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CINHC Has A New Name!

As of the beginning of September 2015, we are pleased to share that the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care has a new name: HealthImpact. Since 2001, we have brought together partners in nursing practice, academia, policy and the health care industry to develop unified strategies to enhance the well-being of Californians through innovation, interprofessional leadership, and nursing excellence. As an organization supporting more than 400,000 nurses, we develop practical solutions to improve the health of Californians. CCPS is one of the multiple programs HealthImpact has launched.
In this time of rapid change in health care, HealthImpact has become more agile and responsive. We continue to collaborate with a wide range of partners, designing and creating practical solutions to better prepare nurses for the day-to-day challenges they face. We thank you for your continued partnership and encourage you to visit our new website at
Bay Area News and Updates

With our partners at the FCCC, the BANRC has received funding to redesign CCPS to better meets changing needs as the health care environment changes. In mid-October 2015, we are conducting a follow up meeting to a focus group held December 2014, to gather input for how to expand and improve tool functionality.  The CCPS team has developed a concept for a new and improved tool, using feedback from the December focus group and input we collect regularly from users across the state and in other markets across the country.  We will present a proposed new structure, intended to facilitate user-friendliness, expansion to placements in non-acute settings, and allied health placements.  We are excited to gather feedback from this focus group, to inform the next phase of planning.  Improvements to the CCPS tool function and design resulting from this grant funded project will benefit system improvements overall across regions using CCPS. For recommendations about system improvements, please contact Nikki West at
Los Angeles Area News and Updates
Annual CCPS Coordinators Survey" Results
We would like to thank all of the CCPS Coordinators who contributed to the survey this year!  Your feedback helps to identify trends in clinical coordination and assists in our efforts to continuously improve the program.  Below are a few highlights from the survey.
From your Responses:

More schools and clinical facilities in the region indicate using the CCPS Tool exclusively compared to prior years to manage clinical placements with 59% of CCPS coordinators using only CCPS in their placement process.  Key features of the tool used most often include: the re-proposal option (76%), historical placement wizard (59%), easy to view "notes" (41%), view cohort information (36%), and more exact student counts (29%).
(65%) of Coordinators indicated CCPS has increased their ability to manage placement information with (71%) finding CCPS has reduced the time needed compared to other methods (this is a 20% increase from the prior year). The top 3 benefits of CCPS to the region reported by 53% were felt to be increased communication, greater transparency in the student scheduling process, and standardization of the process across sites. Ready made reports, such as the Placement Calendar or the School Proposal report are some of the most useful and informative CCPS features according to more than (64%) of users.  
The greatest barrier to placing additional students continues to be that suitable units are already saturated with students reported by (70%) of respondents.  With demand and supply of the nursing workforce currently "in balance" regional enrollment in pre-licensure nursing schools and clinical placements has been relatively flat for the last few years.  Healthcare trends are providing further employment options for more nurses working in community based settings. Expanding clinical placements to new settings provides further opportunity to expand clinical education capacity while broadening student experiences. 

Thank you for your feedback!
Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center


CCPS Placement Cycle Calendar
Spring/Summer 2016



September 28 - October 16, 2015 (Preceptor placement decisions due December 4)

Hospitals review proposed requests and make placement decisions. Hospitals are encouraged to accept long-standing/historic placements and to decline proposals they know they cannot accommodate as quickly as possible, as a courtesy to schools.