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April 2014
It's the Music that Matters
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You see it first, but Music makes you feel it.

At DMS, we know how much the Music Matters. Last year the DMS Creative team collaborated with Producers around the world on over 1500 hours of programming across all of our Networks. We have had the good fortune to work with some of the top creative talent on some incredible projects, and DMS has become an invaluable piece of the storytelling process. We've compiled a few highlights in our latest Promo Video--a special thanks to Discovery Studios for helping us reel it together!


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DMS Represents at SXSW  

DMS Rocks Austin


From March 12th-16th, a team of five represented Discovery MusicSource (DMS) at this year's music portion of the SXSW festival in Austin, TX. With over 25,000 people attending to watch over 2,000 artists perform on over 100 stages, the DMS group took this opportunity to network with bands, industry leaders, artists, and music aggregators in search of new talent to bring the best in music and sound to Discovery's networks. In addition, Creative Director Dave Ries and LA-based Music Supervisor Pat Weaver participated in a panel entitled "It Takes a Village to Score a Show," a discussion that unpacked how artists, composers, producers, music supervisors, publishers and licensors come together to create the perfect score for a given program. Composer David Vanacore and In The Groove's Darren Drew joined Pat and Dave on the panel and helped provide a deeper dive that gave attendees an insider's view of the creative and systemic processes involved in putting music to picture. This second quarter is off to a roaring start, so here's to a successful panel and week at SXSW, and to the DMS team helping find the perfect piece of music for you and your show in the year ahead!

DMS Uploads over 5000 new Tracks 



The DMS April release is the largest and most diverse update we have ever completed. With over 5000 tracks, the April update contains over 50 albums with music from over 40 top composers. This offering contains cutting edge cues that are dramatic, intense, comedic, minimal, driving and esoteric. It is truly Perfect Production Music.



DMS has also reached an impressive milestone with the release of our 500th album!  



Composer Spotlight


Drew is a guitar virtuoso and a wonderful composer, and part of a talented trio of in-house writers at Minneapolis-based In The Groove Music. He is up for any and all musical challenges. He is soft spoken, but mixes quite loudly. He also produces a number of our licensable artists. There is a rumor that he has an Army issued cot in his studio as he really never seems to leave, so regarding his work ethic...Midwest strong!

Away from work, Lerdal writes music on his iPad, bowls, and maintains the house he shares with his girlfriend and their dog.


by Brice Dean 

It's 10:55pm Thursday night. Rough cut is due Friday, and it looks great! But how does it sound? You still need the final touch to make it pop. Check out the Discovery MusicSource QUICKSEARCH tab for specially curated playlists.

Once the QUICKSEARCH has been launched you will be directed to a menu of playlists which have been put together by our team of music supervisors. This range of playlists includes Epic Orchestral, ALT Rock, Cinematic Action, Neutral and more! Check out the QUICKSEARCH today for some of the hottest tracks from Discovery MusicSource.





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