August / 2013

fa·cil·i·trade  /fəˈsiliˌ treyd/

Now offering 

B A R G E   TO   C O N T A I N E R




USFGIS L.L.C. is now offering  facilitrade ® barge to container trans-loading services in New Orleans, Louisiana. (USFGIS LLC, offers a variety of facilitradtrans-loading services in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and California)


Our services on the Intracoastal waterway (i.e. need take barge through the locks from Mississippi River and into the industrial canal to site) include;


From barge into containers:

 -        unloading the barge and reloading the container

 -        trucking of empty to site, loading & returning containers to Nashville 


 -        certified weight of cargo i.e. light weight, heavy weight and net cargo

           weight of trucks

-         bulkhead/safety doors

-         seals

-         organize USDA inspection for grade, weight and/or phyto depending

           on product*

-         container inspection at loading berth prior to stuffing

-         supervision of load control and sampling throughout container


-         supervision and general cargo condition observed during loading

-         supervision of weighing as per full/empty container

-         daily reporting and issuing of certificates and other necessary



Fumigation of barges with pellets/tablets (72hrs) and/or containers using Eco2 Fume (24hrs), barge draft, analysis and additional Facilitrade ® components available upon request. All other fees, if applicable such as but not limited to *usda/fgis services, launch hire, sample dispatch, courier, etc., at cost.


The above is basis unloading barge in 4 days into about 75 containers with about 18 containers per day. Call Peter Legemaate at 1-800-346-8186 to further discuss your specific needs.



        USFGIS LLC  your single source solution inspection company!


Please contact us for further detailed information about Facilitrade™ and let the experts at USFGIS LLC start managing your trading risks today.
In This Issue
USFGIS L.L.C.  launching unique barge to container trans-loading bulk cargo program in New Orleans 

Facilitrade takes the worries out of your trade.
At USFGIS LLC we understand that each trade is important to you and your company, from small individual consignments to large shipments. We are here to protect your hard earned money by becoming an extension of your company throughout this process.
Facilitrade is a unique program reaching beyond the traditional quality and quantity inspection programs offered by other companies. 
Facilitrade is designed for smaller, mid-sized companies and offers support throughout the process of buying, selling commodities.



Facilitrade exists out of multiple components that can be used as a whole or simply can be used individually depending on your specific needs.



Facilitrade is designed by a forward thinking company that is changing the inspection industry one trade at a time. 

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