November, 2015

Why Dr. Thomas Gordon's "Leader Effectiveness Training" is Classroom-based

The question about whether L.E.T. (or any type of leadership training) can be taught online has come up from time to time and with the advances in technology, even more so recently.  Of course, it's true that many workshops can be effectively offered online, especially when they include mostly didactic material.  Some universities are now offering entire degrees online.

Because it's sometimes difficult to find a L.E.T. Workshop in a certain area or on a certain date or a company has employees who need L.E.T. but aren't all working in the same state or country, the idea of teaching/participating in a workshop online can sound like a good alternative.

We don't want to insist on the traditional classroom training format simply because that's the way we've always done it.  As a result, we've taken a hard look at what could be gained or lost by having L.E.T. offered online and have identified the reasons for maintaining our existing delivery system...

Sent by Michelle Adams,

Vice President of Gordon Training International


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