SEMAP Buy Local Update #10
Hey Everyone!

Fall Favorites!       
Ahh the Fall!  Harvest season is here, and with it comes the sweet flavors of New England favorites like freshly picked Apples, Peaches and Pears!  Beyond the delicious tastes and smells of Fall, there are also many outdoor festivals and food related activities occurring in September, all around Southeastern MA.  Fall Festivals are the perfect way to learn more about local farms, how they grow your fresh food and products, and how you can get further involved in local agriculture.  The fun doesn't stop there, read on to learn more about our region's upcoming Cranberry Harvest, musical farm events, and local corn mazes.  Get out there and Enjoy the Fall with Local!

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As always check out our Online Farm Guide for help with finding Pick-Your-Own (PYO), farmstands, and specialty products.

In case you haven't noticed... local food is fantastic!
These emails are designed to help you get started on your local food odysseys and inform you about the many ways you can help local agriculture, simply by buying fresh local products.

Every two weeks or so, you can expect an email updating you on:
  • Farmstand News - SEMAP welcomes new Executive Director, Jay Coburn
  • What's Growin' - Kale, Tomatoes, Onions, and Apples!
  • How you Can Further Support Local Producers - Visit our Member Businesses!
  • Local Events! - Ways to Participant in Local Ag. - Harvest Festivals Galore!
SEMAP's mission is to help local farmers achieve economic success through marketing and technical assistance.  Now, we are also increasing our public outreach on Why, Where and How to buy fresh, local products.  SEMAP's 'Buy Fresh Buy Local' Campaign makes it easy for you to find the best quality products from our terrific local farms and food businesses--look for the our new label and taste the difference!  All over Southeastern Mass., this label will be at participating farmstands, farmers markets, restaurants and markets.

Look for the 'Buy Fresh Buy Local' label, and taste the difference!

Farm News!

SEMAP Welcomes Executive Director Jay Coburn

Jay Coburn, SEMAP's new Executive Director has officially come on board full time.  Jay brings a variety of experiences to SEMAP
jay coburn.  For the past 10 years, Jay was the Executive Chef and co-owner of CHESTER Restaurant in Provincetown.  Known as one of the Cape's most highly rated eateries, CHESTER was also a B2B Network member.  Jay and his partner John opened CHESTER committed to using local and regional products.  SEMAP's B2B Network played a critical role in linking the restaurant with local growers.

Prior to his career as a restaurateur, Jay worked in Washington, DC for ten years as an advocate and lobbyist.  He brings expertise in fundraising, project management and advocacy.   Jay's link to agriculture began as a child on a small dairy goat farm in Northwestern New Jersey.  He was an active 4-H member, licensed dairy goat judge and started out his college years at the College of Agriculture at Cornell University.  Jay is grateful to outgoing Executive Director Sarah Kelley for her incredible leadership and thrilled to be working with SEMAP's great staff, board and members.

Welcome Jay!
Cookin' Local!

Cinnamon Apple Beignets with Caramel Sauce

Recipe from Chef Marc at Ella's Wood Burning Oven Restaurant
3136 Cranberry Highway, Wareham, MA   /  (508)759-3600 / 
[email protected]

Ella's Wood Burning Oven Restaurant is a 60 seat unique, casual dining restaurant featuring a wide variety of rustic European inspired dishes. The menu flows with the change of seasons and availability of the freshest ingredients from local New England farms and waters.  Try in your own kitchen this tasty apple inspired recipe, or visit Ella's for a freshly prepared dinner and dessert!

Beignet Batter:                           Method:
2 cups All Purpose Flour            - Sift the dry ingredients together, lightly beat the wet
1/4 cup Granulated Sugar            ingredients together.  Slowly add the dry into the wet.
1 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tbsp. Ground Cinnamon
1 Egg
1/2 cup Milk
1/2 cup Water

For the Apples:                                                     Method:
2 Granny Smith Apples, peeled, & diced small       - Melt the butter in a a pan over moderate
2 tbsp. Butter                                                          heat.  Add the rest of the ingredients and
1/4 cup Light Brown Sugar                                      cook until apples just begin to soften.
2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon                                          Remove from heat and cool.

