May 2016

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Foreign National Prisoners: Best practice in Prison and Resettlement

Lucy Slade, a past chair of the Independent Monitoring Board of HMP Wandsworth, the largest London prison with varied experience in the English criminal justice system, was awarded a Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship in 2015*. Lucy used her Fellowship to undertake a comparative study of resettlement practice with foreign prisoners in four European countries. EuroPris members facilitated Lucy's access and will be interested to read the report of her study visits.  
EuroPris News
5th EuroPris Annual Conference and General Meeting

On 13th June the EuroPris Conference and Annual General Meeting will take place in Zaandam, Netherlands. The event is co-hosted by the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency. The conference in the morning will have presentations of the EuroPris expert groups and a panel discussion on Overcrowding and (pre-trial) Detention Conditions. In the afternoon EuroPris (potential) members are discussing the Annual reports of 2015 and the planning for the coming year. Also, EuroPris has three Board positions that are open for (re-) election. Detailed information about the agenda, registration, elections and logistics can be found on the EuroPris website
Register: EuroPris ICT in Prison Workshop

The 3rd EuroPris ICT in Prison Workshop will be organised together with the Portuguese Prison and Probation Service and will take place on 29-30 June 2016 in Sintra, Portugal. Among the topics covered will be: Telemedicine, Connecting the inmate to the digital world, Looking into the future, Cloud and data protection and internet, Video-conferencing, Tender Management. Registrations are open until 1 June. 
Reimbursement for EuroPris Members
A reimbursement of a maximum of 500 Euro for travel and accommodation costs can be requested for participation of experts from EuroPris member jurisdictions. More information on EuroPris website
Upcoming Event: A Unique Focus on Correctional Research

In the beginning of 2017, in collaboration with EuroPris, ICPA and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, we plan to co-organise the "1st International Symposium on Correctional Research: Enhancing Comparability and Understanding", in Stockholm, Sweden, delayed as previously announced to take place in August 2016. This event has the purpose of inviting research managers from correctional agencies worldwide, including both prisons and community services, as well as select academics and researchers with a broad interest in criminal justice and corrections issues, especially as it pertains to the measurement of performance, quality of services and outcomes in the delivery of correctional services. Read more.

CJP Seminar on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism

The second one day seminar on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism organised by the Criminal Justice Platform consisting of EuroPris, CEP and EFRJ took place on 26 April in Barcelona and was co-hosted by the Catalonian Ministry of Justice. The agenda comprised presentations and discussions led by experts from all over Europe. The focus was on European initiatives and national practices in the field of case management, staff training, religious care, restorative justice approaches and interagency cooperation. Presentations of the event can be found on our website and the reports will be published shortly on the website.
Council of Europe PC-CP

The Council for Penological Cooperation of the Council of Europe met from 9-11 May in Strasbourg to give guidance on the drafting of two documents that are currently under preparation of the PC-CP. The Draft Recommendation on the European Rules on community sanctions and measures and the Handbook for Prison and Probation Services regarding Radicalisation and Violent Extremism. The draft of European Rules on community sanctions and measures will be presented and discussed at the CDPPS in Zaandam, Netherlands on 14 & 15 June.
EuroPris/CEP Foreign National Prisoner Workshop 24-25 November - Save the date

Foreign offenders pose a significant and on-going challenge to both prison and probation services.  Following on from the successful London FNP Workshop in 2014, the joint EuroPris & CEP Foreign National Prisoners Expert Group will run a second event in November 2016 in Bruges, Belgium. This two day Workshop will include presentations from academic researchers and practitioners from the prison and probation sector. Issues such as resettlement, use of community sanctions, staff training needs, cross border transfer - all in relation to FNP will be addressed. Further information will follow in the next newsletter.
European Prison Regime Forum 14 - 15 December - save the date

In February EuroPris had a meeting with the Steering Group of the European Prison Regime Forum (EPRF). At that meeting it was decided that the EPRF will from now on operate under the umbrella of EuroPris. The cooperation will start with the organisation of a two day workshop in December 2016 in Sofia, hosted by the Bulgarian Prison Service. At the workshop the latest trends and developments with regard to prison labour will be presented by a variety of countries. Further information will follow in the next newsletters.
Jeux Pénitentiaires 2016

Olympic and Sportive Regional Committee of Côte d'Azur in collaboration with the French Penal Administration Directory are organising Jeux Pénitentiaires 2016 on 19-23 September in Saint-Raphaël, France. The event will gather on a single week, competitions and sport activities as well as an employment forum. In order to develop this event and to extend it to the European scale, the organisers invite new delegations (of maximum 3 persons) from different prisons throughout the continent. The participants will only have to spend money on transport to join, anything else (food, hotel, accommodation) will be covered by organisers. Read more information (French) and the invitation letter.
EuroPris Expert Groups
Real estate and logistics

