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Projects for 2014 are being developed and plans made for the coming year in respect to the programs currently underway.  


The mission and vision for Trinity's Angels here in Peru has widened, changed and prayers are certainly cherished for coverage pertaining to the development of these new ministry opportunities.  



Additional support, including monthly support,  is still needed to fund new programs,  that are in the "vision and development phase" including expanding the food kitchen in Llama and adding more childrens weekly food programs. If you would like to partner with us and help make a difference... Please click on the "DONATE" button. 



 We are still praying for additional funds to purchase a  truck to be able to transport food, clothes, project items and children to Trinity's Angels programs. It will also be used as part of a mobile ministry outside of Llama. The prayer has become very specific...a gently used, white 4x4 Toyota truck - 2005 or later. Love to hae you prya along with us for this blessing. 


So much has been going on in the past few months that sometimes I don't know what to ask for in terms of prayer. God knows. So - simply, humbly pray for Trinity's Angels. He knows what we need even though sometimes we don't!


 God is just now opening the flood gates for funding!  that statement of faith carries us forward.  All in His Perfect Timing. 

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If you would like to write a check instead of making your donation online through PayPal, please send your check made payable to Trinity's Angels to:



Trinity's Angels
C/O Karen Smith
7210 Colwell
Midlothian, TX 76065 

We do not take lightly or for granted the responsibility that comes with the administration of funds that you donate.

Thank you for being part of the vision of Trinity's Angels.  Your support funds all the programs here that help many children and their families. Trinity's Angels supporters - well there are none better !!! 



... For continuing to support Trinity's Angels monthly as well as donating as the Lord leads and funds are available.

Do you feel a call to provide monthly support for the programs that are currently running?  If that phrase touches or speaks to you, whatever the amount, it would be greatly appreciated as we continue to expand and add monthly programs.

Being "in the middle" of all that God is accomplishing through Trinity's Angels continues to be a great adventure. What an amazing opportunity  to be the bridge between your support both financial and through prayers  and the people here who are the recipients of those blessings. Sometimes the people never know what just happened as food, medicine, resources and bibles are delivered to them unknowingly! The best part - telling them that God has them in His hands and that they are loved and special. Oh the smiles that shine after that announcement!
Mailing Address:
Stephanie McLaughlin 
c/o Jennifer Harris
Apartado 140
Oficina Serpost
Pucallpa, Peru

Now that I am spending more time in Chiclayo and Llama I will be getting a PO Box there as well. Stay tuned for the address!!!!

If it is really on your heart to send something please check out the "Priority package international flat rate box"  options from the U.S. Postal service. It is least expensive way to get things here. 

Thank You for your continued support and contributions!!!

Ministry Financial  Needs



$25 - arts & craft supplies for various kid's Sunday school and recreation programs - ongoing.


$35 - provides school supplies, such as pencils, pens, notebooks, crayons, colored pencils, paper and backpacks for  5 children 


$35 - monthly to help support local pastors of independent churches that do not receive a monthly salary. We are meeting more and more pastors that sadly do not receive enough to support their families. Their faith and "calling" are what seems to sustain them.


$50 - provide for medical/dental needs


$$$$ - $15,000 needed to buy a 4 x 4 truck to begin the mobile ministry program in the Sierras outside of Llama.



 Llama Programs  


$25 - to purchase bibles to distribute in the rural areas.

$50 - weekly to provide transportation for the children in the outlying mountain areas to attend one of two church  sponsored education programs. 
$50 - to provide a meal for 70 people in the new food kitchen that began in early October to feed the 'young at heart' - senior generation of Llama. We will be expanding this program to 3-4 times per week in the new year. 
$150 - to buy clothing for the many children that do not have adequate clothes to protect them from the extreme weather. In the upcoming months the mountain temperatures will drop and warm clothes are desperately needed. 
$500 per month - to begin funding medical mission programs. 



Angel House and KM 8 and 13 Land


$50 - building materials to construct a shed to store building tools and materials, at both KM 8 and KM 13


$500 - to construct a small "playground" with slides, swings and other structures on The Angel House land.


Food Programs


$25- food for a family for

one week  (min. 5 families each week)


$35 - meal for 100 children weekly at one of the 4 churches not part of this program (needed 16 times per month)


$75 - new program - serving community  meals at KM 13 to our neighbors in extreme need (needed 4 times per month - for now!)



Trinity's Angels needs your support. Please consider partnering with us this year. We would love for you to be a part of all that is happening here in the jungle and in the mountains of Peru.


Trinity's Angels Ministries

is a 501 (c)(3) registered 

nonprofit corporation. 

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News From The Jungle and Mountains
November 2013



Usually this time of year I am getting a list ready to go grocery shopping to buy all the things needed for a Thanksgiving dinner. Well this November is different. Oh, I still have a list of things to buy... but it's food for the food kitchen in Llama and the list does not include all trimmings for a Thanksgiving dinner. I can't even find pumpkin here to make a pumpkin pie. Then again even if I found it, the place that I will find myself onThanksgiving doesn't have an oven so really it wouldnt even do me any good! I will just have to get by eating oreos for dessert!


