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Spring Season Tryouts

(1/24/15 thru 2/7/15) 

3rd Annual Loudoun Invitational Tournament

(Save the Date April 10-12)

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Time Out
with Coach Wiggins
"I mean it's strange... it's strange to me too, but we're talking about practice man, we're not even talking about the game... the actual game, when it matters... We're talking about practice ...,"
Allen Iverson


This is one of the all time classic quotes from Allen Iverson, his response when questioned by reporters about his coach being upset with him missing practices.  Since our athletes are young, they cannot afford to miss anything at all.  This video speaks to how you can help your player get more out of every practice while maximizing their efforts and help to become better basketball players.  Take a look, 


"Get off the Bench"! 

Coach Wiggins
Practice Better.
Practice Better.

Become part of the group of Loudoun County Ballers called Loudoun Basketball Society. This society hosts special events to bring together competitors from all organizations throughout the county; so friends, teammates and ballers can unite with a common love of the game. #ballslife

Join LBS! 

LBS hosted
NBA 2k Tournament


  A multitude of basketball resources all together under one organization. LU has it all - the
best of the best can guide your athlete to basketball success - now and in their future. Connected throughout the county to all things basketball - LU is all about OPPORTUNITY and EXPOSURE. Our boundaries go far past the lines of Loudoun - we bring local, regional, and even NATIONAL opportunities to your doorstep.

Check out the website to see how LU can help you.
- Player profiles
- Showcases
- the answer to your big question:
What is next for my player?




On October 23, 2014 at the AAU National Convention in the Boys' Basketball General Session meeting, the District Sport Directors voted to make the AAU Boys' Basketball program age based (7U-14U). There was no change in the high school ages.

Visit the AAU Website for more information

  January 2015
Spartans, Rise Above in 2015! Out-train, overachieve, work-hard, prepare Spartans; this is the year to excel. In the words of Muhammad Ali, "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

As D1SA continues to grow with even younger athletes joining our family, this D1SA programming year will focus on the development of the whole athlete, physically, mentally, and emotionally. With renewed synergy, D1SA is developing with improved training and professional resources.  


Plans are underway to engage athletes in clinics for point guards, shooting guards, shooters, and big men. By focusing on skills that take our athletes back to the fundamentals of basketball, I believe the impact will be seen on the court in game time situations. The fundamentals of passing, dribbling, and shooting properly will be our concentration. The goal is to apply these new skills or corrected applications in real game-time pressure environments the Spartan way.


D1SA will incorporate old systems of development with individual and team training opportunities, through game-like situations in our Round Robin series, in tournament play, through team practices and the Spartan Indoctrination series.


D1SA is getter younger as it inspires first and second graders to play not only basketball, but to be involved in community service while becoming a member of the Spartan family. D1SA continues to unite our basketball community and inspire the Spirit of a Spartan in all our athletes.


If you want to be a Spartan, D1SA spring tryouts for developmental and AAU teams are forthcoming later this month and early February for girls and boys teams from 2nd to 12th grades. D1SA will open the season with the Spartan Spring Team Tip-off Pep Rally in early March and again this spring D1SA will host the 3rd Annual Loudoun Invitational Tournament (LIT) on April 10th through 12th.


Join D1SA this year, as we expect to rise above the competition through hard work and the love of being a Spartan.  I am committed to our student athletes and look forward to this exciting year full of opportunities with your continued loyalty and trust.


Coach Eric Williams


D1SA Spartans will be holding basketball tryouts for the spring 2015 season for boys and girls 9U/3rd through 14U/8th grade who are interested in increasing their basketball IQ through training, practicing, and participating in league and tournament play for this spring season.

All current and returning players must register. 
The cost for tryouts is $15 and covers both tryouts.




If you are interested in participating on a spring high school team, please complete the Player Interest Form to be notified of the upcoming tryout dates. 
Spartan Indoctrination Continues
To further the development of
the Spartan Way, the Spartan Indoctrination will continue as our year-round training series. These ongoing sessions prepare our athletes to compete by providing intense training that focus on the individual's will to compete while teaching skills that result in the development of Spartan warriors, ready to battle on our courts.