The EuroPris expert group on Real estate & logistics conducted a meeting on 21 & 22 April that was hosted in the Netherlands. The focus of the meeting was Public Private Partnership and in which ways this can be used in the construction of new prison facilities. The meetings took place at the detention centres in Schiphol airport and Rotterdam airport - both facilities were constructed using the PPP approach. Based on presentations from Dutch PPP experts and the knowledge shared by the participants a paper will be drafted that will be available in the next newsletter and by the end of this month on the EuroPris website.
FD 909 Expert Group

On 9 & 10 May 2016, EuroPris and the European Commission jointly hosted the expert group for the transfer of sentenced prisoners under Framework Decision 909. Building on the previous EuroPris expert group meetings on the subject, all Member States were invited to attend for an EU-wide discussion on common issues, processes and practices in using the Framework Decision and in total 24 Member States were represented. Full reports of both meetings will be published in due course. EuroPris is also working on updating the FD909 Expert Group pages to enable the country information sheets to be easily accessible. 
Family Relations Expert Group

At the last EuroPris Annual General Meeting it was decided to start an expert group on Family relations. On May 18 & 19 the group will meet for the first time in Zagreb. The experts from the 10 European Prison Services will mainly listen to each other in this first meeting and share their experiences. Being in Zagreb is for a reason as the Children of Prisoners Europe network (COPE) is having their annual conference on 20th May. While this gives the opportunity to EuroPris experts to join the conference, some COPE experts will also participate at the EuroPris expert meeting to feed in their long standing experience on the subject. This cooperation should be beneficial to both network organisations. The meeting will conclude with setting out future plans and action of the Family relations group.
Radicalisation Expert Group

The Radicalisation Expert Group have met on 27th April in Barcelona, after the Criminal Justice Platform Seminar on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the papers that the experts are developing on: Prison Chaplaincy and Risk Assessment Tools. The report of the meeting can be downloaded here. 
Project News
Academy of European Law 
On 23 & 24 June ERA conducts a seminar on Supervising Matters Related to Detention. The seminar will focus on the work of the Council of Europe and international bodies' work in improving conditions related to detention. Two speakers from EuroPris membership will present at the seminar. Catalin Bejan, General Director of Romanian Prison Service will speak on the need to improve education, mental healthcare and restorative justice in prison and probation in Europe and Marie de Pauw, prison governor from Belgium on Foreign national prisoners - the Belgian experience. Find out more

The EC funded FORINER project aims at providing European prisoners, who serve a sentence outside of their home country, with access to qualitative, certified learning opportunities. A questionnaires the project distributed to prisons on the educational provision of foreign prisoners has been received and responses are being analysed. Questionnaires were returned from prisons in 22 European countries. Interest from many countries was expressed to join project pilots being establish. The project recently launched its website. At updates on the progress of the project, along with the contact details of all members involved and the locations of workshops and other events will be provided. 
Within the Project the national training courses in Romania "Develop prison staffs' innovation" have started with 12 employees from different prison departments (guards, administrative and social reintegration staff) from Timisoara Penitentiary. The aim of the present course is to increase prison staff's capacity to understand, mobilize and manage a more efficient educational environment inside prisons. Read more 
Press Room
News, projects and publications in the European correctional arena

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Upcoming Events
COPE Annual Conference [More info]
20 May 2016, Zagreb, Croatia

Conference on "Counter-Terrorism and De-radicalisation: How to Answer the Training Needs of Justice Practitioners" [More info]
20 May 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Victims Support Europe Annual Conference [More info]
25-26 May 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands

EuroPris Annual General Meeting and Conference [More info]
13 June 2016, Zaandam, Netherlands

9th International Conference of the EFRJ [More info]
22-24 June 2016, Leiden, Netherlands

ERA, Supervising Matters Related to Detention [More info]
23-24 June 2016, Strasbourg, France

EuroPris ICT in Prisons Workshop [More info]
29-30 June 2016, Sintra, Portugal

EuroPris/CEP Workshop Foreign Nationals in Prison
24-25 November 2016, Brugge, Belgium

European Prison Regime Forum Workshop
14-15 December 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria
Document Library
1. Updated State of Play: EU Framework Decisions 909; 947; 829;
2. Competent Authorities for Framework Decisions 2008/909/JHA, 2008/947/JHA and 2009/829/JHA;
3. Declarations by Member State for Framework Decisions 2008/909/JHA, 2008/947/JHA and 2009/829/JHA;
4. FD 909 prisoner transfer information form; [Download]
5. Criminal Justice Platform Seminar on Radicalisation, Presentations [Download]
6. Working Group Report EuroPris Expert Group Framework Decision 909 [Download]
7. Radicalisation Expert Group Meeting, Report [Download]
8. PRI: International Experts Roundtable on Preventing Radicalisation in Prisons: Developing a Coordinated and Effective Approach [Download]
9. UNODC Handbook on Dynamic Security and Prison Intelligence [Download]
10. Staff Training Needs Analysis Study - IDECOM Project [Download]
11. Penal Reform International: International Expert Roundtable on Preventing Radicalisation in Prisons: Developing a Coordinated and Effective Approach [Download]
12. Radicalisation in prisons in England and Wales [Download]

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