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SEMAP Buy Local Update #5
Hey Everyone,
Celebrate July with a (BOOM?) CRUNCH!
Most New Englanders are preparing to celebrate our nation's independence next week with a healthy dose of explosives, grillable items and beer.  Would you want it any other way?  Let's add on to this great holiday with the tastes and sounds of fresh local produce, such as Peas!  Ripe and ready to be enjoyed, and available now straight from the field to your plate.  Peas are one of the freshest tastes of the season and are delicious naked, stir-fryed or tossed with greens and vinaigrette.  So, for this coming Fourth of July, in conjunction with your friends 'oohs'  & 'ahhhs', give them something to CRUNCH about!

As always check out our Online Farm Guide for help with finding Pick-Your-Own (PYO), farmstands, and specialty products.

In case you haven't noticed... local food is fantastic!
These emails are designed to help you get started on your local food odysseys and inform you about the many ways you can help local agriculture, simply by buying fresh local products.

Every two weeks or so, you can expect an email updating you on:
  • What's Growin' - Local Foods that are in Season - Cukes, Peas & Greens!
  • Where You Can Purchase Them -  Farmers Market Updates! 
  • And How you Can Further Support Local Producers - NB 'Top Chef' & Clambake Season!
SEMAP's mission is to help local farmers achieve economic success through marketing and technical assistance.  Now, we are also increasing our public outreach on Why, Where and How to buy fresh, local products.  SEMAP's 'Buy Fresh, Buy Local' Campaign makes it easy for you to find the best quality products from our terrific local farms and food businesses--look for the our new label and taste the difference! All over Southeastern Mass., this label will be at participating farmstands, farmers markets, restaurants and markets.

But there's MORE!

Be sure to check out our website at to search our Online Farm Guide where over 200 local farms can be searched by location, products, market outlets, and more.

Look for the 'Buy Fresh Buy Local' label, and taste the difference!

What's Growin'?

If your looking for those perfect backyard BBQ side dishes and meals, look no further than local!  There are plenty of fresh choices to make your 4th of July parties pop with flavor.  Greens and salads can be accompanied now with fresh Peas, Radishes, Beets and Cucumbers!   Make your weekend catch tens times more rewarding with some local Herbs that pair wonderfully with fish such as Dill, Thyme & Tarragon.
The farms and businesses listed below are members of SEMAP's Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign and Business-to-Business Network. For complete information on these local producers and MANY MORE check out our Online Farm

Examples of products available this week:      (Lots more growing!! Check ONLINE FARM GUIDE!)

Cranberries                                Strawberries
               Tihonet Village Market                 Billingsgate Farm                Four Town Farm
               Wareham, Ma.                             Plympton, Ma.                    Seekonk, Ma.

  Beets                                                                                Broccoli
              CN Smith Farm, Inc.                    Ward's Berry Farm            Quittacas Farm
              E. Bridgewater, Ma.                    Sharon, Ma.                      E. Freetown, Ma.

              Cucumbers                                                                    Garlic Scapes
              Cape Abilities Farm             The Farmer's Garden             Quansett Gardens
              Dennis, Ma.                         Rehoboth, Ma.                      Dartmouth, Ma.

Early Greens, Herbs & Lettuce (cont'd)
               Cape Abilities                 Earth Sisters Herbals                Four Town Farm            
               Dennis, Ma.                    Rochester, Ma                          Seekonk, Ma.                

               Early Greens, Herbs & Lettuce (cont'd)
Great Cape Herbs                Lucky Field Organics                   Merrylegs Farm           
               Brewster, Ma.                     Rochester, Ma.                           Dartmouth, Ma.          

Early Greens, Herbs & Lettuce
Oakdale Farm                    Prospect Hill Farm                 Quittacas Farm                                        Rehoboth, Ma.                   Plympton, Ma.                        East Freetown, Ma.                        

               Peas(Shell, Sugar Snap & Snow)                                                       

               The Farmers Garden               Quittacas Farms                 Tony Andrews Farm       
               Rehoboth, Ma.                        E. Freetown, Ma.               Falmouth, Ma.                                                                                                                  

Potatoes                         Radishes
Sampson Farms                Four Town Farm       Prospect Hill Farm       Ward's Berry Farm
               Westport, Ma.                  Seekonk, Ma.            Plympton, Ma.             Sharon, Ma.

