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SEMAP Buy Local Update #2
Hey Everyone,
It's no ordinary Monday...

I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I can't help but be excited for next weekend and Memorial Day!  With the upcoming holiday, it's truly time to dust off your weed-whacker, clean off the grill and get down and dirty with your vegetable garden.  You're going to want to be ready for anything that may hit, especially a gang of good friends with great local food and drinks. 
Be sure to really wow them next weekend with some local favorites like Asparagus, Radishes, and fresh crisp Lettuce.   With a cleanly mowed lawn, local vegetables grilled to perfection, and a gorgeous spring sunset, summer excitement will start hitting you too.

As always check out our Online Farm Guide for help with finding Pick-Your-Own (PYO), farmstands, and specialty products.

In case you haven't noticed... local food is fantastic!
These emails are designed to help you get started on your local food odysseys and inform you about the many ways you can help local agriculture, simply by buying fresh local products.

Every two weeks or so, you can expect an email updating you on:
  • What's Growin' - Local Foods that are in SeasonThe 'Gus is Growin'!
  • Where You Can Purchase Them -  Last Chance for CSA sign-ups!
  • And How you Can Further Support Local Producers - Beer, Buffet & Boogey!
SEMAP's mission is to help local farmers achieve economic success through marketing and technical assistance.  Now, we are also increasing our public outreach on Why, Where and How to buy fresh, local products.  SEMAP's 'Buy Fresh, Buy Local' Campaign makes it easy for you to find the best quality products from our terrific local farms and food businesses--look for the our new label and taste the difference! All over Southeastern Mass., this label will be at participating farmstands, farmers markets, restaurants and markets.

But there's MORE!

Be sure to check out our website at to search our Online Farm Guide where over 200 local farms can be searched by location, products, market outlets, and more.

Look for the 'Buy Fresh Buy Local' label, and taste the difference!

What's Growin'?

The Spring has been slightly wet this year causing a couple crops to drop back a few weeks, but no bother as our best friend Gus is coming in right on time.  (See article below for a recipe and more info on asparagus.)  Listed here are items fresh from the fields, as well as products available all season long.  Please check out the websites of farms for more details on products and times available; as well as our Online Farm Guide which now has close to 400 Southeastern MA growers/food producers and buyers listed - all supporting local!
The farms and businesses listed below are members of SEMAP's Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign and Business-to-Business Network. For complete information on these local producers and MANY MORE check out our Online Farm

Examples of products available this week:      (Lots more growing!! Check ONLINE FARM GUIDE!)

Alderbrook Farm       Cooks Valley Farm            Four Town Farm
         Ward's Berry Farm
               Dartmouth, Ma.         Wrentham, Ma.                Seekonk, Ma.              Sharon, Ma.                                                                               

Cranberries                               Early Greens & Lettuce
               Tihonet Village Market                Eva's Garden (Cert. Organic)             Cape Abilities Farm
               Wareham, Ma.                             S. Dartmouth, Ma.                   Dennis, Ma.

Greens (cont'd)
                Cooks Valley Farm                Coonamessett Farm                    Four Town Farm
                Wrentham, Ma.                     E. Falmouth, Ma.                       Seekonk, Ma.

                Greens (cont'd)
                Kettle Pond Farm                   Lucky Field Organics             
Prospect Hill Farm
                Berkley, Ma.                          Rochester, Ma.                        Plympton, Ma.

                Dufort Farm                         Hana's Honey                    Wishing Stone Farm (Cert. Organic)
                Rehoboth, Ma.                      Westport, Ma.                   Little Compton, RI
     [email protected]  

Aquaponic Tilapia          
                Maplewood Farm                Sampson Farms                
E.&T. Farms 
                Portsmouth, RI                   Westport, Ma.                  
West Barnstable, Ma.    

                Shellfish (Oysters & Clams)                       Smoked Fish, Dips & Pates!
                Barnstable Seafarms                                   Nantucket Wild Gourmet & Smokehouse
                Barnstable, Ma.                                          Chatham, Ma.

