SEMAP Buy Local Update #11
Hey Everyone!

Happy Harvest!      
Fall is the season of change.  Beautiful change as you may notice from the falling leaves, harvested fields, and crisp morning fog.  Nevertheless, local food remains! 

As you travel back and forth from work, practices, and home again be sure to stop in your local farmstand or farmers market to have a quick chat with your local grower.  Farmstands generally remain open through Thanksgiving, (some year round!) but check with your local growers for exact dates.  It's great to touch base and learn about this growing season straight from a growers mouth.  Understanding more about your food, how it's grown, and the challenges growers/fisherman face is key to making healthier and wiser food decisions for your family. 

Besides this season's weather, there will be plenty to talk about with delicious local pumpkins, peppers, cider, cranberries and squash all available this month.  Support your local growers well past the summer season, and enjoy local year round!

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As always check out our Online Farm Guide for help with finding Pick-Your-Own (PYO), farmstands, and specialty products.

In case you haven't noticed... local food is fantastic!
These emails are designed to help you get started on your local food odysseys and inform you about the many ways you can help local agriculture, simply by buying fresh local products.

Every two weeks or so, you can expect an email updating you on:
  • Farmstand News - New website for farms and farm-lovers!
  • What's Growin' - Cranberries, Peppers, Potatoes & Pumpkins!
  • How you Can Further Support Local Producers - Visit our Member Businesses!
  • Local Events! - Ways to Participant in Local Ag. - Have you signed up for Bioneers?!
SEMAP's mission is to help local farmers achieve economic success through marketing and technical assistance.  Now, we are also increasing our public outreach on Why, Where and How to buy fresh, local products.  SEMAP's 'Buy Fresh Buy Local' Campaign makes it easy for you to find the best quality products from our terrific local farms and food businesses--look for the our new label and taste the difference!  All over Southeastern Mass., this label will be at participating farmstands, farmers markets, restaurants and markets.

Look for the 'Buy Fresh Buy Local' label, and taste the difference!

Farm News!

Two new websites seek to increase your knowledge and FUN of local foods!


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced 'Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food,' a new initiative aimed at beginning a national conversation to help develop local and regional food systems and spur economic opportunity for local farmers.  The initiative, chaired by Deputy Secretary Merrigan, is the focus of a task force with representatives from agencies across USDA who will help better align the Department's efforts to build stronger local and regional food systems. Last week, USDA announced approximately $65 million in funding for 'Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food' initiatives.  In the months to come, cross-cutting efforts at USDA will seek to use existing USDA programs to break down structural barriers that have inhibited local food systems from thriving.Know Your Farmer

"Americans are more interested in food and agriculture than at any other time since most families left the farm," said Merrigan. "'Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food' seeks to focus that conversation on supporting local and regional food systems to strengthen American agriculture by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and spurring economic opportunity in rural communities."  Deputy Secretary Merrigan, a Massachusetts native, was most recently an assistant professor and Director of the Agriculture, Food and Environment M.S. and Ph.D. Program at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, Boston.

The Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food website is a great resource for farmers and consumers working to build local food systems.  It is packed with information on community food programs as well as available grants, loans and marketing assistance for established farms to new growers.  

Visit the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food website at:

SAVOR MASSACHUSETTS  - New Website for Culinary Tourism

Savor Massachusetts is a new Mass Grown and Fresher culinary tourism initiative developed by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. For the "culinary traveler" it offers a variety of web-based culinary must have resources certain to satisfy the most discerning palate. For the grower and food producer it offers a marketing vehicle to help promote your culinary tourism experience. For more information contact Julia Grimaldi at [email protected]. Visit and click on Savor Massachusetts.

Cookin' Local!

Katie's Favorite Pumpkin Pie

Recipe from Beaver Brook Farm, E. Bridgewater, MA  -
Farmstand & pumpkin patch open weekends in October!