Four Town Farm               Oakdale Farm              Tony Andrews Farm
  Seekonk, Ma.                   Rehoboth, Ma.              Falmouth, Ma.                                           

                Aquaponic Tilapia              Honey                                      
E.&T. Farms                       Hana's Honey                    Wishing Stone Farm (Cert. Organic)
West Barnstable, Ma.           Westport, Ma.                   Little Compton, RI
                     [email protected]  

                Shellfish (Oysters & Clams)                       Smoked Fish, Dips & Pates!
                Barnstable Seafarms                                   Nantucket Wild Gourmet & Smokehouse
                Barnstable, Ma.                                          Chatham, Ma.

                Merrylegs Farm(Duck Eggs!)    
Prospect Hill Farm (Cert. Organic)         Quansett Gardens                 Dartmouth, Ma.                        Plympton, Ma.                                 Dartmouth, Ma.                                
               Eggs (cont'd)                                                                          Artisanal Cheeses
               Silverbrook Farm               Wishing Stone Farm (Cert. Organic)       Shy Brothers Farm
               Dartmouth, Ma.                 Little Compton, RI                          Westport, Ma.

               Grass-Fed Beef          Raw Milk
               Dufort Farms              Bettencourt Dairy      Oake Knoll Ayrshires        Paskamansett Dairy
               Rehoboth, Ma.            Rehoboth, Ma.          Foxborough, Ma.             Dartmouth, Ma.
                                             [email protected]

               Baked Goods (and so much more!)               
               The Artisan Bakery, LLC                                    Ever So Humble Pies
               Rochester, Ma.                                                  E. Walpole, Ma.                                                                   

               Flowers, Vegetable Plants & Nursery Items
               Avant Gardens                      In the Weeds Flower Farm               Lanzoni's               
               Dartmouth, Ma.                   
Brewster, Ma.                                Acushnet, Ma.

                Flowers & Plants (cont'd)               
                Lazy Daze Lavender Fields              Nessralla's                 Rehoboth Nurseries, Inc.
                Middleboro, Ma.                             Marshfield, Ma.         Rehoboth, Ma.         

Flowers & Plants (cont'd)
                Seven Arrows Farm                     Sprouts Farm                  Tranquil Lake Nursery
                Attleboro, Ma.                            Mashpee, Ma.                 Rehoboth, Ma.

               Jams & Jellies (made w/ local fruit!!)

               The Chatham Jam & Jelly Shop             Tripp Farm (Cert. Organic)
               Chatham, Ma.                                      Westport, Ma.

Ice Cream                                     Beer 
Cafe Arpeggio                                Buzzards Bay Brewery          Cape Cod Beer
New Bedford/Fall River, Ma.           Westport, Ma.                     Hyannis, Ma.                                                 

                Newport Vineyards & Winery                             Sakonnet Vineyards
                Middletown, RI                                                Little Compton, RI

Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery                 Running Brook Vineyards
Westport, Ma.                                               North Dartmouth, Ma.

                 Non-Edible Earth Friendly Products:
                 Earth Sisters Herbal Products          Great to Be Green, Inc.         Great Cape Herbs
                 Rochester, Ma.                               Swansea, Ma.                       Brewster, Ma.    

                Soil, Compost, etc.
Avant Gardens                         CN Smith Farm, Inc.             Rehoboth Nurseries, Inc.  
                Dartmouth, Ma.                       East Bridgewater, Ma.          Rehoboth, Ma.

Please Remember....

For complete information on all these farms (and MANY others),
plus MORE produce in season, check out our Online Farm Guide at

Local Farmers Markets!

Farmers Markets are have exploded in Southeastern MA.  There is one everyday of the week, all over the four counties, and beyond.  If you haven't checked out your local market yet, do so soon!    Below are a couple Farmers Markets in our area with a list of their vendors and what you might expect on typical market day.

*Note: Not all listed vendors may be in attendance each week; also, there may be more vendors than listed so check with thPlatosHarveste managers and/or farms if you have any questions.

