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with Coach Wiggins

There is an old school phrase, "student of the game" that is not used much today.  I'm not sure why, the great ones were and are students of the game. They learn about how they can play better by learning from themselves and others who do it better. In this video, I talk about how to help your player become a "student of the game."  This is something you can do as a family.  


Coach Wiggins


student of the game
Student of the Game

Get ready for March Madness.  The Loudoun Basketball Society will be hosting an Xbox 2K Tournament.  Following the preliminary meeting of the LBS executive committee next week, you will be provided a link to sign-up for this LBS social and fundraising event.  Come join in the fun!

LBS hosted
2k Touranment


 A multitude of basketball resources all together under one organization. LU has it all - the
best of the best can guide your athlete to basketball success - now and in their future. Connected throughout the county to all things basketball - LU is all about OPPORTUNITY and EXPOSURE. Our boundaries go far past the lines of Loudoun - we bring local, regional, and even NATIONAL opportunities to your doorstep.

Check out the website to see how LU can help you.
- Player profiles
- Showcases
- the answer to your big question:
What is next for my player?



Loudoun United Tryouts:

Fielding Boys and Girls 15U, 16U and 17U Teams for Spring 2015
(more info to follow)

 February 2015

D1SA is just concluding tryouts for the new spring season that will field over 30 teams this season for boys and girls in 3rd through 11th grades.  As Athletic Director of our growing organization, I look forward to the continued development of our student athletes and believe that D1SA gives our youth an opportunity to be apart of a brand that has been successful throughout Loudoun County and beyond our borders.  To be a Spartan means something to these athletes. This season many Spartans have returned to strive for excellence in their craft.  Aspiring Spartans will develop this season to be fierce competitors.


Spartans, Rise Above in 2015.


"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen and others make it happen."  Michael Jordan


As a student athlete this is your season to Rise Above and Make it happen for yourself.  Great athletes reach inside themselves to face all challenges.  You're going to be afraid in some situations, but what makes an athlete special is the one that goes through tough times and succeed.  That's the gift.  The reward is in the battle.  Not in the outcome.  Remember the Spartan doctrine, "...the greatest competition is found within us and never against our opponents.  Preparation is a key component to all of what a Spartan does...


What does it take to be a Spartan?


...Continue to remember what brought you to where you are...and that will be the very thing that takes you to whatever you want to achieve.  No accolades, you let up and someone will take your spot, you all know that...that is what it means to be as Spartan.


Put in the work; make this the year to define your own legacy.


Coach Eric Williams



D1SA teams tryouts will conclude this weekend with the high school tryouts.  Over 300 girls and boys tried out to be on a Spartan team.  All Spartan teams will be announced in the coming week.  Get ready to battle on our local courts and beyond.


Following last year's theme of Spartan Invasion, this year D1SA theme:  Spartans Rise Above in 2015...D1SA student athletes are being challenged to out train, overachieve, work hard, prepare Spartans this is the year to excel!

Get a first look at the new Spartan uniforms that will be ordered through your team manager soon.  More information will follow soon. 


Spartan Indoctrination Series Coming Soon!

It's Battle Time...As soon as the spring teams are solidified, D1SA will commence with the Spartan Indoctrination series.  This series furthers the development of the Spartan Way, the D1SA brand of development.  These ongoing sessions prepare our athletes to compete by providing intense training that focus on the individual's will to compete while teaching skills that result in the development of Spartan warriors, ready to battle on our courts.



Support D1SA Programming with a donation.  Donations can also be directed to a specified team or athlete .  Each season D1SA has qualified student athlete applicants that need financial support to join our programs.  Take this opportunity to support our programming, sponsor a D1SA team or Athlete.  You can make a difference; no donation is too small.  


Go Above the Rim: [email protected] 


We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

D1SA seeks to highlight Spartan athletes that exemplify the Spartan Way of Life. 
D1SA honors the following student athletes for exemplifying the Spirit of a Spartan.

On and off the court these athletes have admirable qualities that  
personify the Spirit of a Spartan.

Read more about the Spartan Philosophy Here.  
Julia Ng, 9th Grade, Heritage HS 

Julia Ng defines grace on the court as she started this season on Varsity as a freshman.  Coach Williams says, "Julia's a different kind of Spartan, she's not particularly tough, but her strength is that she's such a graceful shooter." 


Julia was encouraged to come to D1SA from her friend and her friend's persistent father who wanted the girls to play together, says her mom Amy.   Julia started playing for D1SA in the fall of 2013 as an 8th grader.


Julia enjoys volleyball and played on the Freshmen HHS volleyball team this fall but is passionate about basketball. She is a FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) leader at HHS, a part of the Interact Club and involved in the youth group at her church.