                Silverbrook Farm                
Quansett Gardens           Wishing Stong Farm (Cert. Organic)
                Dartmouth, Ma.                   Dartmouth, Ma.              Little Compton, RI

                Artisanal Cheeses                                 Pork & Beef
                 Shy Brothers Farm                                 Dufort Farms
                 Westport, Ma.                                       Rehoboth, Ma.

                Raw Milk
                Bettencourt Dairy              Oake Knoll Ayrshires               Paskamansett Dairy
                Rehoboth, Ma.                   Foxborough, Ma.                    Dartmouth, Ma.
                                                        [email protected]

               Baked Goods (and so much more!)               
                     Gourmet Cookies (Mmmm!)
               The Artisan Bakery, LLC           Ever So Humble Pies             
Kayak Cookies                                     Rochester, Ma.                        E. Walpole, Ma.                    Cummaquid, Ma.                      

                Flowers, Vegetable Plants & Nursery Items
                Avant Gardens                        Bull Frog Acres                    C.N. Smith Farm                                    Dartmouth, Ma.                      West Wareham, Ma.            East Bridgewater, Ma.     

                Flowers & Plants (cont'd)               
                In the Weeds Flower Farm         Lanzoni's                      Nessralla's 
                Brewster, Ma.                           Acushnet, Ma.               Marshfield, Ma.

Flowers & Plants (cont'd)
                Oakdale Farm                        Rehoboth Nurseries, Inc.        Sauchuck Farm                 
                Rehoboth, Ma.                       Rehoboth, Ma.                       Plympton, Ma.                   

Flowers & Plants (cont'd)
                Tranquil Lake Nursery           Ward's Berry Farm         Wishing Stong Farm (Cert. Organic)
                Rehoboth, Ma.                      Sharon, Ma.                   Little Compton, RI

                 Lazy Daze Lavender Fields               Maplewood Farm              NorthStar Farm
                 Middleboro, Ma.                              Portsmouth, RI                 Westport, Ma.


                Jams & Jellies (made w/ local fruit!!)

                The Chatham Jam & Jelly Shop                            Tripp Farm (Cert. Organic)
                Chatham, Ma.                                                     Westport, Ma.

                Buzzards Bay Brewery                                         Cape Cod Beer
                Westport, Ma.                                                    Hyannis, Ma.                        

Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery                 Running Brook Vineyards
Westport, Ma.                                               North Dartmouth, Ma.

                 Non-Edible Earth Friendly Products:
                 Earth Sisters Herbal Products                      Great to Be Green, Inc.
                 Rochester, Ma.                                           Swansea, Ma.                                                               

                Soil, Compost, etc.
Avant Gardens                         CN Smith Farm                    Rehoboth Nurseries, Inc.  
                Dartmouth, Ma.                       East Bridgewater, Ma.          Rehoboth, Ma.

Please Remember....

For complete information on all these farms (and MANY others),
plus MORE produce in season, check out our Online Farm Guide at

Pick of the Crop:  Local Asparagus Ushers in the Spring

Eating seasonally and locally is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family are doing what is healthy for the environment and for you.  Usher in the spring with tender sprigs of asparagus, a perennial crop that is harvested by hand when it reaches six to twelve inches.  Buying locally grown asparagus in the coming weeks will support the farmers who grew it, and in turn help to reduce the amount of gas that it would otherwise take for asparagus to reach your local supermarket. The asparagus will be fresher and taste fresher, as well.  Asparagus is rich in nutrients and high in fiber.  It also contains a significant amount of folic acid, which helps to prevent liver disease.  Asparagus can be prepared many ways. Each spear will break naturally when bent gently, separating the fibrous lower portion from the sweeter, tender top. Try it grilled, steamed, or boiled.  Cook until tender (less than five minutes), and season with salt and pepper.