Carver - Sundays; 1-5PM @ Shurtleff Park
What's the Scoop?  You'll think you've stepped into Sherwood Forest when visiting this market entwined beneath the tall trees of Shurtleff Park.  Tables of fresh local vegetables, fruit, and baked items mingle in the cool dabbled sunlight with local artists, craftsmen and musicians.  Where else can you find local Cranberries, Lavender Soap, and a Blacksmith all in one spot?
Visit these Vendors!
Eve Ayling (Herbs)
Black Eagle Bison                               The Rose Man Nursery Costa's Farm                                      Leigh Rosenthal (Honey)
Mimi Dunphily (Eggs & fruit)               Shawn Mazzilli (Corn)
Cretinon's Farm                                  What's Cooking
Crystal Lake Greenhouse                           (Baked Goods)
Beadn' By Brownie   (Jewelry)                       Walter Kingsley            Virgil Johnson (Candles, jewelry)              (Leather products)              
Fishwife (Lobster)                              Captivating Crafts
Foster Farm                                       Chelsea's Cottage (Angel gifts)
Freitas Farm                                      Vanderwalk Tree Farm (Blueberries & flowers)
Joan Garnett (Raspberries)                 Crooked Creek Soap Co.
Gourmet & Gourmand                        Designs by Diane (Jewelry)
Lazy Daze Lavender Fields                  Dream Seeker Creations (Etched glassware)
Nash Nurseries                                   The Soy of Life
Paradise Hill Farm                             Ward Bogs
Crystal Martin (Jewelry)                     Carol Fortier (Table runners, placemats)
Deborah Ray (Shell/driftwood crafts)          Dena Donahue (Quilts, certamics, etc.)
Denise Girard (Candy, dog biscuits)     Earle A. Thompson (Wood crafts)
Gail & Jim Nauen (Paintings, prints)   John & Elizabeth Parriot (Jewelry & music)
Judy Rockett (Knitting, cards)            Lisa Martin (Candle, cards)
Patricia Harris (Jewelry)                    Mike De Arruda (Blacksmith, ironware)
Val Hunnefield (Mobiles)                   
Virginia Bowman (Handbags, hats)    

FairhavenSundays; 1-6PM @ Fairhaven High (Rt. 6 & Main St.)
What's the Scoop?  School is out - but at the Fairhaven Farmers Market you can continue to learn about local foods and Fairhaven community happenings, all while enjoying good tunes!  Fairhaven boasts a rotating array of fresh seasonal produce, cheese and baked goods, as well as fantastic non-edibles like body care items and other earth-friendly products.  Check out their website for upcoming musical guests and community blog.
Visit these Vendors!
Earth Sisters                                                     Paradise Hill Farm
Flour Girls Bakery                                             Quansett Gardens
Great Hill Blue Cheese                                      Shy Brothers Farm
Great to be Green                                             Silverbrook Farms
                                                                                         One Love Body Care                

FalmouthThursdays; 12-6PM @ Peg Noonan Park
What's the Scoop? This is the first year for the Falmouth Farmers Market, and it's quite the place!  You can find here everything from local produce and cheeses, to pies, locally roasted coffee and even lobsters fresh off the boat.  Every week is something different, so head down and see what all the excitement is about.
Visit these Vendors!

Kristin & Beth Fraser                                        
Lucky Field Organics                                       Salty Lou's  (Lobsters)
Olio de Melli (Olive oil)                                   Silverbrook Farms
Peachtree Circle Farm                                     Tony Andrews Farm
Pies a la Mode                                                 Tomten Farm
Pie in the Sky (Bakery/coffee)                          Tina's Terrific Plants

Middleboro (2) - Fridays; 3-7PM @ Cirelli's Marketplace, 30 Commercial Blvd.
                             Saturdays; 9-1PM @ The Town Hall
What's the Scoop?  In addition to the Saturday Middleboro market, this year Cirelli's has offered their parking lot as a new location for a late Friday afternoon market.  The location and time is perfect for starting your weekend off right with a little local!
Visit these Vendors!
FRIDAYS (Cirelli's):                                                   SATURDAYS (Town Hall):

Nash Nurseries                                                           Abbotnbandit Designs
Costa's Farm                                                              CN Smith Farms, Inc.
Lazy Daze Lavender Fields                                          Black Eagle Bison
CN Smith Farms, Inc.                                                  Lazy Daze Lavender Fields
Black Eagle Bison                                                       Chelsea's Cottage (Angel gifts)
Freitas Farm...                                                          Virginia Bowman (Handbags, hats, quilts)
              Costa's Farm                                               
(...look for many of the same great vendors as            Mike De Arruda (Blacksmith, ironware)
                     the Saturday Middleboro Market!)          Crystal Martin
                    Crooked Creek Soap Co.
Dena Donahue (Quilts, certamics, etc.)
Freitas Farm
Robery Gaddy (Honey)
Lazy Daze Lavender Fields
Gail & Jim Nauen (Paintings, prints, photos)
Nash Nurseries
John & Elizabeth Parriot (Jewelry & music)
Diane Ricardo (Sweaters, tote bags, baby blankets)
The Soy of Life

