Monthly News of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council | May 2014

Charlotte McDermott, a 2013 extern, worked
with the State Hygienic Laboratory.


Nationally Recognized Real World Externships Launches Sixth Summer of Teacher-Industry Partnerships 


Scores of Iowa mathematics, science and technology teachers will spend their summers in businesses and agencies across Iowa for this summer's Real World Externship program. The teacher externs will have the opportunity to contribute to their host's operations, while experiencing the many ways the concepts they teach in the classroom are applied by those in STEM careers.  Externships also give teachers insight into what skills are needed by today's employers, both in terms of content as well as employability skills. With this exposure teachers can give their students real-world career information, which helps to boost Iowa's future STEM workforce. (continued...)

Students of Des Moines Hoover's STEM Academy will soon be doing experiments in their redesigned learning space, all to be unveiled in September.

Thousands of students across Iowa will be deeply impacted by STEM Scale-Up programming in year three.


The most recent of six meetings per year of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council Executive Committee at the Grimes State Office Building in Des Moines.

Council's STEM Classrooms Making Strides for Fall Openings


The construction phase is underway at four new STEM learning spaces in Iowa. These STEM classrooms are being launched with human and financial support from the Governor's STEM Advisory Council, along with matching district and community contributions. The goal is to create transformative STEM teaching and learning environments to serve as models across the state.


Mount Pleasant Middle School is creating an Integrated Learning Center (ILC), focused on empowering students by infusing advanced network technology and promoting collaboration.  (continued...) 

Tens of Thousands more Iowans to Enjoy Top STEM

The application window for schools, clubs, and other learning groups to apply for the STEM Council's signature Scale-Up program year three has officially closed, and announcements went out to new partners across Iowa in late May. This year over 1,100 educators will be implementing the ten selected Scale-Up programs in the six STEM regions throughout Iowa. These exemplary STEM programs were chosen through a rigorous RFP process and will inspire close to 100,000 learners this year. In its third year, the Scale-Up programs are carefully balanced to reach students pre-K through 12 across the entire- STEM spectrum.  (continued...)


STEM Advances with Each Executive Committee Meeting


At their May 15 executive committee meeting, members once again broke new ground advancing STEM in Iowa. Members may be viewed here. A highly anticipated "seal of approval" was discussed and shaped toward a possible summer debut under the leadership of Council member Jordan Lampe. A major grant proposal emanating from the Council to unify Iowa higher education institutions toward STEM solutions was shared by executive director Jeff Weld.   (continued...)


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