October 2014
Big World launches on Spectrum label
DMS goes BIG!
Discovery MusicSource continues to expand its offerings with exclusively commissioned new music hand-crafted to serve our networks. Up next - BIG WORLD - dynamic orchestral/electronic hybrids that include subtle ethnic options. To keep this genre flexible, we asked 4 teams of composers to create a "foundation" cue that established the basic sound palette, theme and structure. Then we asked for variations that included subtle world nuances.

Topographic Sounds and Styles
For the most part, we focused on topography rather than particular countries. The result is a stunning four-volume series of robust, climaxing modern orchestral cues with versions covering the following scenarios: Desert, Jungle, Asian, Polar, Outback, India and even Reggae! (Yes, orchestral reggae - be the first on your block.)  
Tool Kit Structure

This 'world tool kit' allows editors the option to establish a basic theme using the Foundation cue, then intertwine alt versions and sub-mixes as needed to create a scored effect. With the focus on processed ethnic instruments and textural world layers, we've provided a cinematic option for a variety of world scenarios that goes beyond a strictly indigenous approach. We then included a ton of sub-mixes to increase your options, loopable sections and a bonus 30-second Rise for each cue. Great for Cold Opens and Promos.  

Amazing Artists and Composers

We were thrilled to work with the folks at Vanacore Music Group, Guillermo de la Berada (of the trailer music company, Dos Brains), Garry Hughes and Andrew MacKay (of Bombay Dub Orchestra) and the UK's Delicious Digital. Each brought a unique perspective to the challenge. Delicious often incorporated nature sounds that contrasted intriguingly with sophisticated electronic textures. (Check out This Is A Warning.) Hughes and MacKay chose a sweeping cinematic approach and included some offbeat options such as Reggae and Latin, while Vanacore kept things dark and piercing with urgent low brass and an elegant blend of electronic textures. De La Barreda, in true trailer fashion, ramped up the urgency and high stakes feel with percolating electronics and dramatic orchestral hits that leave you breathless.