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Thank you for being part of the vision of Trinity's Angels.  Your support funds all the programs here that help many children and their families. Trinity's Angels supporters - well there are none better !!! 
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Thank YOU ...
From The Jungle 
and the Mountains
of Peru




The end of each year...and the anticipation of the next one brings reflection and anticipation. The final days of 2013 are a necessary ending which usher in the excitement of a New Year.


Today I want to stop and gratefully thank each of you for your continued support throughout 2013. Your donations and prayers have made this year a SPECTACULAR one for Trinity's Angels and the people we have the opportunity to serve including:
     * feeding children and seniors
     * building a church
     * opening a food kitchen
     * adopting families and providing for their basic needs
to name a few of the projects we currently operate.
Now, during the last couple of days of 2013,  I am asking you to partner with Trinity's Angels as you consider giving a year end gift.  There are many children and families that need assistance.
Please read the story below. This person is 1 of 100's that needs your help. I know you will be touched and along with others feel the desire to get involved. It's easy ! Click right now to donate - Donate - or send a check to the address listed to the left. Either way we are grateful for your support. 
Simply, humbly and gratefully ... THANK YOU for all you have done in 2013. Here's to 2014. May it surpass your wildest expectations.

With gratitude In His Mighty Grip,



From the Street to the Pulpit

Born a little over 13 years ago, Junior was the 2nd of 4 children raised by an alcoholic and drug addicted father. His mother died when he was just 7 forcing him to "work" the dangerous city streets in order to feed and care for his 3 siblings.  


Junior says, "I have seen at 7 years old what no one my age should have seen. I have experienced and been a part of things that no one should go through." From begging for food, selling and using drugs and being involved in the sex trafficking industry, Junior has already lived a lifetime. Yet he held onto the belief that one day he would have a safe and secure home with loving parents.


After almost 4 years on the streets, police found him and followed him home where they gathered up the other 3 children and took them to child services. From there Casa Moises orphanage was called and all 4 children were brought from over 1,000 miles away to Pucallpa, Peru and the place they call home today.


When he came to Casa Moises, Junior accepted Christ and from that point on, almost 3 years ago he says, "my faith has grown and keeps growing. There is no end. God is with always me" An inspiration to those he meets, Junior has an incredible future ahead of him.

It has been an extreme privilege to get to know Junior over the past 2 years. He is a very intelligent, creative and talented young man and loves all things music. He is artistic, choreographs and dances in the church youth programs. 

Recently he stood at the pulpit and gave his testimony including the difficult, emotional and wrenching details of his young life,  in front of his home church. He is pictured above practicing his "sermon." His dream - to be a youth pastor. To give back. To give a hand-up to someone in need just like he was given. This young man - always a smile on his face. ALWAYS.


The goal before us... to raise money enabling children, like Junior, to reach their full potential. To help alleviate difficult living conditions, provide opportunites and even scholarships for them to pursue their dreams and goals. Without funding, the dreams die. 


Junior is just one of the hundreds of children with similar stories. This coming year - 2014 - let's join together and help make the dreams of these children come true. 




YOU have the resources these children desperately need. 

Wanna Be?

In this case it might just be a huge blessing to be a "Wanna BE," a proud supporter of Trinity's Angels.
2014 is about to bust WIDE OPEN with exciting new projects. you get ready to "close the books" on 2013, PLEASE consider partnering with Trinity's Angels. Whether that is in the form of monthly contributions or one time donations - we certainly would be humbled by your support and definitely can put it to GREAT use. 
Thanks to your donations during 2013:
     300 children receive a meal every Sunday in 4 separate 
       85 seniors, those "young at heart" receive hot, complete meals
                  twice per week,
          A church was built on The Angel House land and services are
                  conducted 4 times per week, including Sunday school 
                  classes that serve over 100 children!
        50 fruit bearing trees were planted to start an orchard that 
                   will be used to supply food to those in need. This is in
                   addition to the vegetables that are also being grown.
        10 families have been "adopted" and receive food and other 
                   resources as the need arises
     And countless other people have been the beneficiaries of 
             additional programs funded by your financial support
Trinity's Angels is a registered IRS 501c)(3) organization which simply means that the possibility exists for contribution to be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional for donation deductibility on your 2013 tax return.
Your donations enable us to reach people, touch their lives and make a difference. Your generosity allows us to do what we have been "called" to accomplish -  Reach people. Help us Help them by donating NOW.