Caramel Sauce:             Method:        
1 cup Sugar                  - Combine sugar and water together, it should resemble wet sand.        
1/4 cup Water                 Cook the mixture in a non-reactive pot over moderate high heat until    
1/2 qt. Heavy Cream       the mixture turns medium dark amber.  Slowly and carefully add the     heavy cream.  Remove from heat and carefully stir the ingredients until a nice smooth texture.  Keep in mind sugar at this stage is very hot.

To finish this dish add  1 gal. of oil(peanut oil is best) into a heavy gage pot, combine the batter with the apples, the apples should be completely incorporated into the batter.  With a 2 oz. ice cream scoop gently drop the batter into the oil and fry for approximately 8 minutes.  Remove the beignets from the oil onto some paper towels and dust with powder sugar.  Serve immediately with caramel sauce.
What's Growin'?
noq apples
The farms and businesses listed below are members of SEMAP's Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign and Business-to-Business Network. For complete information on these local producers and MANY MORE check out our Online Farm

Examples of products available this week:     
Lots more growing!!

Apples, Plums, Nectarines                            Blueberries
C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.(PYO!)     Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma. - PYO! (call first just in case)
Noquochoke Orchards, Inc., Westport, Ma.
Pocasset Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                       Cranberries  (harvesting fresh soon!)
Quansett Gardens, Dartmouth, Ma.                  Carver Farmers Market - every Sunday!
Sampson Farms, Westport, Ma.                        D. Fernandes Cranberries, Carver, Ma. OG (pre-order!)
                                                                     Eldredge Farm, Brewster, Ma.
Melons                                                          Tihonet Village Market, Wareham, Ma. sweet & dried!
C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                   Peaches
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.
                      C.N. Smith Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma. ( & raspberries!)
                                                                    Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.
Cabbage                                                       Quansett Gardens, Dartmouth, Ma.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.                                          
Lanzoni's, Acushnet, Ma.                                             Cucumbers      
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                          Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.
Corn                                                              Cervelli Farm, Rochester, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                     The Farmer's Garden, Rehoboth, Ma.
Cervelli Farm, Rochester, Ma.                         Jiddoos Garden, New Bedford, Ma.
The Farmer's Garden, Rehoboth, Ma.               Lanzoni's, Acushnet, Ma.
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.            
           Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Nessralla Farm, Marshfield                               Sprout Farm, Mashpee, Ma.
Noquochoke Orchards, Inc., Westport, Ma.                      
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                          Eggplant
Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, Millis, Ma.        Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
                                                                     Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.
Garlic                                                            Jiddoos Garden, New Bedford, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                     Lanzoni's, Acushnet, Ma.
Checkerberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.
Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, Millis, Ma.         Peppers
Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.                       Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
                                                                      Bull Frog Acres, W. Wareham, Ma.
Salad Greens, Herbs, Kale & Lettuce               The Farmer's Garden, Rehoboth, Ma.
Brix Bounty Farm, Dartmouth                            
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                      Hickory Knoll Farm, Lakeville, Ma.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.           Sprout Farm, Mashpee, Ma.
E.&T. Farms, W. Barnstable, Ma. (weekends)          Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, Millis, Ma.
The Farmer's Garden, Rehoboth, Ma.                 Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.
Lucky Field Organics
, Rochester, Ma.                
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                            Squash
Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma.                            Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Jiddoos Garden, New Bedford, Ma.
Potatoes                                                          Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.                       Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.            Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, Millis, Ma.
Jiddoos Garden
, New Bedford, Ma.                    
Maplewood Farm, Portsmouth, RI                     Tomatoes
Sampson Farms, Westport, Ma.                          Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Tomten Farm, E. Falmouth, Ma.                       Cape Abilities Farm, Dennis, Ma.
                                                                      Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.
                                                                           Cervelli Farm, Rochester, Ma.                                                                                                      Jiddoos Garden, New Bedford, Ma.
                                                                       Lucky Field Organics
, Rochester, Ma.    