Pumpkin Pie:

2 Large Local Organic Eggs
1/2 cup Organic Cane Sugar
1 tsp freshly grated cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp ground cloves
2 Cups pumpkin puree (see below)
1 can evaporated milk

1.) Heat Oven to 425. Make pastry for pie crust; before adding filling, partially bake pastry by lining with a double thickness of aluminum foil, gently pressing foil to bottom and side of pastry. Let foil extend over edge to prevent excessive browning. Bake 10 min; remove foil and bake 2-4 min longer or until pastry just begins to brown.

2.) Beat eggs slightly in medium bowl with wire, whisk or hand beater. Beat in remaining ingredients.

3.) Cover edge of pie crust with 2-3 inch strip of aluminum foil to prevent browning. Remove foil during last 15 min of baking. Pour filling into hot pie crust.

4.) Bake 15 min. Reduce oven temperature to 350. Bake about 45 min longer or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cool on wire rack 2 hours.

Pumpkin Puree:
Cut Sugar pumpkin in half, crosswise. Remove seeds and membranes. Place on a greased baking sheet, cut side down, and bake at 325 for 1 hour, or until tender. Cool for 10 minutes. Remove pulp and place in blender or processor. Puree or process until smooth.

Pie Crust Pastry:
1 cup unbleached or whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon shortening
2 to 3 tablespoons cold water

Mix flour and salt in medium bowl. Cut in shortening. Sprinkle with cold water, 1 tablespoon at a time, tossing with a fork until all flour is moistened.
What's Growin'?
The farms and businesses listed below are members of SEMAP's Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign and Business-to-Business Network. For complete information on these local producers and MANY MORE check out our Online Farm

Examples of products available this week:     
Lots more growing!!

Apples                                                            Cranberries
C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.(PYO!)        Carver Farmers Market - every Sunday!
Noquochoke Orchards, Inc., Westport, Ma.        D. Fernandes Cranberries, Carver, Ma. Organic
Pocasset Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                        Eldredge Farm, Brewster, Ma.
Quansett Gardens, Dartmouth, Ma.                   Tihonet Village Market, Wareham, Ma. sweet & dried!
Sampson Farms, Westport, Ma.                       
Melons                                                             Brix Bounty Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                      Checkerberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.
C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.                Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.                          Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
Cabbage                                                          Garlic
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.          Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Coonamessett Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.                  Checkerberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.                           Quansett Garden, Dartmouth, Ma.
Lanzoni's, Acushnet, Ma.                                              Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.
Lucky Field Organics, Rochester, Ma.                                      
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                            Peppers
                                                                         Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Onions                                                            Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.
C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.               Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.
Checkerberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.                     Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Lucky Field Organics, Rochester, Ma.                 Sprout Farm, Mashpee, Ma.
Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.                        Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.
Salad Greens, Herbs, Kale & Lettuce
Brix Bounty Farm, Dartmouth                          
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                     Beaver Brook Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.          Diamond Acre Farm, Westport, Ma.
E.&T. Farms, W. Barnstable, Ma. (weekends)          Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.              
Lucky Field Organics
, Rochester, Ma.                 J.H. Beaulieu Farm, Fairhaven, Ma.
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                           Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
                                                                     Nessralla Farm, Marshfield, Ma.
Potatoes                                                         Sauchuk Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                    
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.          Winter Squash (butternut, acorn, blue hubbard & more!) 
Maplewood Farm, Portsmouth, RI                     Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Sampson Farms, Westport, Ma.                        C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.
Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.                       Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.  
                                                                        Noquochoke Orchards, Inc., Westport, Ma.
                                                                        Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.

         Be sure to check our Online Farm Guide for more fresh produce and farms near you!
Clams & Oysters                                                    Fresh Fish

Barnstable Seafarms, Barnstable, Ma.                     Dave's Cape Cod Smokehouse, Harwich, Ma.
Chatham Shellfish Company, E. Falmouth, Ma.        E.&T. Farms, W. Barnstable, Ma.
Cuttyhunk Shellfish, Inc., Cuttyhunk, Ma.               Mac's Seafood, Wellfleet, Ma.
Scorton Creek Oysters, W. Barnstable, Ma.
Raw Milk
Lobster                                                                Bettencourt Dairy Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Fishwife, Plymouth, Ma.                                          Lyons Brook Farm, Westport, Ma. (goat milk)
Revolution Lobster, Westport, Ma.  New Member!          Paskamansett Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
Salty Lou's, Sandwich Ma. New retail outlet!            

