February 2016
Message from the President
What better time to spread the word of love than February!  Days are full of stress and we have no time to do everything we need to do. Yet so many of you make the time to help us save and rehome goldens who are in desperate need of love. 

We just brought in the 22 Love Dogs from Turkey and from the moment their paws touched American soil, they felt more love than they ever had in their former lives.  All our dogs feel it when touched by you - whether you help them feel better or help them find a new family or provide financial help so we can save them in the first place. 

Thank you for loving goldens and loving what we do. 
                     Lauren Genkinger
                  President & Founder
The Love Dogs are here!
Our first flight of Turkey Dogs for 2016 arrived in time for Valentine's Day, so they are known as the "Love Dogs!" And yes, they all have Valentine's names, like Cherish, Cupid, Love Bug, Romeo, Darling, Lover Boy and Juliet.

The 22 dogs who are the "Turkey Dogs 6" include girls ranging in age from 6 months to 3 years and boys are 1-4 years old. The Love Dogs will be at Adoption Day on Sunday. 

If you are interested in adopting a Turkey Dog, click HERE
If you are interested in sponsoring a Turkey Dog, click HERE
If you are interested in donating to the Turkey Dogs rescue, click HERE
To learn more about the Turkey Dogs, click HERE

February 2016 Orphan of the Month Video

February 2016

Orphan of the Month Video

                 Banner TD
Turkey Dog Banner is our February Orphan of the Month. Watch his video to learn more about him and what he is looking for in his adoptive home. 
Saturday, April 16, 7 to 10 pm
                 at Flourish in Buckhead
            Special Guest: Yasemine Baban,
          Turkey Dog Rescuer from Istanbul
Watch for next week's eblast with details. 

          Adoption Day             

  February 7    12 noon - 2 p.m. @




          ASK THE VET
Does Your Dog Need to Go on a Diet?
Have extra pounds been creeping up on your dog? Sometimes we don't even realize it because extra weight can come on slowly and we don't notice until all of a sudden we recognize that there is a problem.
The link below takes you to a MyPet.com article with six questions to answer that indicate whether or not your dog might have a weight problem.
Seek your vet's advice about your dog's weight and diet.

How to Choose a Good Dog Trainer

Choosing the right dog trainer for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will make. AGA strongly recommends a
positive trainer who uses force-free methods and who does not promote a pack-leader  or dominant mentality. This applies to all dogs, but especially golden retrievers. The link below takes you to an article that discusses whether or not you need a trainer and then how to choose a positive method trainer and what types of trainers to avoid.


 Thanks, Pet Lodge Pet Resort!
Our friends at Pet Lodge Pet Resort in Alpharetta are gracious enough to host our Turkey Dogs for an overnight stay and vet and bath day. If you're going out of town soon or just want your dog to come for doggie day care, be sure to contact them.
Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in January. 
Dasher, Dickens, Ebenezer, Frosty, Karloff, Lia Pup, Matlin, McLaine, Molly, Saint Nick, Sugar Plum, Tater, Whiskey.
   Entry Level Grant Writer Needed! 
AGA is seeking an entry level grant writer to work with the Director, Philanthropy. Must be a good writer. Complete the volunteer application to apply:
Too much Golden hair? 
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