         Be sure to check our Online Farm Guide for more fresh produce and farms near you!
Shellfish (Oysters, Littlenecks & Lobster)           
Aquaponic Tilapia (advance notice required)
Barnstable Seafarms, Barnstable, Ma.                     E.&T. Farms, W. Barnstable, Ma.
Chatham Shellfish Company, E. Falmouth, Ma.
Cuttyhunk Shellfish, Inc., Cuttyhunk, Ma.               Fin Fish
Fishwife, Plymouth, Ma.                                       
Dave's Cape Cod Smokehouse, Harwich, Ma.
Salty Lou's, Sandwich Ma. New retail outlet!                  Mac's Seafood, Wellfleet, Ma.
Scorton Creek Oysters, W. Barnstable, Ma.                
                                                                          Raw Milk
Grass-Fed Beef / Chicken                                    Bettencourt Dairy Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                                 Paskamansett Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
J.H. Beaulieu Farm, Fairhaven, Ma.                     

Quittacas Farm, E. Freetown, Ma.                         Pork
Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.
Cape Cod Organic Farm, Barnstable, Ma.               Artisan Cheese
Checkerberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.                          Narragansett Creamery, Providence, RI.
Greenleaf Farm, Bridgewater, Ma.                        Shy Brothers Farm, LLC, Westport, Ma.
Quittacas Farm, E. Freetown, Ma.                       
Prospect Hill Farm, Plympton, Ma.                          
Honey                                                                 Baked Goods (and so much more!)
Alderbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                          The Artisan Kitchen, Rochester, Ma.
Checkberry Farm, Orleans, Ma.                               Artisan Swirls Bakery, Kingston, Ma. 
Dufort Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                                   Ever So Humble Pies, E. Walpole, Ma.
E.&T. Farms, W. Barnstable, Ma.
                            Flour Girl Baking Company, Dartmouth Ma.   
Greenleaf Farm, E. Bridgewater, Ma.                      Garnish Events, Newport, RI
Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma.                                          Quansett Gardens, Dartmouth, Ma.
Oatmeal / Flour
                                                   Tinctures / Tonics     
Gray's Grist Mill, Westport, Ma.
                              Great Cape Herbs, Brewster, Ma.
Mad Hectic Foods, Inc., Dartmouth, Ma.                 Roots Remedies, Mattapoisett, Ma.    
Sauces & Spreads                                                 Non-Edible / Fibers / Balms               
Dave's Cape Cod Smokehouse, Harwich, Ma.            Golden Touch Farm, Westport, Ma.
Great Island Trading Co., S. Dennis, Ma.                Summerhouse Natural Soaps, Barnstable, Ma.
Landgdon Farms, Mattapoisett, Ma.                              Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma. (hand balms!)
Olio di Melli, LLC, Westport, Ma.      
Potted Herbs & Flowers                                      Cut Flowers  (sunflowers, glads, etc.!)
Alderbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                        Alderbrook Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.
Eldredge Farm, Brewster, Ma.                              Billingsgate Farm, Plympton, Ma.
Forget-Me-Not, Norwell, Ma.                                Country Garden Weddings, Eastham, Ma.
Lanzoni's, Acushnet, Ma.                                      
Four Town Farm, Seekonk, Ma.                          
Nessralla's Farm, Inc., Marshfield, Ma.                 
Maplewood Farm, Portsmouth, RI
Oakdale Farm, Rehoboth, Ma.                              
Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, Millis, Ma.   
Sandwich Agway
, Sandwich, Ma.
Sunrise Gardens, Plympton, Ma.                            Fire Wood                                             
                                                                          Nessralla's Farm, Inc., Marshfield, Ma.    
Groundcovers / Ornamentals                                                                     
Eldredge Farm, Brewster, Ma.                              Fertilizers
Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.                           Merrylegs Farm, Dartmouth, Ma.   
NorthStar Farm, Westport, Ma.                              Village Farm, Dennisport, Ma. 
                                                                          FREE Rocks!
                                                                                                  Forget-Me-Not, Norwell, Ma.
Beer                                                               Wine
Buzzards Bay Brewery, Westport, Ma. new brews!  Cape Cod Winery, Falmouth, Ma.
Cape Cod Beer, Hyannis, Ma.                           Coastal Vineyards, Dartmouth, Ma.
Running Brook Vineyards, Dartmouth, Ma.           