Grass-Fed Beef / Chicken                                     Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                                  J.H. Beaulieu Farm, Fairhaven, Ma. (Sausage!)
J.H. Beaulieu Farm, Fairhaven, Ma.                      
Moonlight Acres, Halifax, Ma. (Sausage!)
Quittacas Farm, E. Freetown, Ma.                        
Artisan Cheese
Eggs                                                                    Narragansett Creamery, Providence, RI.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.               Shy Brothers Farm, LLC, Westport, Ma.
Checkerberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.                         
Greenleaf Farm, Bridgewater, Ma.                                              
Prospect Hill Farm, Plympton, Ma.                          
Honey                                                                 Baked Goods (and so much more!)
Alderbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                          The Artisan Kitchen, Rochester, Ma.
Checkberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.                               Artisan Swirls Bakery, Kingston, Ma. 
Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                                   Ever So Humble Pies, E. Walpole, Ma.
E.&T. Farms, W. Barnstable, Ma.
                            Flour Girl Baking Company, Dartmouth Ma.   
Greenleaf Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.                      Garnish Events, Newport, RI
Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma.                                          Quansett Gardens, Dartmouth, Ma.
Oatmeal / Flour
                                                   Tinctures / Tonics     
Gray's Grist Mill, Westport, Ma.
                              Great Cape Herbs, Brewster, Ma.
Mad Hectic Foods, Inc., Dartmouth, Ma.                 Roots Remedies, Mattapoisett, Ma.    
Sauces & Spreads                                                 Non-Edible / Fibers / Balms               
Dave's Cape Cod Smokehouse, Harwich, Ma.            Golden Touch Farm, Westport, Ma.
Great Island Trading Co., S. Dennis, Ma.                Summerhouse Natural Soaps, Barnstable, Ma.
Landgdon Farms, Mattapoisett, Ma.                              Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma. (hand balms!)
Olio di Melli, LLC, Westport, Ma.      
Potted Herbs & Flowers                                      Cut Flowers  (sunflowers, glads, etc.!)
Alderbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                        Alderbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
Eldredge Farm, Brewster, Ma.                              Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Forget-Me-Not, Norwell, Ma.                                Country Garden Weddings, Eastham, Ma.
Lanzoni's, Acushnet, Ma.                                      
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.                          
Nessralla's Farm, Inc., Marshfield, Ma.                 
Maplewood Farm, Portsmouth, RI
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                              
Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, Millis, Ma.   
Sandwich Agway
, Sandwich, Ma.
Sunrise Gardens, Plympton, Ma.                            Fire Wood                                             
                                                                          Nessralla's Farm, Inc., Marshfield, Ma.    
Groundcovers / Ornamentals                                                                     
Eldredge Farm, Brewster, Ma.                              Fertilizers
Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                           Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.   
NorthStar Farm, Westport, Ma.                              Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma. 
                                                                          FREE Rocks!
                                                                                                  Forget-Me-Not, Norwell, Ma.
Beer                                                               Wine
Buzzards Bay Brewery, Westport, Ma. new brews!  Cape Cod Winery, Falmouth, Ma.
Cape Cod Beer, Hyannis, Ma.                           Coastal Vineyards, Dartmouth, Ma.
Running Brook Vineyards, Dartmouth, Ma.           

                                                                     Truro Vineyards, Truro, Ma.
                                                                     Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery, Westport, Ma.
For complete information on all these farms (and MANY others),
plus MORE produce in season, check out our Online Farm Guide at
Where Else Can I Enjoy Local?