During these sessions that start-out with skill practice and end with the battle cry, "Spartans it's battle time!" Spartan athletes compete against each other in five-on-five battles with a will to excel against their fellow Spartan warriors. "I believe this indoctrination series takes the athlete out of just regular team practices and adds a new dimension to development. This has become the Spartan Way!" says Coach Williams.  

More Info on the Spartan Indoc

D1SA Holiday Camp
D1SA Holiday Camp
D1SA Holiday Camp


D1SA offered its first winter holiday camp this past month at the Loudoun Sports Training facility in Leesburg. Student athletes spent their day strengthening their athletic ability with skill training and competitive play. The highlight of the camp featured a ball-handling demonstration by "Pat the Roc" referred to as the World's Greatest Dribbler. He motivated the young athletes to succeed with their basketball goals with his philosophy that 'anything is possible'. He was met on the court by Dwayne, "Action Jackson" as they dueled in a one-on-one competition for the day campers. Action Jackson, a motivational basketball coach from Fort Myers, Florida, message is that 'once you find your identity, you will know your purpose.' His endeavors are focused on giving back to his inner-city community in Florida as his organization finds outlets to teach the under-served children the game of basketball while providing opportunities out of difficult situations. During D1SA's day camp, our student athletes were wowed by the flare and intensity of these two phenomenal ballers.


Make your plans to attend the forthcoming D1SA camp on school holidays, Monday, February 16th and during the Loudoun Country spring break, Monday, March 20th through Monday, April 6th. Our goal is to provide a positive environment to work with each student athlete camper to identify weaknesses and to assist with improvement of those individual skills. D1SA camps are designed to teach your athlete how to become a better basketball player. Great players use every opportunity to work on their craft. 

Round Robin Event

D1SA held its first Round Robin event of the season on Saturday, December 20th when over ten 3rd  to 8th grade D1SA teams as well as Stone Hill Middle School team tested their skills. The games are played in fifteen-minute increments; each team plays three games per event. "The Round Robin is not only excellent for the D1SA players, but it also gives the coaches a chance to prepare for different game situations," said Coach Dave Mason, D1SA Coach and Director of Operations. This event showcased the talent of the 5th Grade Spartan team that is having a very successful first year. Fifth Grade Coach JW Hand said, "One of the greatest benefits of being a Spartan team are the Round Robin tournaments that allows our team to compete against multiple teams representing different age and skill levels.  These events are extremely organized, and the kids love playing competitive basketball all afternoon," said Coach Hand. This exciting type of play will continue throughout the spring season to allow athletes to play in game type situations without the pressure of league play, and also permits coaches to evaluate team strategies and player skills, says Coach Mason 
D1SA seeks to highlight Spartan athletes that exemplify the Spartan Way of Life. 
D1SA honors the following student athletes for exemplifying the Spirit of a Spartan.

On and off the court these athletes have admirable qualities that  
personify the Spirit of a Spartan.

Read more about the Spartan Philosophy Here.  
Jayden Johnson, 4th Grade,
Frances Hazel Reid ES 


Jayden's a natural on the court, even before he put on the Spartan uniform in the 2nd grade, he has attended every D1SA function with his father, Coach CJ (Johnson) since 2012. Never without a ball in-hand, as a 2nd grader, Jayden made the 4th grade team. Coach CJ said, "Jayden only plays basketball," when asked what other activities he participates. He further states that D1SA has helped him on and off the court with his confidence, his spirit to fight and his drive for greatness. Coach Williams said, "His work ethic exemplifies a true Spartan. He works on his game everyday and loves to wear the black and yellow. Jayden is a killer!" He has grown as a young man and has strengthened his skills in the past few years. His father emphatically states, "Thanks to D1SA he knows if you put in the hard work, anything is possible." 