With Thanksgiving right around the corner I find myself reflecting on what I am thankful for. Many, many thoughts circle my mind regarding family, friends, health and life.The one thing that keeps resonating over and over is that I am deeply thankful for the life I live here in Peru. It's different, rewarding,  difficult, fun, lonely at times, crazy, a little sad, and exhilarating. Yet it is ALWAYS a blessing. For that I am thankful.


As you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends know that I am saying a prayer for all of you - thankful for the blessing that each of you are in my life.


In His Mighty Grip  - Thankful,



800 - 1,000

8 people came to Peru the first 2 weeks of November to work, build, paint, play, hug and love the people of Pucallpa and Llama. It was a unique group of different people from different places with one thing in common...a desire to serve.

 For months I prayed for each of them. Their names were written on cards and then to actually see them all here on the rooftop took my breath away.

The time went by quickly and much was accomplished. More than I thought possible. Two fences were built, the church at KM 13 has been painted and the pews/benches made. We played with kids at 2 orphanages and had 3 kids programs at churches in Pucallpa as well as a field trip to the zoo with the kids from Casa Moises. Food was delivered to an orphanage in Lima that houses over 850 children and also to families randomly at KM 13.  

We even made it to Llama. Who knew that part of the trip would be totally improvised? Seems it was in the plan all along - God's plan. 


The group cooked and served lunch to the elderly at the Llama food kitchen. They even bought out the entire supply of lemon cookies in town.


The last day we took a trip to visit 2 small pueblos outside of Llama. The group was able to hand out bracelets and other small things to the kids there. Blessings on both sides.


All of us were stretched and grew through the experience. We learned much and I think none of us will forget the population of Llama - between 800 - 1,000 - thanks to Barbara Dennison. Well now it's 801 - 1,000 since I count Llama as one of my "homes."

There simply are no adequate words to express my gratitude to each of them for the time and effort expended to make this trip possible as well as the mountain of resources that were purchased and used/left here. And check out the stash of Hershey's cocoa that they brought for me! Oh yeah!
Gracias. Muchas Gracias to each of you special 8. And to Barbara Dennison, the woman who organized the trip and group - well you know my heart!

Looking forward to the next group visit! 

Can you see me now?

When the mission group left last week, they left behind lots and lots of eyeglasses. What a blessing as we were able to hold an "eyeglass event" Friday for seniors in Llama. 

More than 50 people waited in line for the chance to receive a pair of glasses. Many cannot read simply because they cannot afford "readers." But this special day they were given the opportunity to read again thanks to the generosity of the mission group. 

It was with great excitement that we were able to "fit" most all of the people. We implemented an archaic process - each person tried on a few pair of glasses and read the bible to see which of the lenses were powerful enough for them to see clearly. It seemed to work out just fine. 

The woman pictured above is over 100 years young. As her husband (outside the doorway) looked on she was able to read for the first time in decades! And the first book she read after all this time - the Bible.  Now if that doesn't touch your heart...........

The Vigilante
No it is not a reference to a western movie. Trinity's Angels has given this nickname to an elderly  woman in Llama. She has no family and for all intents and purposes has been abandoned, left to fend for herself. We have adopted her into the "One A Month" program which provides basic food supplies and other resources to those in need. She comes to the food kitchen every week now because she is no longer ashamed that people will see her there eating lunch two times each week.

Most evenings you can find her sitting on one of the street corners near the main plaza, passing time. It seems as though she is "guarding" the city. In Spanish' "vigilante" refers to a person who is a "watchman." Thus the name for her - vigilante.

When I see her and yell out "hola vigilante" I am greeted with a huge, precious smile. In the past month she has opened up more and more, smiles bigger and hugs longer. Progress!

No's almost year end?

For me that always brings a smile. The time to look back and see what was accomplished and then to look forward to the upcoming year with much excitement and anticipation.
We are getting ready to bust 2014 WIDE OPEN with new and expanded projects. Funding is needed for this growth.  you get ready to "close the books" on 2013, I want to take this opportunity to ask you to consider partnering with Trinity's Angels. Whether that is in the form of monthly contributions or one time donations - we certinly would be humbled by your support and definitely can put it to GREAT use. Trinity's Angels is a registered IRS 501c)(3) organization which simply means that the possiblilty exists for contribution to be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional for donation deductibility on your 2013 tax return.
Through your donations we are able to reach people, touch their lives and make a difference. Your generosity allows us to do what we have been "called" to accomplish.  Reach people. Help us Help them.
News in a Flash

Chick-Fil-A calendars - Reba Griesinger is heading up a program to raise money selling Chick-Fil-A calendars with the proceeds going to Trinity's Angels. If you are interested in buying calendars and/or helping raise money through this fundraiser please contact Reba at Yes - soon she will have a Trinity's Angels email address!


Christmas at Casa Moises  - The recent mission group has graciously donated money to buy Christmas presents for the 9 childrent that call Casa Moises orphanage home.  Thank you for sowing into these kids even after you have returned home. 


Christmas programs for Kids - Christmas festivities here include a time to serve hot chocolate and panetone, a traditional dessert cake. Plans are underway to fund this Christmas celebration for the kids at the churches that are supported by our weekly food programs.