JUNE 2016
Message from the President

AGA June 2016 Presidents Message

Lauren Genkinger
President & Founder

The Water Dogs Are Coming!

More Turkey Dogs are coming - 18 Golden Retrievers ( 10 boys and 8 girls) will be arriving soon from Istanbul. The TD9s will be known as the Water Dogs (cause it's summer, right?) and among their names are Tadpole, River, Splash, Minnow and FlipFlop. We'll keep you posted on the Water Dogs' arrival. 
If you are interested in ADOPTING a Turkey Dog, click HERE 
If you are interested in FOSTERING a Turkey Dog, click HERE
If you are interested in SPONSORING a Turkey Dog, click HERE
If you are interested in DONATING to the Turkey Dogs rescue, click HERE
To learn more about the Turkey Dogs, click HERE
Adoption Day
Sunday, June 6    12 noon - 2 p.m. @
                   4958 Lower Roswell Road Suite 124 Marietta, GA 30068            

Orphan of the Month

Cracker Jack is the June Orphan of the Month.
This sweet boy was a TD3 and was adopted last summer but his family didn't have time for him. He's looking for a family to love. Watch his video to learn more about what he is looking for in an adoptive home.
Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion in Dogs:
What to Look For
Excessive panting and signs of discomfort indicate 
overheating. Dogs eliminate heat by panting. When panting
isn't enough, their body temperature rises. Check out this petmd.com article for more information on what to watch for
and what immediate steps to take to help your dog.

Teaching Doorway Manners

If your dog takes the opportunity to slip out the door and hit the ground running, this article is for you! Boredom and lack of exercise are the main  
reasons they do this and with Boundary Training, things will improve. Tips on teaching new behavior are available in this DiamondsintheRuff.com article.

Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in May. 

Bear, Biscuit, Bumble Bee, Butterfly, Cottontail, Dogwood, Flower,  Ginger/Kayak, Goliath, Juliet, Lady Bug, Lightning, Marley, Marshmallow, Petunia, Prince Charming, Robin, Spring, Strudel Pup, Sunshine, Thunder and Tina Bosnia all found homes this month.
Solid Gold, our Pet Food partner, believes unlocking earth's nutritional wisdom is both an art and a science. They've applied both disciplines to develop their own unique, carefully balanced combination of nourishment for your pet's overall health and well-being.
Their 20 nutrient-dense superfoods are at the heart of every dry dog and cat food recipe they make, and the start of the remarkable health your pet is sure to experience on a Solid Gold diet. Their perfect balance of superfoods provides nutrition for your pet to thrive.  Refer to this list
of Solid Gold's Superfoods.
New T-Shirts For Sale!

AGA just added two new t-shirts to our Golden Store -- our TD Plane Pilot, Flying Ace TD, is on the front of the shirt. Mens' sizes are in white; ladies are available in blue and white. $20 each. To purchase, visit the
GOLDEN STORE on our website.

Too much Golden hair? 

AGA benefits when you buy 
Bissell floor cleaning products.  Shop here then enter the code "ADOPT" in the coupon or redemption box and select Adopt a Golden Atlanta for a chance for us to win a $5,000 drawing per quarter.
Shop at Kroger?

Put AGA as your charity and Kroger will make a donation. 
Just register your card for free here using our NPO number 67180 and shop like usual to help support AGA.

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Use this link to get to Amazon and then shop like normal. AGA gets a donation from every dollar you spend while using our link.

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