April, 2015

What If I Need to Send an E "I-Message"?

You might be sitting there, scratching your head thinking, "Hey, I don't remember that type of I-Message from the workshop I took from Gordon Training...."


Well, I just made it up. I wanted to address the very common issue of when you need to confront another person, but you might be in Virginia and they might be in Dubai and you can't skype or talk on the phone due to time and schedule issues...so now what?


Ideally when you confront, you're face-to-face so you are able to pay attention (through your Behavior Window) to what the other person is saying and doing-what body language you see after you confront, etc.). But when it's not possible to communicate in person (which is much of the time), you don't have that luxury.   

Sent by Michelle Adams,

Vice President of Gordon Training International


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