The Family Connection - October 2016
How Do the P.E.T Principles and Christianity Align?
I have used, taught and promoted P.E.T. for more than 40 years. Because some people know that I have also spent many years as a Christian educator I am often asked how I reconcile my spiritual beliefs and values with the philosophy and methods of P.E.T. I am always eager to answer that question and I want to articulate some of my ideas in this blog.

One of the concerns that is raised is around the issue of spanking. Some people seem to believe that unless one spanks one will fall short of properly raising one's child. I strongly disagree. I have found that parents who spank usually do so out of the desirable goal of raising responsible children whose inappropriate behaviors must be dealt with. I agree. But people who spank usually do so because they think the only alternative is to become permissive. This is not the case...


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