                                                                     Truro Vineyards, Truro, Ma.
                                                                     Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery, Westport, Ma.
For complete information on all these farms (and MANY others),
plus MORE produce in season, check out our Online Farm Guide at
Pick-Your-Own Apples & Corn Mazes
CNSmith ApplesTwo of the best ways to celebrate the Fall are PYO Apple Farms and Corn Mazes! Fun and healthy for the whole family, learn more about where your food comes from by visiting one this weekend!  Check out these SEMAP member farms below, or look for a grower near you on our Online Farm Guide [Keep reading for more fun fall activities!]

PYO Apples
CN Smith Farm, Inc. - 325 South St., E. Bridgewater, MA  / (508) 378-2270  Open Now!
Pick Your Own apples available Wednesday through Sunday 10am - 4pm. Be sure to check out the farms wide selection of fruits, vegetables and apple cider as well!

Dartmouth Orchards - 515 Old Westport Road, Dartmouth, MA  /  (508) 992-9337
Stop by the farmstand for apples, peaches, locally made preserves and fresh apple cider!  Check for the PYO apples schedule as well, and make a day of it!

Corn Mazes
Cervelli Farm, Rochester MA  - 338 Vaughan Hill Road, Rochester MA  / (508) 763-5275
Opening Saturday, Sept. 19th.  Saturday's & Sunday's thru the end of October.  Stop by the Cervelli Farmstand atat the corner of Roundsville Rd. and Vaughan Hill Rd., Rochester for more information on this fun fall event!

Sauchuck Farm, 53 Palmer Rd., Plympton MA - 781-585-1522
Opening Sunday, September 13th.
Our corn maze will open on weekends from September 12 to November 1, depending on
weather conditions. Heavy rain, even a few days prior, can force us to temporarily close the
maze due to wet ground conditions. So call ahead if you have any doubt. The theme is the
100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent and the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln.
Where Else Can I Enjoy Local?

As a part of SEMAP's Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign, these markets, restaurants, farmstands, and more have made a commitment to supporting local growers and food producers.  Be sure to visit them, and try their fantastic fair!  Membership is growing every week, so be sure to check back!

Barnstable County, Ma.
Bean & Cod - Falmouth -  Online Profile
Blue Moon Bistro - Dennis Village -
Bradford Natural Market - Provincetown -
Cape Cod Chef on Call -
Crabapples Restaurant - Falmouth -
Online Profile
CupCapes of Falmouth - Falmouth -
Dan'l Webster Inn - Sandwich -

Enzo Restaurant and Guest House - Provincetown -
Flying Fish Cafe - Wellfleet -
Online Profile
Hatch's Produce - Wellfleet -
Isaiah Clark House -Brewster -
Island Merchant - Hyannis -
Long Dell Inn - Centerville -
Mac's Seafood / Mac's Shack - Wellfleet, Truro -
Osteria La Civetta - Falmouth -
Pies a la Mode - Falmouth -
Pie in the Sky - Woods Hole -
New website!     Quicks Hole - Woods Hole -
Roo Bar of Falmouth - Falmouth -
Satucket Farm Stand - Brewster -
Windfall Maket - Falmouth -

Bristol County, Ma.
Alderbrook Farm - Dartmouth - Online Profile
Autumn Glen at Dartmouth, Assisted Living -
The Cedars Assisted Living -
Fine Catering by Russell Morin  -  Attleboro  -
FoodSource - Taunton -
Garnish Events - Fall River -
Lees Supermarket  -  Westport  -
Main Street Café & Bakery - Fall River - Online profile
Mirasol's Café - Dartmouth -
Westport Community Schools  -  Westport - Online profile

Norfolk County, Ma.
Whole Foods  -  Bellingham / Hingham  -

Suffolk County, Ma.
City Feed and Supply - Jamaica Plains -

Plymouth County, Ma.
Bay Club Mattapoisett - Mattapoisett -
Chez Ducrot  -  Plymouth  -
Foodies Duxbury, LLC - Duxbury  -
The Fruit Center, Inc. - Milton & Hingham -
How On Earth: The Store - Mattapoisett -
Lindsey's Family Restaurant - Wareham -
The Market @ Pinehills - Plymouth -
Martha's Stone Soup @ the Tavern - Plymouth -
Oxford Creamery - Mattapoisett / Dartmouth -
Prisco's Market & Deli - Bridgewater -
Rockin' K Cafe - Bridgewater - Online Profile
Shipyard Galley  -  Mattapoisett  -
Tihonet Village Market  -  Wareham  -

If you're looking for a nice dinner, lunch or local market to pick up some snacks,
be sure to check out these great businesses.