As a part of SEMAP's Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign, these markets, restaurants, farmstands, and more have made a commitment to supporting local growers and food producers.  Be sure to visit them, and try their fantastic fair!  Membership is growing every week, so be sure to check back!

Barnstable County, Ma.
Bean & Cod - Falmouth -  Online Profile
Blue Moon Bistro - Dennis Village -
Bradford Natural Market - Provincetown -
Cape Cod Chef on Call -
Crabapples Restaurant - Falmouth -
Online Profile
CupCapes of Falmouth - Falmouth -
Dan'l Webster Inn - Sandwich -

Enzo Restaurant and Guest House - Provincetown -
Flying Fish Cafe - Wellfleet -
Online Profile
Hatch's Produce - Wellfleet -
Isaiah Clark House -Brewster -
Island Merchant - Hyannis -
Long Dell Inn - Centerville -
Mac's Seafood / Mac's Shack - Wellfleet, Truro -
Osteria La Civetta - Falmouth -
Pies a la Mode - Falmouth -
Pie in the Sky - Woods Hole -
New website!     Quicks Hole - Woods Hole -
Roo Bar of Falmouth - Falmouth -
Satucket Farm Stand - Brewster -
Windfall Maket - Falmouth -

Bristol County, Ma.
Alderbrook Farm - Dartmouth - Online Profile
Autumn Glen at Dartmouth, Assisted Living -
The Cedars Assisted Living -
Fine Catering by Russell Morin  -  Attleboro  -
FoodSource - Taunton -
Garnish Events - Fall River -
Lees Supermarket  -  Westport  -
Main Street Café & Bakery - Fall River - Online profile
Mirasol's Café - Dartmouth -
Westport Community Schools  -  Westport - Online profile

Norfolk County, Ma.
Whole Foods  -  Bellingham / Hingham  -

Suffolk County, Ma.
City Feed and Supply - Jamaica Plains -

Plymouth County, Ma.
Bay Club Mattapoisett - Mattapoisett -
Chez Ducrot  -  Plymouth  -
Foodies Duxbury, LLC - Duxbury  -
The Fruit Center, Inc. - Milton & Hingham -
How On Earth: The Store - Mattapoisett -
Lindsey's Family Restaurant - Wareham -
The Market @ Pinehills - Plymouth -
Martha's Stone Soup @ the Tavern - Plymouth -
Oxford Creamery - Mattapoisett / Dartmouth -
Prisco's Market & Deli - Bridgewater -
Rockin' K Cafe - Bridgewater - Online Profile
Shipyard Galley  -  Mattapoisett  -
Tihonet Village Market  -  Wareham  -

And of course, be sure to check out our good friends at:

Local Events!

Also, be sure to scan our Online Farm Guide to look for more ideas on local specialties and events.
158 Tihonet Road, Wareham MA  /  (508) 295-1000  /
Saturday & Sunday; 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine         Visit SEMAP's booth!
Admission $2.00, age 6 and under free 
Join The A.D. Makepeace Company and the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association for the 6th Annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration, Saturday and Sunday, October 10 - 11, 2009.
This fun family event features juried crafters, activities for children, cooking demonstrations, pony and wagon rides, and much more. The highlight of the day is a guided tour of a working cranberry bog. Please, no pets. Free event parking!
Discussing Support for the Financial Revitalization in Southeastern Massachusetts' Agricultural Industry 

Friday, October 16th 10AM - 11:30am @ the ATMC in Fall River,
151 Martine Street Fall River, MA 02723

RSVP Required!

Discussion topics will include:  (Including remarks from Ag Commisioner Scott Soares)
- Funding agricultural business plans, including land and equipment needs.
- Matching farmers with affordable agricultural land and funding opportunities.
- Protecting farmland as farmland.
- Sustainable small scale agricultural models and present challenges.
- Follow up needs to support local farmers and promote local agriculture.