Jade Tillman, 4th Grade, Legacy ES

Meet Jade Tillman, one of D1SA'S stars of the future. Coach Mason said, "She's strong and fast and once her basketball IQ, her will, and her physical ability all come together, she'll be unstoppable." Jade first started as a fan of the D1SA program watching her older sister play for the 8th grade team. Jade became a Spartan last spring on D1SA's first 3rd grade girls team. Jade prefers to be on the basketball court, but fancies herself as a baker too. She is an avid fan of the Barefoot Contessa and enjoys creating wonderful delicacies, especially chocolate chip walnut cookies. Jade also enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and especially with her bulldog, "DeeJay".  Derrick Tillman, her father said, "Through D1SA, she has learned strong offensive skills in handling and protecting the rock, getting to the rim, passing, and shooting. She has picked up various defensive principals on proper defensive stance and applying pressure. Most of all she has made friends and had lots of fun!"


Jade continues to mature and challenge herself to get better and improve her skills. "She is the future of Loudoun girl's basketball," Coach Williams said. The Spartan motto "No Retreat, No Surrender, No Fear" resonates well with Jade's demeanor.

Madi White, 9th Grade, Woodgrove HS 

On the outside Madi White's sweet confident smile might fool you, but hit the court with her, and you'll see she's a killer. "She's meaner that a rattlesnake!" says Coach Williams. "She doesn't stop, she has real work ethic combined with a will to succeed, and she will shoot in your face!" he says with a gleam in his eye. "She forgets everyone in the room and goes to work because she wants to play at a high level with aspirations of playing college ball."


Her mother, explains that Madi takes Coach William's 'preparation' to heart, because she seizes every opportunity to work. She has been apart of D1SA's first girl's team and participates in the Overachievers, Indoctrination series, where she's not afraid to go hard against the boys, and does one-on-one training.   Her mother said, "No matter what day of the week or time of day there always seems to be an outlet for her."


This season as a 9th grader at Woodgrove HS, Madi made her varsity basketball team.

Madi gives up much of her free time to prepare - you can almost always find her training, on the court or with a ball in her hand. Madi also enjoys soccer, as she is a mid-fielder for the ODFC Hawks travel soccer team while maintaining straight A's in all honors and pre-AP courses.


Madi wholeheartedly loves being a part of the D1SA family, she says eagerly. She has a tremendous amount of respect for all of her coaches, especially Coach Eric. Her mother said, "I do not think Coach Eric realizes the impact he has had on her both as a basketball player and young adult."  


Kennedy Middleton, 9th Grade, Tuscarora HS

Kennedy Middleton is a shining star this season as she is starting combo guard for Tuscarora's Girl's Varsity Basketball as a freshman. Without hesitation Kennedy can fill any position on the court where she has been averaging 10.33 points, six rebounds, 3.2 assists, and four steals per game.


With a sparkle in her eye, Kennedy proudly states that she is an original Spartan, as she was a member of the inaugural D1SA girl's squad in 2012. Kennedy with her friendly ways, is happiest when she's in the middle of organizing something, especially for D1SA. But when she hits the court, stay out of her way, she's determined not to be conquered. That is what makes her a Spartan, further explains Coach Williams.


Though not ever far from the basketball court, Kennedy still finds time to participate in school volleyball, and she will compete in the spring on her track and field team. Full of energy, Kennedy also manages and performs for the Tuscarora HS dance team.


Coach Williams said, "Kennedy is not afraid to try and work to develop her natural abilities. She is a true warrior. She's got something special inside her, she always tries new things to develop herself to become a stronger, better competitor."


Her father and biggest fan says, "Kennedy has learned a great deal from D1SA. She has grown to be a leader, leading by showing not just talking with toughness physically and mentally.   She will not be out worked and is very competitive in everything she does. She's like a captain of the biggest battleship ship you can think of who's willing to go down with the ship after she has made sure everyone made it off safe. That's how much she loves D1SA! It's a family with more than 50 brothers and sisters."


Jalen Williams, 9th Grade, Loudoun Valley HS

Jalen Williams is one of D1SA's flagship players, as he began on

the original Spartan team. Jalen is a quiet, soft-spoken, friendly young man with an unassuming attitude, but let him hit the court and he is everything his dad and coach wants in a Spartan warrior. "Fearless, never worrying about the competition, and is prepared to compete every possession," says Coach Williams.


Jalen has the ability and desire to compete that is exemplified in his leadership this year on his Loudoun Valley Varsity HS team. At Valley Jalen is the starting point guard for his team which is having great success in their conference. Jalen's mother says, "A lot of Jalen's confidence comes from many competitive games during his years of playing as a Spartan. That confidence comes from playing with his D1SA brothers and learning to anticipate the rhythm of his teammates".


