebrate artTILE 2014 with us during our Saturday Studio
Lisa Muller creates tiles and sculptures made from earthenware clay and hand painted with slips, underglazes, and polychrome glazes to yield rich, varied surfaces. Original designs draw on mythology, history, iconography, and common, daily rituals to stimulate thought and inspire fresh perspectives on ordinary events. You'll be treated to an amazing collection of her delightful tiles and imaginative sculptures, available this weekend only!
artTILE 2014
mark-your-calendar~ one more artTILE event
MEET Amy Meya
MEET Amy Meya
Meet Amy Meya
tile exhibit & 
sculpture demo! 
june 14 ~ 11-5 
june 15 ~ 12-4
35 artists
NEW artTILE artist~ Linda Buck
Welcome 12 NEW artists to artTILE 2014!

 gives us the opportunity to see what your favorite tile artists have been up to, and to share the designs of new tile artists we've discovered. We're hoping you like them as much as we do! So here's a few we'd like to introduce to you ~ stay tuned for more!

NEW artTILE~ Linda Buck New artTILE~ Linda Buck
Linda Buck 
berkley, mi

Enter the stunning world of artist Linda Buck & you won't be disappointed. Filled with brilliant, bold colors that enhance the carved twisted cityscapes and lush textural fields, you will often find a feathered friend and a cupcake or two. Take a peek through every window!

new artTILE artist ~ Jennifer Mannila
Jennifer Mannila 
portland, or

Jennifer Mannila says "I have forever known two things in my life to be true; I love to think creatively, and I love to work with my hands." Jenny's tiles are a delightful expression of successfully doing both! Her tiles have strong imagery, the black hand-painting of a silly bird, funky owl, or mischievous meow-maker contrasts beautifully against stark white clay, allowing her delightful patterns & funny expressions to be center stage.

NEW artTILE~ Lynne & John Hume
Lynne & John Hume
takoma park, md

Lynne & John Hume tiles have a distinct appearance~ reminiscent of tiles created during the Victorian era.Their tiles are low relief designs in porcelain accented by a variety of transparent glazes that pool & flow, beautifully highlighting each design.

NEW artTILE~ Michael Terra
Michael Terra 
paducah, ky

Michael Terra, a.k.a. the "Mud Poet" fancies himself a ceramic wordsmith, creating artwork that spark people's own memories while telling a story. Michael's inspiration comes from his endless curiosity; his search for finding common truths that connect art, poetry, and humanity. His tiles combine ceramic sculpture with his original writings designed to amplify the emotional impact, and invite you, the viewer, to initiate / cultivate your own unique response.

1000+ tiles
artTILE 2014 exhibiting artists!
Sondra Alexander
sondra alexander
Wendy Anderson
wendy anderson

Birgit Bach
birgit bach
John Beasley
john beasley
nita claise
nita claise

Michael Cohen
michael cohen
Parran Collery
parran collery
Carol Rose Dean
carol rose dean
Sarah & Thomas Gelsanliter
sarah & thomas gelsanliter
su harvey
su harvey
Greg Hicho
greg hicho
rick hoffman
rick hoffman
Iris & Bob Jewett
bob & iris jewett
Arlene Knaak
arlene knaak
Motawi Tileworks
nawal motawi
Cecilia Nartker
cecilia nartker
Romy & Clare Designs
romy & clare
Rookwood Pottery Co
rookwood pottery
Hadley Sedgwick
hadley sedgwick

Gaby Tepper
gaby tepper
Janet Tobler
janet tobler
Emily Ulm
emily ulm
Sue & Steve Vachon
sue & steve vachon
Scott Weaver
scott weaver

The rest of the gallery is still filled with fantastic new finds!
Kerin Houseberg
kerin houseberg~ 
join kerin in her vivid fantasy world & enjoy her one-of-a-kind soft sculptures ~mermaids, fairies, goddesses, a myriad of magical animals, and characters drawn from mythology and your storybook favorites.
Nancy Hopkins
nancy hopkins~ 
 creates hand-carved ceramic tiles of our favorite furry friends frolicking through the seasons along with a collection of small "madge" dishes.
 Bette Drake
bette drake~ 
creates wonderful examples of artistry & function with earthy green glazes and surprise details of sculpted shells, leaves, & even alligators! 
Amy Wallace
amy wallace~ 
merging her love of sculpture & fabrics~amy's newest creations are natural spirit dolls she calls "femmes of the forest" 
150+ local & regional artists
last call!
Larry Watson ~known for his playful ceramics with rich green & deep Caribbean blue glazes is taking a hiatus from making pottery so he can focus full-time on his speaking & coaching commitments. we have a great collection of both colors - bowls, mugs, pitchers, dramatic platters, & more. Stop in to gather his fun works before June 15th!   
Kristen Bangs
Kristen Bangs~her work has delighted us, adding just the right sayings to lift our spirits in the brightest colors to liven up our home & office. These handmade treasures caught the eye of a "gift company", selling these designs will now allow her to create even more eye-catching art. Gather up these one-of-a-kinds before they are gone!
150+ local & regional artists
Ramona Paloma Tile
artTILE 2014 runs through the June 15th. 
zoom... then it's gone! Hurry!
always handmade & heartfelt
see you at the show!
Enjoy perusing all of the artTILE exhibit as artists keep creating & we keep getting in even more of these fab handmade tiles! We're looking forward to welcoming Lisa Muller to the gallery & can't wait to see our front yard filled with her energetic & colorful creations~ we know you'll LOVE them too! Enjoy wandering around the beautiful contemporary crafts, discover new treasures & finding perfect gifts. 
Thank you for supporting our local business, friends, & artists.

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You are cordially invited to artTILE 2014
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