March 2015
ElectroLight Sets the Scene
DMS Lights it UP!

DMS designs and commissions exclusive underscore as part of its ongoing commitment to service a broad cross-section of network music needs. Calling on A-list composers from a variety of backgrounds, DMS partnered with Joel Hartman, Will Musser and Jonathan Miller to create its new ElectroLight series. Three volumes of bubbling electronica hybrids aimed at lightly suspenseful, anticipatory programming.


Each composer took a different approach to the challenge, creating everything from the offbeat to the sinewy.  



Joel Hartman, a graduate of the famed Guildhall School of Music in the UK, took a slightly more 'club' approach, mixing dub synth layers with D'n'B grooves to create sleek, sophisticated electronica that varies from the gritty to the ethereal. Titles like "Pixel City" and "Spintronik" allude to the fun, forward-thinking feel of these city-fied grooves.


L.A.'s Jonathan Miller -- a veteran TV composer, provided an offbeat approach with each track simulating a ticking clock--using industrial layers, dub belches, gnawing textures and sci-fi swirls. "Bubbling Brew" and "Man Or Machine" hint at the mad scientist genesis of these percolating cerebral cues.

Will Musser, also known for creating score for the popular Hoarding series on TLC, layered distorted guitar a top urgent buzzy bass lines and metallic percussion loops, using names like "Urban Energy" and "Speed" to relay the somewhat dark, machismo feel of these pressing grooves.

Each of the three volumes includes plenty of sub-mix options and bumpers for flexibility. Click the link below to check it out. Happy listening!