Local Asparagus with Garlic Infused Oil and Fresh Lemon Juice
1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 bunch local asparagus
˝ lemon, seeds removed
salt and pepper
1.  Rinse the asparagus with cold water, and bend each sprig gently until it breaks naturally.  Discard the bottoms. 
2.  Heat a sauté pan large enough to hold all of the asparagus.  Add the olive oil and the crushed clove of garlic.  Once the olive oil becomes fragrant with garlic, add the asparagus.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cook, moving the sprigs every so often, until asparagus is tender and begins to look slightly caramel in color.
3.  Carefully remove the sprigs from the pan with tongs, and sprinkle lightly with fresh squeezed lemon juice.


Silverbrook Share
Community Supported Agriculture  (CSAs)

Sign up!  Shares are filling up fast, so contact your local grower soon...

What is a CSA? 
Community Supported Agriculture is a practice where members of the community pay an annual membership fee to help cover the production costs of a farm.  In turn, members receive a wide variety of in-season foods harvested at their peak of maturity.
Why Join? (or, Why Buy Local Food?)
- Fresh vegetables are at their peak of maturity = high nutrient value
- Usually picked that day; nutrients are not lost in transportation (usually 3-5 days via truck)
- Buying direct from farm eliminates huge amounts of fuel & other resources used to ship food
- Helps sustain agriculture on local farmland
- Preserves the environment for now and future generations
How Does it Work?
CSA members pay in advance at the beginning of the season for a share of the farm's harvest.  The members also take on the same risk and rewards the farmer faces regarding crop failure (disease, drought, freak freeze).  Products varies with each farm and growing season, and usually includes other items (honey, bread, eggs) when available.
Pick-Up Options:
Most CSAs have a Pick-Up day where you come to the farm or drop off location and pick up your share of produce.  Others may offer delivery or alternative means of distribution.  Each farm is different, so please check with your grower.

Check out the CSAs below who are currently still looking for members - but act fast - as shares are quickly filling up.

Kettle Pond Farm -
181 Bay View Ave., Berkley, MA  02779
[email protected] \ phone: 508-822-6919

General Info:
Shareholders will receive a weekly supply of freshly picked, organically grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Shares also include a weekly newsletter covering farm news and events, recipes, nutritional information, and articles about sustainable agriculture and development. As shareholders you will also receive the first opportunity to purchase naturally raised meats from the farm. Space is limited, so shares will be sold on a first come first serve basis. 2008 shares are nearly sold out.

Share Options:  (June through October)
Family Share (approx. 21 weeks) ....  $550           (Pick up at Farm)

Wishing Stone Farm -
25 Shaw Road, Little Compton, RI
ph: (401) 635-4274        [email protected]

General Info:
Skip Paul and Liz Peckham have been farming in Rhode Island for over 25 years. Please explore their website and see the range of offerings from CSA, Farmers Markets, Wholesale; to their sought after free-range eggs, fresh pickles, pies, fresh scones and local honey. Their flavorful organic greenhouse tomatoes are available to their CSA shareholders and loyal customers from our opening day to our last pickup in December. With over 28 varieties of lettuce, 12 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, fresh peaches, 9 varieties of eggplant, yellow pole beans and 280 other cultivars, Skip and Liz are looking forward to bringing the excitement of new tastes and sensations back to your dinner table. Not to mention the enthusiasm your kids will have eating vegetables they helped pick out at their 3 CSA pickup sites.

Share Options:  (Please see website for a downloadable version of their CSA brochure.)

Providence Location - Debit Card CSA* -
Wickenden Street Farmers Market, Tuesdays 2-6PM;
(June 17th till Oct. 28th)
Family Share
  (20 weeks) ....  $600
Single Share   (20 weeks) ....  $455
*Pick-up is at a farmers market; at checkout the amount you purchase is subtracted from your Wishing Stone Farm account; like a debit card.