Julia says, "D1SA is a family, it is more than a team because you build long lasting friendships beyond the court. Coach Eric cares about me as a person not just a player. He believes that I can go far in my game."


 "D1SA has helped Julia's overall basketball skill," says her mom. "But even more than that she has the confidence to overcome obstacles as they arise. She loves training and jumps at the opportunities to improve her game.  Coach Eric is a true blessing as he coaches, trains and invests in helping Julia achieve her goals to play basketball in college." 


Coach Williams always reminds Julia, "The pathway to greatness is a lonely road."  Her aspiration to play college basketball will be achieved because Julia has determination, a strong work ethic and she's a workaholic," Coach Williams said.  Julia will get there, she's got a bright future, be it basketball or anything she's determined to conquer," Coach Williams adds.


Jayde Pierre, 9th Grade, Dominion HS

Jayde Pierre, aka "Big Smooth" to all that love him.  Coach Williams gave Jayde that names years ago and said then it was because he's "all finesse, it suits him, but I wish I wouldn't have given him that name so soon.  I want him to be harder, hungry and use what God gave him..." Jayde, an original Spartan is part of the foundation of the D1SA organization.  "I saw something in Jayde that he didn't see in himself when he was in the third grade," Coach Williams said. 


Just completing a personally disappointing season this year as a freshman at Dominion HS, Jayde was honored to make the Varsity team, but upset because as a trained Spartan warrior, he wanted the opportunity to compete.  Jayde said, "Spartan's don't sit on the bench, mom!" 


"Self-discipline, courage and the ability to rise above adversity were all lessons Jayde had to endure this season when he averaged less than two minutes of playing time per game," said his mom Jeri.  But despite the adversities of his high school season, Jayde has something to look forward to in coming home to his Spartan family, his brothers and coach. 


"I was impressed to see that Jayde still has that amazing ability to pass like no player I have ever witnessed and I was even more proud to see my Elite players respond with ease, grace and confidence in one another when they played together for the first time this season," Coach Williams said.   D1SA gave Jayde a foundation, support and a platform to believe in himself.  Jayde's mom reminds him often, "To one much is given much is expected."  God gave you your size and ability, but it's up to you how you use it, she ads.


To know Jayde, who never gets in a hurry for anything, you know you have a friend.  Jayde with his easy-going, happy spirit is an easy leader, but is not boastful or over-confident.  Coach Williams said, "He believes in what we've done.  Jayde thinks at a higher level.  He's become a team builder, looking for outlets and teammates to get his Spartan Elite to that next level," Coach Williams says with a smile.


Jayde had a successful high school football season and rose to the rank of team captain for his freshman team.  "For a big boy, he's agile and quick and has an eye for what's happening on the field at all times," said his football coach. Jayde spends most of his daylight hours thinking, scheming, searching, researching what player has made it to that next level, be it in football or basketball.  Jayde says he wants to play at the college level.  He thinks if he doesn't get taller, then it will have to be football.


"Coach Eric is always there for me and continues to guide me through this process.  I want to be the one," Jayde adds with gleam in his eye.

The D1SA Family

D1SA teams will be participating in the 3v3 Balling for a Cure Basketball tournament on Saturday, March 21st at the Loudoun Sports Training Facility in Leesburg.  The 3v3 Basketball tournament will help raise funds for The Mayday Project's annual rally, which attracts people from all around the country and from all walks of life.  Through this project amazing headway has been made in regards to Lyme patient rights and helping the Lyme community as a whole. 

The Mayday Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Executive Director Joshua Cutler and Allison Caruana, both of which continue to battled Lyme disease and co-infections. The Mayday Project is run by a group of Lyme patients focused on change and awareness.  This year will be our sixth year working to get Lyme disease recognized as a chronic, disabling illness. We advocate for research and patient rights in the hope that we will one day have a cure.


Lyme disease is the fastest growing Infectious disease in this country, surpassing Aids. It's become an epidemic in Nova areas, most specifically, Loudon county. 


For more importation on The Mayday Project:  www.themaydayproject.org.


Update on George Richardson:


Congratulations to George Richardson who was voted All Fundamental Player for the second year in a row when his flag football team, Virginia Extreme 14U/15U, placed third in the nation this past January at the NFL National Championship in Cardinal Stadium in Phoenix during the week of Super Bowl XLIX.  Congratulations Big G!


D1SA means Opportunity...


D1 Sports & Athletics (D1SA) is a competitive and developmental,  

non-profit Basketball organization founded in 2011 to bring the year-round  

sport of basketball to life in Loudoun County.

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