Jalen also enjoys soccer but most of the time you will find him on the court practicing his craft. He has an innate will to be one of the best in Loudoun and beyond. If you see Jalen, you are sure to see one of his siblings not far behind. They are sure to follow in his footsteps as he's a great older brother and has set the bar high in our basketball family.    


Jalen says he really loves playing for Loudoun Valley, but after the high school playoffs he can't wait to get back on the court and compete as a Spartan. "It's easy to be a great team when you're playing with your brothers,'' Jalen said. I miss those guys, he adds.


The D1SA Family
Spotlight:  George Richardson


Congratulations to our very own Spartan warrior George Richardson, aka to those of us that know him as "Big G!" Again this year his flag football team, won the opportunity to play in the NFL National Championship in Cardinal Stadium in Phoenix, AZ on January 26, 2015 during the week of Super Bowl XLIX.


Last year George's team won the NFL Flag Football Championship at Texas Stadium in Dallas, Texas. "George was voted All Fundamental Player and he could be again this year if he plays to his ability," says his flag coach. George got a new nickname this year by D1SA parent Jeri Pierre, who is now his legal guardian, "I call him G-Stacks because he's the one that's going to make it big, if he makes good choices," she fondly says she reminds him daily.


George is a member of the original Spartan team. Tragedy struck George's very young life four years ago when his mother had a fatal automobile accident. Uncertain of his future, George and his sister were embraced by Coach Williams and his family in their home for the summer. This shelter of love during the dark days following the death of his mother cemented a fatherly bond between George and his beloved coach.   One day in trying to resolve a problem George was having at school, he was asked, "Whom would you call if you ever got in real trouble or needed help?"   And with tears in his eyes and a big grin on his face he replied, " Coach."


Soon another D1SA family opened their home to George and his sister. The tragedy itself brought the D1SA community together in an instinctive way to take care of these youth's that were in need. Then, in the spirit of philanthropy, supporters of these children found a way for George's fraternal aunt to secure a home for George and his sister.   Although George had to understand loss at such a fragile age, he also learned to love his extended D1SA family. From D1SA leadership, George began receiving educational support, as everyone in the D1SA community work to keep him focused and to provide a band of security for him. George became a local football star playing in the Central Loudoun Football league. Although he's a D1SA son, George proudly proclaims, "Football is my sport!" George is like a racehorse waiting to get out of the starting gate before a big game," Jeri explains. "His nostrils start to flare and his concentration is straight ahead. I've seen him play basketball with full intensity, but that look he has in his eye when he hits the gridiron is proof of his real love for the game of football," she further elaborates. George started this year on his freshman football team at Dominion High school and is acclaimed to be a varsity star in the making. For the winter, George made his Junior Varsity basketball team at Dominion High School.


D1SA teammates often wager that George, who is now 6 foot tall, surely will be the first Spartan to dunk the ball, with that spring in his bounce! "George is a natural athlete," says Coach Williams, "He's the aggressive element that every championship team needs. G has a raw ability to compete."


George yet again recently had to adapt his life because of his beloved Aunt's onset of illness. In an act of love she permitted George to live with the Pierre family. Jayde Pierre and George have been on the same team together since the fourth grade and Jeri has been like a surrogate mom to him. 


George has made many transitions in his life, but his D1SA family has always embraced him and supported him. Years ago when Coach Williams had this dream of developing a super team, the Spartans, and have them play basketball throughout their primary and secondary school years, his greater goal was to instill in these boys a bond of friendship that would last a lifetime. George truly has a band of Spartan brothers.   "I better be the first phone call you make whether you're in trouble or you sign that million dollar contract! George, remember I got you," Coach Williams says to George as they depart from the school meeting to discuss George's athletic future.


"You see the D1SA's trademark is family; it's more that just a bond between a coach, a player, a team; we are a family. United we rise as one. Spartans prepare for Glory," Coach Williams proclaims.


Good luck George, make us proud in Phoenix, we are all with you in spirit.



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We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

D1SA means Opportunity...


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