Monthly News of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council | January 2014


2013 Teacher Extern Ron Knapper of Davenport North High School

worked with John Deere's Machine Knowledge data team for 6 weeks.  


Corporate Partnership Fuels Continued Success for STEM Advisory Council 

Many corporations have graciously partnered with the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council to help support quality STEM Education to the state of Iowa. Beginning this month, we would like to profile these corporations and their commitments, starting with John Deere. 


Students from six high achieving Iowa schools will be ranked among the nations in the OECD test.

Students and teachers will have access to online certification through Microsoft's IT Academy.



Algona High School students examine unhealthy pig lungs with Agriculture Teacher Kristy Legler (r).   

Iowa on the International Yardstick 


Iowa has been handed an opportunity for "nation" status on the highly regarded Organization for Economic Cooperative Development (OECD) Test thanks to Innovate + Educate and six intrepid high schools. STEM Council leaders were approached by the national STEM organization Innovate + Educate last fall to participate in a four-state collaborative to bring the OECD Test to high achieving schools of each state. Funded through a grant from the Kern Foundation, Iowa is joined by Illinois, Minnesota and Tennessee in identifying partner schools that will...  


Microsoft IT Academy Quickly Moves Toward Success


An enthusiastic group of 99 educators logged in on Tuesday, January 28, for an online webinar where the first of several trainings began for the Microsoft IT Academy. Sixty- two additional trainees jumped online Thursday for further training as Iowa teachers show their clear excitement and eagerness for information technology curriculum in the classroom. 

The Iowa legislature appropriated additional funds to STEM in 2013 to bring 150 secondary school and community college sites across Iowa IT curriculum and certification. "The enthusiasm has been overwhelming...


Featured Scale-Up: Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) 


When considering what makes Iowa an international player in the global market, the first answer could be agriculture. Today, students in Iowa have access to a unique program centered on just that called the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE).  In the last two years, the Governor's STEM Advisory Council has chosen CASE as one of the top Scale-Up programs to feature across Iowa for STEM content and relevance in the classroom.

Students are engaged in content ranging from animal sciences to biotechnology...


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