Public is welcomed to attend!  Please RSVP by October 14th to Jay Coburn, Executive Director of SEMAP at [email protected] or by calling 508-237-3021.
UMASS DARTMOUTH FARMERS MARKET - EVERY FRIDAY @ UMD!  10am - 2pm Located at the entrance of campus (near the traffic circle)
Visit UMASS Dartmouth's 3rd annual Farmers Market every Friday, until the end of October.  Meet local growers including Brix Bounty Farm; local bakers from Flour Girls Baking, local granola maker Cyndi Jacobs of Best Damn Granola, and even local jewelry!  Every Friday, be sure to stop by and  experience the wide variety of products available locally!
Sundays 12pm - 4pm @ Shurtleff Park, 108 Main Street Carver MA
Take part in the exciting activities held each week at the Carver Farmers Market.  Each week there will be something different to help celebrate the harvest season, including live musical acts, kiddie train rides, face painting and more! Check the Carver Farmers Market website for a complete list of activities, or call Market Master Mike Nash at (508) 866-2428.  Fresh local cranberries available now!  Visit your local cranberry grower at the Carver Farmers Market this weekend!
HAYRIDES @ HICKORY KNOLL FARM - September through New Years!
23 Leonard Street, Lakeville MA  /  (508) 946-5504  / [email protected]
Hickory Knoll Farm is a 4th generation family farm, growing cranberries and seasonal vegetables.  Hayrides available during harvest season (Sept. - New Years), that show beautiful views of the bogs and pasture animals on this 60 acre farm. Please call for more information and reservations.
ROOTS DOWN NEW BEDFORD - 1st Tues. of Every Month! 
Next meeting: November 3rd, 2009  - 4PM @ Lawler Branch Public Library, 745 Rockdale Ave.
Topic: Wintertime Tasks for a Terrific 2010 Vegetable Garden!
A free monthly series focusing on sustainable gardening techniques.
These monthly meetings help new and experienced gardeners gain a deeper understanding of methods used in healthy food production, to help build a local food security for our community.
November's meeting topics will cover Mulching, Reviewing the Season and an Organic Garden Reading List.  Visit the Brix Bounty Farm blog for more information!

5th ANNUAL BIONEERS BY THE BAY: Connecting For Change - Register now!
October 22-25, 2009 - Downtown, New Bedford Ma.   /

In case you're not familiar with the Bioneers By the Bay...

The folks at the Marion Institute have planned yet again a terrific Bioneers by the Bay Conference.  I would strongly urge everyone to consider attending, as each morning offers 3-4 keynote presenters followed by afternoon workshops and evening entertainment.  There are also fantastic vegetarian lunches prepared by Fine Catering By Russell Morin, utilizing fresh local fruit and vegetables.  (This is NOT your typical conference food!)  The Bioneers Farmers Market will continue all weekend long in Wings Court, offering a variety of produce from local farms, and local food producers.

The 5th Annual Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change offers some tremendous opportunities to listen, learn, share, and connect ...keynoters of food & ag. interest include:  

Will Allen
from Growing Power, Will was one of this Summer's NOFA Conference keynote speakers.  In addition to his Friday morning keynote, he will also be leading a Friday afternoon workshop alongside Rich Pederson from Southside Community Land Trust and local community gardeners from Serenity Gardens in New Bedford. The focus of the workshop will be on soil restoration in urban agriculture through composting and marketing and improving food access in urban areas.

On Friday evening there will be a showing of the film "Fresh" with a q+a with the filmmaker and other panelists.

Saturday afternoon will include a special event, as part of the International Day of Climate Action.  The Bioneers by the Bay/New Bedford, MA 350 Day of Action will attract regional awareness to the importance of the number 350 through the demonstration of sea level rise in Downtown New Bedford, and to demand international action on climate change in Copenhagen this fall.

Sunday morning's keynote presentations include two shining beacons of light among the sustainable agriculture movement:  Vandana Shiva and Woody Tasch. These are just a few of the amazing presenters who will be sharing words of inspiration over the weekend.

Hope to see you at Bioneers By the Bay in October!

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Happy Harvest!
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