The White Working Class Roundtable Newsletter is an online publication that provides information and discussion about the white working class--a critical group in American politics and society.
The Newsletter is a project of the Democratic Strategist. Its goal is to assist Democrats to reach out and regain the support of this once Democratic constituency.
Each issue of the newsletter will highlight new and significant articles, polls and other sources of information regarding the white working class, focusing particularly on materials that discuss and evaluate strategies Democrats can employ to gain greater support from this still-critical electoral force.
In the coming months the Newsletter will also plan an ongoing series of original roundtable discussions among leading Democratic strategists and thinkers. These discussions will follow on the June 6th Roundtable on Progressives and the White Working Class that was organized in coordination with the Washington Monthly and the Democratic Strategist. That online roundtable gathered the largest group of top experts since the Reagan era to share ideas in this area.
We look forward to your interest and active participation in our work. You can subscribe to the Newsletter below.

  • Archived Newsletters
  • TWWC Roundtable Newsletter Volume IV Fall
  • The most dramatic development in the 2016 election campaign has been the rise of Donald Trump and the tremendous popularity he has achieved among white working class Americans.
  • TWWC Roundtable Newsletter vol III Spring
  • This issue's special focus: The trade union movement, the white working class and the rise of unconventional organizing.
  • TWWC Roundtable Newsletter volume 2
  • The 2014 elections generated the most robust discussion about Democrats and the white working class in several decades.
  • TWWC Roundtable Newsletter volume 1
  • Welcome to the first issue of the online newsletter of the White Working Class Roundtable project. A number of significant articles and other materials have appeared over the summer.
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Ed Kilgore, Managing Editor
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