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A monthly newsletter from the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council | June 2013

Thirty-four business, workforce, education and STEM leaders from nine Midwest states joined representatives from the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council in Des Moines at the World Food Prize on June 11 to exchange best practices and collaborative opportunities regarding state and regional STEM education.
Iowa Hosts Midwest STEM Forum 

What started out as a gleam in the eye of DuPont-Pioneer's Sarah Thorn, John Deere's Pat Barnes and Iowa STEM's Jeff Weld became reality on June 11 - a Midwest STEM gathering. Hatched as a concept in the lobby of Dupont-Pioneer back on December 4, 2012, during the National Lt. Governor's conference, the idea was to share what we have all been working on - identifying common goals, best practices, pitfalls and collaborative opportunities.  (continued...)
Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds speaks to informal education leaders at the STEM Active Learning Retreat.
West Bend's Robotic Team takes a break during an ITA HyperStream competition. HyperStream is a returning STEM Scale-Up Program. 
Kimberlee Awalt, a mathematics teacher at Louisa-Muscantine, on the job at HNI Company this summer as part of the Real World Externships Program.
Out-of-School STEM Organizing Under Council Leadership


Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds welcomed representatives from Iowa's informal learning community on Wednesday, June 5, for the inaugural STEM Active Learning Community Partners' Retreat.  

Scaling Up The Best
in STEM, Round II 

With the signing of House Bill 604, Governor Terry Branstad locked in a second year of funding for programming of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council, prominently including the STEM Scale-Up Program. A signature program of the Council, Scale-Ups deliver top-notch STEM programs to youth throughout the state - 38,000 of them last year and an estimated 100,000 to participate this year.  (continued...)




Merging Education and Workforce in Iowa: Externships


"I can't wait to share with my students just the aspect of teamwork that is needed from the design team, quality team, to the shop floor in order to come up with initial ideas, solve problems and put things into action to get a good final product," said Kimberlee Awalt, a mathematics teacher at Louisa-Muscatine, spending her summer inside the HNI Company. (continued...)


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