Plymouth (2) -  Thursdays; 2:30 - 6:30PM  @  Stephen's Field (Rt. 3A)
                           Saturdays; 9:30 - 1:30PM @ Court House Green (Court St.; Plymouth Center)
What's the Scoop?  The Plymouth Market is booming this year!  Both days will sure to please all your senses with great scenic locations, a tasty and aromatic array of local foods and music to boot!  Everything from fresh produce (including organic), pottery, herbal soaps, breads and pies, goat cheeses, and specialty sauces and rubs.  There's even compost and worms available to get you out gardening!  Check out their website for event info and musical guests. 
Visit these Vendors!
THURSDAYS (Stephen's Field):
The Artisan Bakeshop
Blueblinds Bakery                                      Luand Farm
Blue Heron Arts                                         Martha's Stone Soup and Side Dish
Budding Enterprise                                    Nash Nurseries
Cape Cod Worms                                       Plato's Harvest
Costa Farm (coming in July)                       Rainwater Falls Apothocary
Earth Sisters                                             Shepherds Gate Goat Dairy
Eves Garden                                              Stillmans Farm
Fiddlehead Farm                                       Walter's Jams, Sauces & Rubs
Freitas Farm                                             Web of Life
Jenny's Bread

SATURDAYS (Court House Green):
CN Smith Farms, Inc.                              Martha's Stone Soup and Side Dish
Cornerstone Cafe                                    Mikes Creations with Bread
Eves Garden                                             Silverbrook Farm
Fishwife Lobster                                      Summerhouse Soaps with Waldorf crafts

Be sure to check out these markets, as well as the dozens of others all across Southeastern MA.  Get all their info on our Online Farm Guide!

Cookin' Local!

Most of us have unfortunately been brought up on super market eggs.  The perfectly white shell and perfectly boring texture and flavor. If you haven't yet tried its fresh locally-raised counterpart, you're missing out!  On the other hand, if this is old hat to you, than I offer you a chance to broaden your taste buds and locovoare know-how to enjoy a local Duck Egg!

A Quick Guide to Duck Eggs:
The big beautiful orangy-yellow yolk of a duck egg make it a fantastic substitute for chicken eggs in any baking recipe.  It can often yield a richer flavor and lighter texture than chicken eggs due to their higher fat content.  The whites have more protein than chicken eggs and when boiled, the whites tend to turn a bluish hue, and the yolk a red-orange.  Duck eggs can be substituted for chicken eggs in any recipe, so give them a whirl!  Head to a local farmers market or farmstand that offers duck eggs and spruce up your next dinner party or Sunday morning breakfast with this recipe below:

Hard-boiled Fresh, Local Duck Eggs with
Pancetta and Greens Dressed Strawberry Lime Vinaigrette
Makes 4 servings
4 fresh, locally farmed duck eggs
5 slices pancetta or bacon
5-8 ounces baby greens
1 teaspoon strawberry puree
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper
1 - Place the duck eggs in a medium pot and cover with water.  Bring the water to the boil.  As soon as it boils remove the pot from the stove and let the eggs sit in the water for 12 minutes.  Drain the eggs, run under cold water, and remove the shells.
2- While the eggs are cooking, dice the pancetta or bacon into small pieces.  Heat a medium-sized frying pan over medium heat, and cook the meat until crispy.  Drain over paper towels and let cool.
3 -  For the vinaigrette, in a large bowl mix strawberry puree, lime juice, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a pinch of salt and pepper with a whisk.  (For the strawberry puree, process some strawberries in a food processor or blender.  Strain mixture through a colander into a bowl.)
4 -  Dress greens with vinaigrette.  Place on serving plates with quartered duck eggs and pancetta or bacon.  Serve immediately.

Egg Hunt!  Find local duck eggs as these farms, as well as on our Online Farm Guide.

Merrylegs Farm
607 Elm St.
Dartmouth, MA  02748
(508) 992-7424

Available at farm or Dartmouth Farmers Market (Friday's 8AM-12PM @ 565 Rounseville Road)

Clover Path Garden
Certified Organic Eggs & Poultry
Cynda Williams
Acushnet, MA
Available at farm or Rochester Farmers Market (Saturdays 9-12PM @ Rex Field, Elm St.)

Thanks to Jenn O'Connell for this fantastic recipe and information on Local Duck Eggs!
Local Events!

Be sure to scan our Online Farm Guide to look for other great farms and their upcoming activities.