Local Events!

Also, be sure to scan our Online Farm Guide to look for more ideas on local specialties and events.
HAYRIDES @ HICKORY KNOLL FARM - September through New Years!
23 Leonard Street, Lakeville MA  /  (508) 946-5504  / [email protected]
Hickory Knoll Farm is a 4th generation family farm, growing cranberries and seasonal vegetables.  Hayrides available during harvest season (Sept. - New Years), that show beautiful views of the bogs and pasture animals on this 60 acre farm. Please call for more information and reservations.
How on Earth: The Store -
62 Marion Road, Mattapoisett MA  / 508 758-1341
Friday nights by reservation, starting at 6:30pm.
The staff at How On Earth: The Store know the importance of our local farms, their families, and their delicious products.  Selling a wide variety of local and organic fruit, vegetables, meat, value added products, and prepared lunches, How On Earth is stepping it up with freshly prepared dinner options as well.  Reserve your spot this week!  The menu changes weekly, utilizing their own local and organic produce and meats. You can receive the menu via an e-mail blast or calling The Store directly.  Regularly open for lunch Tuesday thru Saturday, and breakfast Friday and Saturday.
UMASS DARTMOUTH FARMERS MARKET - EVERY FRIDAY @ UMD!  10am - 2pm Located at the entrance of campus (near the traffic circle)
Visit UMASS Dartmouth's 3rd annual Farmers Market every Friday, until the end of October.  Meet local growers including Brix Bounty Farm; local bakers from Flour Girls Baking, local granola maker Cyndi Jacobs of Best Damn Granola, and even local jewelry!  Every Friday, be sure to stop by and  experience the wide variety of products available locally!
CARVER FARMERS MARKET EVENTS - Every Sunday in September & October
Sundays 12pm - 4pm @ Shurtleff Park, 108 Main Street Carver MA
Take part in the exciting activities held each week at the Carver Farmers Market.  Each week there will be something different to help celebrate the harvest season, including live musical acts, kiddie train rides, face painting and more! Check the Carver Farmers Market website for a complete list of activities, or call Market Master Mike Nash at (508) 866-2428.  Fresh local cranberries available now!  Visit your local cranberry grower at the Carver Farmers Market this weekend!
The Sherborn Inn
33 North Main Street, Sherborn, MA.
The 7th Annual Harvest Dinner and Silent Green Auction is NCOF's largest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds go to support the Teen Work Summer Program, an apprenticing and mentoring program for teenagers ages fourteen to eighteen.

Throughout the Harvest Dinner, approximately 200 guests will have the opportunity to bid on Silent Green Auction items including stays at green inns, gift certificates to local restaurants, spa packages, and a number of other environmentally friendly and locally- produced products.

Tickets can be purchased at NCOF's website,
Contact Trish Wesley Umbrell, Farm Admin. at (781) 844-6103 or by e-mail for more information.

ANNUAL HARVEST FAIR & FOLK FESTIVAL @ Soule Homestead Education Center  - Sept. 19th & 20th 2009
46 Soule Street, Middleborough, MA  /  (508) 947-6744  /
The Soule Homestead Harvest Fair and Joe Davies Folk Music Festival will be held on Saturday, 10 am - 5pm and Sunday  11 - 5pm.  This year will features over a dozen performers, including Bill Staines and Brooks Williams.  Crafts, flowers, plants and homemade food will be available for sale.  $7, children under 6 free.  Check the website for more information!
Sept. 25th, 2009, 3:30 pm - 5pm @
Corson Maritime Learning Center, 2nd floor: 33 William Street, New Bedford, MA. - Please RSVP!
In conjunction with this year's Working Waterfront Festival, we will be hosting a free roundtable discussion of interest to area fishermen, farmers and public on How to Connect Fishermen and Farmers in Local Markets. Explore opportunities to coordinate a fish share into CSA, and learn about the growing Community Supported Fisheries across New England. The discussion will be facilitated by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) which has been instrumental in organizing Community Supported Fisheries programs in Boston and Cape Ann.