Little Compton Pick-up - at farm, Thursdays 2-6:30PM; (June 19th thru Oct. 30th)
Family Share (2-5 ppl.) - (20 weeks) ....  $575
Single Share (1-3 ppl.)  - (20 weeks) ....  $495
Half Share (1 person)   -  (20 weeks) ....  $375
Summer Share (1-3 ppl.) (10 weeks) ....   $250  (June 26 - Aug. 28th; 2:30-6PM)

Barrington RI -
Ace Hardware on County Road; Wednesdays; June 28th - Oct. 29th; 2-6PM
Box Share  (20 weeks) ....  $530


The Farmer's Garden - 140 Davis St., Rehoboth, Ma.       
Steve & Tammy Noons   
ph: 508-889-7632 / 774-930-2422     email: [email protected]

General Info:
The Farmer's Garden is a 35 acre farm located in the beautiful country setting of Rehoboth, Ma.  It is owned and operated by Steve and Tammy Noons.  The Noons family has been farming in Rehoboth for generations.  Prior to starting our own farm Steve managed his father's farm for many years.  Steve continues the Noons family tradition and passion for farming.  He has dedicated himself to producing the highest quality and best tasting vegetables in our community.  We welcome everyone to visit our farm.

Share Options:    
Starting June 19 and ending late October

Family Share Membership     $495
Half Share Membership         $295
(Non-refundable Deposit of $100 is required.)

Pick-up Options:
Pick up at Farm in Rehoboth (day TBA); OR at a drop off spot near Barrington, Rumford, Providence (TBA depending on geography of members).
Lucky Field Organics - Rochester, Ma.
Eileen and Weston Lant     ph: 508-763-8104

General Info:
With very few exceptions, shareholders choose what they want of the weeks offerings from the farm. You can select from three pick up days at "The Store" in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. We also offer a "Summer share" for seasonal residents.

Share Options:     June through October
Full Season Shares (June 17 - October 24)      $550 Large
                            "                             "       
$350 Small Share                                   
                            "                             "        $225 Single Share
Summer Season Shares (July 1 - August 29)     Full Share $300
                                  "                          "     Small Share $200
Pick-Up Options:
Members pick up their shares in our own CSA room and can explore "The Store" at the same time.
How On Earth: The Store
62 Marion Road
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
Silverbrook Farm -
592 Chase Road, Dartmouth, MA  02747
Andy Pollock  ph: 
508-991-5185  email:  [email protected]

General Info: 4 share options
Our products are organically grown, which means that we do not use herbicides or pesticides on our crops as many conventional farmers do.  We follow these practices because they are the right thing to do - for those who work with us, the environment and for the consumer. We sell some certified organic vegetables, organically grown vegetables, honey, eggs, poultry, jams, jellies, pies and some organic fruits.  Our farm strives for quality products, valued employees, sustainable agriculture and education.  We are one of the oldest operating farms in the Commonwealth and we hope to continue that longstanding tradition.

Share Options:     4 CSA Locations   June through October
Seven farm collaborative providing 20 weeks of produce, fruit, vegetables, breads and other farm products.
1.) Dartmouth                                  Pick-Up Time/Location:
Family Share - - - - $565                    Wednesdays from 1 to 6 PM at Silverbrook Farm        
Half Share - - - - - -$335                    Starts June 18th with the last pickup day on October 29th.

2.) Provincetown                               Pick-Up Time/Location:
Family Share - - - - $350                    Wednesdays after 12PM from June 18th till Oct. 29th
Half Share - - - - - -$580                    at the Bradford Natural Market.

3.) Chatham                                     Pick-Up Time/Location:
Family Share - - - - $325                    Wednesdays, from 10 AM til 5PM at The Nantucket Wild
Half Share - - - - - -$550                    Gourmet & Smokehouse, Chatham, Ma. June 18th-Oct. 29th.

4.) Cambridge                                   Pick-Up Time/Location:
Family Share - - - - $475*                   Mondays from June 16th till October 27th.
Half Share - - - - - -$700*                   Your share is delivered to your door by the
(*$150 delivery charge included)         New Amsterdam Projects Tricycle Trucks

A family share will feed 3 to 4 people and a half share will feed 1 to 2.

SIgn up:  Please go on Silverbrook Farm's website for membership forms or Online Payment.