Sampson Potatoes---------------------------------------------------------------------

Clambake on the lawn @ Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery

Saturday, July 5th

1:30-3:00pm; $80.00 + tax/guest by advanced reservation only

Call ahead for tickets at 508-636-3423 ext 2 or buy them online

What says "summer in South Coastal New England" more than a traditional clambake?  Freshly harvested Atlantic clams and fish, Westport potatoes & onions, and Dartmouth sausages baked over rockweed and stone.  Something new for us but old as the glacial soil in which the vineyard is planted.

Come join us under the tent as Westport bake master Jeff LeValley prepares his traditional clambake, from building the fire, to rake out, to baking the seafood under rockweed and canvas.

And to round out the day, we have traditional American folk music performed by Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelley.  

Schedule of Events:

11:30 We start off the day with tours of the vineyard & winery offered by Rob Russell and staff members. Sip a glass of Westport Rivers wine or cold Buzzards Bay Brew from the cash bar and watch as Bakemaster Jeff LaValley prepares a traditional New England clambake the old fashioned way using locally sourced ingredients.   

12:00 - 2:00 Enjoy the traditional folk music & dance performed by the popular husband and wife duo Atwater & Donnelly. 

1:00 Clambake with all the fixings is served

Event will be held rain or shine under the tent


Buying Local in Boston - New Store Opening!!   
City Feed & Supply -
66 Boylston St. AND
672 Centre St., Jamaica Plains

City Feed & Supply is a small, neighborhood grocery/cafe catering to the Ped Set with a fine selection of natural foods, bread, bagels and pastry delivered daily, fair trade coffee, local goods, and the list goes on.

We will be opening our second location in Jamaica Plains mid to late July.  Our aim is to supply our customers with as many locally produced items as possible, as well as support small farms and producers of artisan foods.  Please keep checking back on our website for more information, and let us help you put off that dreaded trip to the supermarket for a few more days.


"Top Chef" Mike Melo!

One of New Bedford's favorite chefs is heading for the big lights of Hollywood - we hope!  Mike Melo chef of M&C Cafe on Bellevue Ave in New Bedford is working with a local studio to make a short video clip for the popular TV competition, Bravo's Top Chef.  The video is guaranteed to make your mouth water with Mike's skillful preparation of fresh NB scallops, pea greens and other seasonal produce.
You can see the video clip and learn more about Mike's restaurant, catering service and local events he'll be attending on his website:

Good luck Mike! 

Where ELSE Can I Find Local Products?

SEMAP's Buyer Members in our Business-to-Business/Buy Fresh Buy Local Network are local restaurants, schools, and markets.  Listed here are 2008 members; they are a group interested in supporting local producers and educating their customers on the many benefits of buying fresh, local products.

Barnstable County, Ma.
Chatham Jam & Jelly Shop  -  West Chatham  -
Far Land Provisions  -  Provincetown  -
Hatch's Fish and Produce Market  -  Wellfleet  -
Village Market - Monument Beach

Bristol County, Ma.
Alderbrook Farm - Dartmouth
Café Arpeggio  -  Fall River & New Bedford   -
Down to Earth Natural Foods  -  New Bedford  -
Fall River Public Schools - Fall River
Fine Catering by Russell Morin  -  Attleboro  -
How On Earth: The Store - Mattapoisett  -
Lees Supermarket  -  Westport  -
M & C Cafe Restaurant and Catering Co.  -  New Bedford  -
Mirasol's Café  -  Dartmouth  -
Morton's Fork Catering - New Bedford -
Partners Village Store Kitchen  -  Westport  -
Raymond Norman Cooks! - N. Attleboro -
Westport Community Schools  -  Westport

Dukes County, Ma.
Eden Market & Garden Center - Vineyard Haven -

Norfolk County, Ma.
Ever So Humble Pie Co.  -  East Walpole  -
Whole Foods  -  Hingham  -

Suffolk County, Ma.
Baldor Boston, LLC - Chelsea -
City Feed and Supply - Jamaica Plains -
Costa Fruit and Produce - Boston -

Plymouth County, Ma.
The Artisan Bake Shop, LLC - Rochester -
Bay Club Mattapoisett  -  Mattapoisett  -
Chez Ducrot  -  Plymouth  -
Cirelli Marketplace - Middleboro -
The Market @ Pinehills - Plymouth -
Martha's Stone Soup @ the Tavern - Plymouth -
Shipyard Galley  -  Mattapoisett  -
Tihonet Village Market  -  Wareham  -

Rhode Island
Ocean State Peeled Potato, Inc.  -  Johnston
Persimmon Restaurant  -  Bristol  -

If you're looking for a nice dinner, lunch or local market to pick up some snacks, be sure to check out these great businesses.

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Happy 4th!
Sarah Cogswell
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