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Bay Area News and Updates


CCPS and Allied Health

Our team is working with Alameda Health System to roll out allied health placements within CCPS, preparing for Fall 2015.  The multisite health system is identifying which allied health disciplines will be included in the initial rollout, and we are preparing the system and scheduling communication and training for users on the school and clinical side.  Our hope is this pilot will be a success, providing a new way in which CCPS can provide value to our users. 



Los Angeles Area News and Updates
Preceptor Issues Forum

A special meeting was conducted by the Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center Advisory Board on April 15th to engage focused dialog about preceptor placements with schools and clinical facilities in the Los Angeles region.  Thank you to Azusa Pacific University for offering to host this meeting.  The meeting was attended by 45 leaders, educators and staff who coordinate preceptor placements from schools and clinical facilities. Kathy DeGuerre. Program Manager at the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC)  joined us to discuss application and options for preceptor placement through the CCPS Preceptor scheduling system.

The meeting engaged shared dialog to understand current issues in preceptor placements and provided an opportunity to determine regional trends and future needs.  Various levels of nursing programs were discussed including pre licensure programs, post licensure RN to BSN, MSN, NP, and Doctoral programs. 
(A complete copy of the meeting notes will be sent to all CCPS sites soon).
Trends presenting challenges for clinical placements:
  • Pre licensure preference for Med/Surg by both schools and service for remains higher than preceptor placement capacity.
  • Increasing demand for post licensure RN to BSN placements in leadership, community/public health
  • Growth in MSN specialty tracks/roles (education, care coordination) and advanced practice NP roles

Strategies identified to improve processes and outcomes included:
  • Value of best "fit" placement planning for individualized students to maximize learning
  • Importance of academic service partnerships to strengthen clinical education options and outcomes
  • Service setting Placement Coordinator Role key to facilitate all placements across varied levels of programs (incl. MSN, NP, DNP) and diverse settings (incl. outside acute care) to maximize access and assure requirements are met.
A demonstration of the existing CCPS Preceptor Program was also provided by Kathy DeGuerre, FCCC  Manager for Healthcare Programs/CCPS, as a refresher for further use of the system, and to generate ideas and options for system redesign.



February 16 - March 6, 2015

Hospitals review, confirm and extend availability through December 31, 2015 for both cohort and preceptor programs.   We understand some hospitals will need to modify future availability if census and building plans change.  These changes can be done as needed throughout the year. 


March 9 - March 27, 2015 (Preceptor requests due April 17)

Schools make requests for all courses that start Mid-August 2015 through the end of the fall or winter terms (courses that usually end by December 31).


March 30 - April 17, 2015 (Preceptor placement decisions due May 8)

Hospitals review proposed requests and make placement decisions.  Hospitals are encouraged to accept long-standing/historic placements and to decline proposals they know they cannot accommodate as quickly as possible, as a courtesy to schools.