Quittacas Farm - 200 Middleboro Rd., East Freetown, Ma.
Gail Camara-Marks  ph: 508-916-1089; 508-763-3365

General Info:  Our CSA program begins 6/15/08 for 20 weeks. Full Share $400.00, Half Share $200.00 Shares should be paid in full by 6/1/2008. Discounted shares $90.00 in advance for $100.00 worth of vegetable at Farm Stand market price, or $45.00 in advance for $50.00 worth of vegetables at Farm Stand market price. Pick up days are Wednesdays 1-7PM and Thursdays 4-7PM. The Freezer Beef Program runs separately. We will partner 4 families to purchase fresh,hormone free beef. The Beef Program is $20.00 per week for 25 weeks once we get 4 members willing to participate. Call for our brochure for additional information.

Share Options:                                 Pick-up Info:  Begins June 15th, 2008 - for 20 weeks.
Full Share - - - - - - - - $400                Wednesdays 1-7PM and Thursdays 4-7pm @ farm
Half Share - - - - - - - -$200    
Freezer Beef Program  $20 per week (25 weeks) - limit 4 families
Discounted Share - - - $90  (in advance for $100 worth of veggies @ Farm Stand market price)
Discounted Share - - - $45  (in advance for $50 worth of veggies @ Farm Stand market price)

*Shares should be paid by June 1st, 2008

Special thanks to Tammy Noons @ The Farmers Garden for her great CSA pamphlet.
Remember... there are MANY more local growers to visit this Spring - Find them ONLINE!

Local Events!

This week's announcements cover the wonderful tastes of local food and beverages, as well as the many great educational programs available this summer.  (And of course music makes both better!)  Be sure to check out the websites listed below for more information and registration.

Kettle Pond Educational Programs:  (See website for complete list!)
Please contact Angela Possinger at 774-210-0468 or [email protected] for more information or to register.

Basket Making -
Make a basket from start to finish with Sharon from Hilltop Gardens
Date: Saturday - June 14, 2008--Time: 1 PM - 5 PM -- Cost: $ 25.00

Project Aquatic WILD -
Pam Landry of Mass Wildlife will offer an excellent workshop
in using Project Aquatic WILD curriculum materials
Date: Saturday - June 21, 2008 -- Time: 9 AM -- Cost: Donations accepted

Farm Experience -
Come learn about sustainable agricultural techniques as the season progresses on a Community Supported Agriculture farm
Date: Sunday afternoons, beginning June 29, 2008 and continuing through August
Time: TBA -- Cost: $6.00 per person per session

Forestry Week -
Explore the farm forest through tree ID and much more
Date: June 30-July 2, 2008 [Monday-Wednesday]
Time: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM -- Cost: $20.00 for 3 sessions

Many more activities planned for Summer 2008 - check out the website for more!


Vegetarian Buffet @ Coonamessett Farm 

Friday & Saturday Night of Memorial Day Weekend - 5 TO 8 PM - May 23rd & 24th

If you're heading to the Cape Memorial Weekend, this is a great place to stop in and check out with the whole family; and you might as well stay for some dinner and music!

Live Music Both Nights! 
Friday:  Amy & Jonathan Larkin will play fiddle & guitar
Saturday:  The Midnight Travelers will entertain with Cajun, Irish & Appalachian music.

Check out this menu!
Salads:  Field, Potato, Fruit, Carrot Raisin, Chickpea, Seven Bean
Soups:  Chili, Vegetable, Corn & Pepper Bisque
Main Dishes:  Eggplant Parmigiana, Mixed Vegetable Pot Pie, Roasted Potatoes w/ Rosemary,                             Honey Glazed Carrots, Macaroni & Cheese Delight
Also:  Broccoli & Mushroom Quiche, and Three Cheese Pizza
Mixed Grill - Leg of Wild Boar & Pulled Pork BBQ

Price:  $16.95/Adult; $8.95/ Kids (ages 5-11)

Coonamessett Farm
277 Hatchville Road, East Falmouth, MA  02536


2008 Beer Dinner!
Four Course Beer Dinner Presented by Bobby Byrne's Pub & Cape Cod Beer
Wednesday, June 4th at 6:00PM  Bobby Byrne's Pub, Hyannis, MA

The delicious menu will combine such tasty plates as Maryland Crab Cakes & Clam Cakes drizzled with Lemon Aioli paired perfectly with Cape Cod Summer; OR the Applewood Bacon & Shrimp Skewers lovingly teamed up with Cape Cod IPA.  OR how about Caribbean-rubbed tenderloin, Braised Broccoli Raab with gorgonzola & lobster compound butter, stuffed Sweet and Yukon gold Potatoes washed down with Cape Cod Red.  This is such a mouth full, you'll have to check out Cape Cod Beer's website for more details!