PLEASE RSVP to Working Waterfront Festival ([email protected]
Contact Laura Orleans at (508) 993-8894 for more information.

Surf & Turf: Fisherman and Farmers Finding Common Ground
- State Pier, New Bedford, Ma.
Farming, like fishing, is a way of life. Fishermen and farmers share a deep knowledge of, reverence for and dependence upon the natural world. Both groups pass traditional skills and knowledge from one generation to the next, often incorporating new technologies alongside traditional practices. And both communities face many of the same economic, environmental and political challenges.  Check website for a schedule of events, including farmers market, cooking demos, short films on fishing/farming, and much more!

Mark your calendars for the CLASH - Cape Land and Sea Harvest, 9/25-9/27. The CLASH is a salute to farming, fishing and all things Cape Cod, and consists of a weekend packed with Cape-wide visits to farms, bogs, breweries, wineries and other food-related sites, as well as talks, tastings, and special meals all focused on what the Cape has to offer.
Ames Property in Easton, MA - 9am - 12pm
The public is invited to see examples of several forest management practices chosen to enhance the aesthetics of woodland typical of the region, improve tree and forest vigor and productivity, and improve wildlife habitat. The program will begin with a brief introduction to the history of the property, and the forest management plans that have been developed by the Ames family with the guidance of Consulting Forester, Phil Benjamin. NRCS conservation staff will describe financial and technical forestry assistance now available through the federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP). A Service Forester from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation will provide information on the Forest Stewardship Program, Chapter 61 tax programs, and the new Massachusetts Forestry Initiative. After these brief presentations, Phil Benjamin will lead a guided walk along well-maintained trails, explaining the past, present and planned forest management on the property.
Pre-registration is not required, but is recommended and appreciated. Call 413-256-1201.
ROOTS DOWN NEW BEDFORD - 1st Tues. of Every Month! 
Next meeting: Oct. 6th, 2009  - 4PM @ Lawler Branch Public Library, 745 Rockdale Ave.
A free monthly series focusing on sustainable gardening techniques. These monthly meetings help new and experienced gardeners gain a deeper understanding of methods used in healthy food production, to help build a local food security for our community.
Octobers meeting topic will be Improving your Soil: Cover Crops, Fall Fertilizers, and Soil Amendments for your Organic Garden.  Visit the Brix Bounty Farm blog for more information!

158 Tihonet Road, Wareham MA  /  (508) 295-1000  /

10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine
Admission $2.00, age 6 and under free 

Join The A.D. Makepeace Company and the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association for the 6th Annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration, Saturday and Sunday, October 10 - 11, 2009.

This fun family event features juried crafters, activities for children, cooking demonstrations, pony and wagon rides, and much more. The highlight of the day is a guided tour of a working cranberry bog. Please, no pets. Free event parking!

The 2008 event drew a record 12,000 people from around the world. Plans for the 2009 Celebration are underway; more detailed information will be available soon.

5th ANNUAL BIONEERS BY THE BAY: Connecting For Change - Register now!
October 22-25, 2009 - Downtown, New Bedford Ma.   /
Online Registration is OPEN!  Early bird special thru. Sept. 18th!

Online Registration for the 5th Annual Bioneers by the Bay Conference is now Open.  Register today to receive the early bird discount, saving 30% off of the regular admission price!

Connecting for Change is an internationally acclaimed annual gathering of environmental, industry and social justice innovators who have demonstrated visionary and practical models for restoring the Earth and its inhabitants.

This year's program will once again feature an unforgettable weekend of live keynote presentations, afternoon workshops, an extensive Youth Initiative program, a downlink of the 20th Annual Bioneers Conference in California, an exhibition hall featuring sustainable businesses and organizations, films, music, art installations, a farmers' market and local & organic food.
[Don't forget to visit SEMAP's booth!]

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Happy Harvest!
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