Don't miss out on this great pairing of sea, land and beer! 
Admission only $40.00, for sale at all Bobby Byrne's locations and Cape Cod Beer.


Northeast Organic Farming Association's
34th Annual Summer Conference
August 8-10, 2008

Keynote Speakers Mark McAfee and Arden Andersen

Educational:  Over 150 workshops on organic farming, gardening and land care, homesteading, sustainability, nutrition, spirituality, food politics, activism, and more. Special workshops specifically for children and teens. Enlightening keynote speeches on raw milk and sustainable agriculture.  

Entertaining:  Family contra-dance, zydeco, drumming, Old-fashioned Country Fair, live music, farmer's market, games and fun.

Economical:  Modest registration, inexpensive dorm rooms, and camping and wholesome organic meals. 

Registration begins in mid-April.
For more information, visit or call Julie Rawson at
(978) 355-2853 or e-mail [email protected]


Soule Homestead Summer Concert Series!

Support local arts, and local agriculture all at the same time!

This year's concerts will run from July 12th to August 23rd.  Open mic nights, Emerging Artist Nights, and GREAT local talent all under one roof.  Don't miss a single performance!  Buy a 2008 season's pass for $40. It's like getting one Saturday night free! You can Click here to Soule Homestead's website and download a printable order form.

Checks can be mail to:

Soule Homestead

46 Soule St.

Middleboro, MA

Hope to see you there!



Where ELSE Can I Find Local Products?

SEMAP's Buyer Members in our Business-to-Business Network are local restaurants, schools, and markets.  Listed here are 2007 members; they are a group interested in supporting local producers and educating their customers on the many benefits of buying fresh, local products.

Barnstable County, Ma.
Chatham Jam & Jelly Shop  -  West Chatham  -
Far Land Provisions  -  Provincetown  -
Hatch's Fish and Produce Market  -  Wellfleet  -
Village Market - Monument Beach

Bristol County, Ma.
Alderbrook Farm - Dartmouth
Café Arpeggio  -  Fall River & New Bedford   -
Down to Earth Natural Foods  -  New Bedford  -
Fine Catering by Russell Morin  -  Attleboro  -
How On Earth: The Store - Mattapoisett  -
Lees Supermarket  -  Westport  -
M & C Cafe Restaurant and Catering Co.  -  New Bedford
Mirasol's Café  -  Dartmouth  -
Morton's Fork Catering - New Bedford -
Partners Village Store Kitchen  -  Westport  -
Raymond Norman Cooks! - N. Attleboro -
Westport Community Schools  -  Westport

Dukes County, Ma.
Eden Market & Garden Center - Vineyard Haven -

Norfolk County, Ma.
Ever So Humble Pie Co.  -  East Walpole  -
Whole Foods  -  Hingham  -

Suffolk County, Ma.
Baldor Boston, LLC - Chelsea -
City Feed and Supply - Jamaica Plains -
Costa Fruit and Produce - Boston -

Plymouth County, Ma.
The Artisan Bake Shop, LLC - Rochester -
Bay Club Mattapoisett  -  Mattapoisett  -
The Market @ Pinehills - Plymouth -
Middleboro Public Schools  -  Middleboro
Shipyard Galley  -  Mattapoisett  -
Tihonet Village Market  -  Wareham  -

Rhode Island
Persimmon Restaurant  -  Bristol  -

If you're looking for a nice dinner, lunch or local market to pick up some snacks, be sure to check out these great businesses.

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Any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy your Holiday!
Sarah Cogswell
SEMAP Buy Local Coordinator
[email protected]
PO Box 80625
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